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April 15, 2014
by Jill
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8 Signs You’re Obsessed With Skin Care

We’re a bit obsessed ourselves, so we’re certainly not judging. Here’s how to tell if you’re a serious skin care enthusiast!

But first… check out these skin care stashes!*

skin care

1. You’d totally drop your current career to become an esthetician… in a heartbeat!

(I actually did this; read about it here!)

2. Your Instagram feed is composed mostly of pictures of your skin care products… and you’re not a beauty blogger.

3. You’d rather dump a perfectly decent guy than go to bed without washing your face.

(This happened to me; read about it here)

4. You’re sure to re-purchase your favorite products before you run out. No need for #empties sadness in your house.

5. You own multiples of your ‘holy grail’ products just in case there’s some sort of apocalypse/world-ending event and, for some reason, you’re one of the very few survivors.

6. Your medicine cabinet has no medicine in it… or makeup… just your daily skin care products. (This doesn’t include the stash you have under the bathroom sink!)

7. You plan your meals based on foods that you know are good for your skin. Avocado, anyone?

(Read more: The best foods for your skin)

8. You don’t think  #5 is strange!

*Thanks to Instagram’s @legllyblonde, @elizzamariia, @kimpaxinos, and @aubreylogan_skincarehaul.

April 14, 2014
by Jill

What’s In Your Skin Care? Cucumber

Some beauty rituals are timeless—reducing puffiness around the eyes with cucumber is certainly one of them. Like most of you, I can definitely remember my mother relaxing before a big night out with cool cucumber slices over her eyes.

There’s a good reason that this practice has stood the test of time: Cucumbers can work to help reduce inflammation and swelling.

Cucumbers are excellent for repair and anti-aging—they are a source of antioxidants, including Vitamin C, as well as specific compounds that combat against aging forces (free radicals) and inflammation. Cucumbers also contain Vitamin A (retinol for very mild exfoliation) and vitamin B-5 to help the skin retain natural moisture.

April 12, 2014
by Kimberly Yang
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Weekend Getaway: What’s In My Toiletries Bag?

So I lied – there’s no weekend getaway on the itinerary. Not exactly at least – no beaches or lazy mornings are on the horizon – just a quick business trip that just so happens to fall on a weekend. (I’m a full-time copywriter, part-time dancer and salsa instructor.)

Technicalities, eh?

So what’s in the bag?

  • Enzyme Cleansing Gel. The ultimate go-to cleanser.
  • Cucumber Cleansing Lotion. The toner I use to help prevent acne breakouts and control shine.
  • Vitamin C Serum. A little bottle of dewiness!
  • Ceramide Eye Gel. I’ll be popping this little guy in the mini fridge for a morning pick-me-up and instant eye area de-puffer.
  • Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 17. A steadfast favorite and skincare must.
  • Temporary Lifting Mask. My roommates will have to bear with me, big nights call for bringing out the big guns which in this case is the ideal special occasion mask that immediately tightens, cleanses, and refines the skin.
  • Lip balms. For obvious reasons. I always have multiples because (a) I’m a lip balm hoarder, and (b) I cannot be without lip balm, ever.
  • Shampoo & conditioner.
  • AHA Botanical Body Soap. At least 16-hours of dancing will be done and dusted each day, and if you’re privy to my post-workout beauty routine, you’ll know that this cleanser is an absolute must for keeping skin fresh and free of acne-causing bacteria (you know the deal: sweating is great for the mind/body/soul, also becomes a breeding ground for bacteria).
  • Formula 200 Body Lotion. Few things are more dangerous than a slippery body lotion when partner dancing and doing in-air tricks, so this formula is one of my favorites. It keeps the arms and gams glowing without leaving a slipper slick behind.
  • Summer Shine Body Lotion. For subtle highlighting shimmer and feeling summery.
  • Facial cleansing wipes. Instant refreshers between workshops and things.
  • Rosewater Facial Spray. Always necessary for refreshing, rehydrating, or setting makeup.
  • Mini deodorant. Smelling nice is always a good idea.
  • Assorted Band-Aids. There is no guarantee that my poor feet will survive this trip, so bandages are most definitely a necessity, as are…
  • Toe separators. You use them for pedicures, I use them post-dancing in my salsa shoes.
  • Nude nail polish. For touch-ups and inevitable chips along the way.
  • Emory board
  • Disposable razors
  • Hair grips, bobby pins, and clips
  • Hairspray
  • Teasing comb
  • Dry shampoo. To refresh hair every few hours.
  • Perfume

.   .   .

April 11, 2014
by Jill

QUIZ: Are You A Skin Care Expert?

I learned a lot in my 600 hours of skin care training. 

Here’s what I discovered: There was so much that I didn’t know about skin. Also, the tests that are required to become a licensed esthetician are really difficult!

Let’s test your skin knowledge and see if you knew more than I did when I started! skin care

1. The gland that secretes oil is known as the ____.
Papillary Gland
Sebaceous Gland
Exocrine Gland
Pituitary Gland

2. The skin’s surface is protected by a lipid matrix known as the ____.
Protective Layer
Epidermal Function
Barrier Function
Protective Barrier

3. Which of these is NOT a cause of acne.
Clogged pores
Hormonal changes
Certain cosmetics and skin care products
None of the above; they all cause acne.

4. What skin type is characterized by small pores?

5. Dehydrated skin lacks ____.

6. Which of these is not true about tanning:
Tanning represents a healthy appearance after spending time in the sun.
A ‘tan’ is the change in the skin’s pigment due to melanin production as a defense against the sun’s rays.
The sun damage caused by tanning is the number one cause of aging.
Tanning increases the risk of developing skin cancer.

7. This area of the face has the fewest oil glands
Around the eyes

Give yourself one point for each correct answer! 1.  Sebaceous 2. Barrier Function 3. None of the above; they all cause acne 4. Dry  5. Water [Read: What's the difference between dry and dehydrated skin?] 6. Tanning represents a healthy appearance after spending time in the sun. 7. Around the eyes

1-3 Points: Skin Care Novice! Stay tuned to our blog and learn more!

4-5 Points:  You’re still learning, but you’re definitely on the road to becoming an expert!

6-7 Points: You’re an expert! You definitely read beauty blogs and keep up with the latest and best in skin care!

April 10, 2014
by Jill

Did You Know? All About Skin

We’re sure you already know that the skin is the largest organ of the body, but did you also know that: 

  • Goose bumps have a real purpose—they help keep a layer of warm air around your body. More technically, a small muscular response raises the hair on the arms and legs (where heat loss is most likely to occur) in order to trap warm air next to the skin—sort of like a sweater.

Scroll down for more skin-facts!


  • 17th century English soldiers wore leather tunics known as ‘buffs,’ hence the phrase ‘in the buff’ to describe nudity.
  • Skin renews itself every 28 days; while this process slows with age, it’s nice to know that we get a fresh start so often, isn’t it?
  • Well over 50% of dust is actually dead skin cells, which are shed at a rate of 30,000 every minute. (And no, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to exfoliate!)
  • The skin on your eyelids is the thinnest skin on the entire body.
  • While roughly one out of every 20 adult women experience acne, only one out of a 100 men suffers the same fate. Seems unfair, right?
  • And finally, we now know where we got these gorgeous faces of ours! Okay, this one isn’t so much a ‘fact about skin,’ but it’s fascinating to know that scientists believe that they have actually located the organism that gave us our faces! 415 million years ago, a small fish known as ‘Romundina’ swam the oceans sporting a type of jaw and other facial characteristics that may have evolved to become the beautiful features we have today!