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November 24, 2014
by Jill

How To Get Rid Of Whiteheads

how to get rid of whiteheadsHave you ever noticed how whiteheads tend to crop up at the worst possible moments? The day before prom or right before a big date? WHY?

These sudden acne breakouts are probably related to stress and hormones. While scientists aren’t completely certain why this happens, they know that acne is worsened during times of heightened anxiety.

Whatever the cause, you usually want to get rid of whiteheads right away. Here’s how:

Don’t touch your face. Seriously. No picking, popping, or squeezing. I’ve noticed that people who approve of whitehead-popping usually say the same thing: “It’s fine, I always do this.”

They’re always doing it because picking at your skin, and squeezing at whiteheads, often causes the problem to multiply. The act of popping a whitehead opens your skin to infection and drives dirt, oil, and bacteria deeper in. This is one of the reasons that acne breakouts tend to occur in the same spot, over and over.

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Prevent Breakouts. If your skin is breaking out with some regularity, you may need to revisit your skin care regimen. Or you may be missing some crucial step—like exfoliating—that could make all the difference. Preventive maintenance, such as using an anti-acne serum, may also be in order right before a very stressful or important event. You know, like your wedding.

(By the way, we’re always here to help you tweak your regimen. You can visit our site for Live Chat help 9-5pm EST or call us at 800.223.3728)

Use a Spot Treatment. Your skin repairs itself while you sleep. Give it a boost (and put an end to your whitehead) with a spot treatment specifically designed to try up these types of acne breakouts.


The Drying Lotion (our whitehead spot treatment) uses Sulfur and Salicylic Acid to help dry up whiteheads while Calamine helps relieve redness.


November 19, 2014
by Jill

Does Coffee Cause Acne?

I love everything about coffee, including the way it smells and tastes and (most importantly) the way it makes me feel—alive and awake and super-creative.

Sadly, I had to stop drinking coffee a few weeks ago because I started having migraine headaches pretty regularly (which is common for me when I’m not careful). And I miss coffee.

The upside? My skin looks amazing.
does coffee cause acne

Does coffee cause acne? The verdict isn’t completely in on whether or not coffee is bad for your skin. In fact, there are studies demonstrating that coffee is good for your skin. After all, coffee is chock-full of protective antioxidants and lignans, which are known for reducing cancer rates.

However, other studies show that coffee might aggravate acne. Here’s how this would work: Coffee stresses out your sympathetic nervous system and triggers the fight-or-flight response. Next, your adrenal glands produce additional stress hormones (this is called hyperadrenalism), thus accelerating skin’s oil production.
You know what happens next—acne breakouts.

Coffee is also a diuretic, meaning that it dehydrates your body and may result in premature aging and water-starved, wrinkled skin. Worse, it can also disrupt your normal sleep/ wake cycle—which is all hormonal, by the way. Not getting proper sleep is never good for your complexion.

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The added sugar in most commercial coffee drinks is another skin-wrecker. One frozen cappucino from a popular coffee chain contains 105 grams of sugar—which is nearly three times the amount of sugar the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends for adult men. Excess sugar causes body-wide inflammation, thereby exacerbating acne (and causing the skin to prematurely age as the process of inflammation breaks down skin’s collagen and elastin).

If you are looking for ways to ‘perk up’ your complexion, try eliminating coffee from your diet and see how your skin likes it! Can’t imagine life without your favorite caffeine fix? Try limiting your intake. Here are some tips that can help modify your coffee and sugar intake and maybe even help you sleep better:

  • Limit yourself to one cup of coffee each morning
  • Take sugar? Start to wean yourself off by reducing the sugar you add by a half a spoonful each week, this will help your palette adjust and reduce your sugar intake
  • Do not drink coffee or any other caffeinated beverages during the 6 hours before bed

Take a look at what I’m drinking in the morning now instead of coffee.


November 17, 2014
by Jill

What’s In Your Skin Care? Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil just sounds exotic, doesn’t it? These days, it’s getting increasingly popular for all sorts of healthy purposes. In fact, I’ve been using it for oil-pulling and my teeth have never felt cleaner! (If you’ve never tried oil-pulling, I highly suggest you google the term right now!)

Coconut on wooden backgroundBut back to skin care and coconut oil. As popular as it has become lately, we’ve been using it in our skin care products for decades. In case you haven’t noticed, natural ingredients are sort of our thing.

Coconut Oil is fantastic in particular because it is lushly moisturizing. For skin that really needs serious hydration, it’s the natural ingredient you want to keep an eye out for.

And speaking of eyes, check out our Dermonectin Eye Cream, which has Coconut Oil!