February 6, 2016
by Kimberly Yang

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her

There’s one week ‘til V-Day, ladies and gents.

mario badescu valentine's day gift guide vintage white roses

For Mom / the Mother-in-Law:

2 dozen white roses + Peptide Renewal Cream + Peptide Renewal Serum

(or, if you’re in the NYC area—a gift certificate to our spa!)

For Your Aunt:

her favorite flowers + Special Hand Cream with Vitamin E + Vitamin E Body Lotion + Facial Spray

For Your Best Friend:

a kitschy Valentine + box of chocolates + Facial Spray

For Your Sister(s):

Drying Lotion + Facial Spray (a smaller bottle to keep in her bag + the larger one to keep at her vanity!)

For Your Co-Worker:

Facial Spray

valentine's day red roses brown paper rosewater facial spray

For the Girly-Girl:

pink peonies + Facial Spray + Strawberry Tonic Mask + Strawberry Face Scrub

For the Uptown Sophisticate:

white roses + Flower & Tonic Mask + Caviar Day Cream + Caviar Night Cream


For the Makeup Lover / YouTube Beauty Guru:

pink roses + Facial Spray + Eye Makeup Remover Cream + Temporary Lifting Mask

For the Jet-Setter:

tickets for a romantic getaway for two + Facial Spray + Super Collagen Mask + Hydro-Emollient Cream

.   .   .



February 1, 2016
by Kimberly Yang

The Monthly Edit: February Skincare Essentials

Welcome to #MarioMonthlyEdit, where you (yes, you) get a sneak peek at our current top shelf essentials. If you missed our first installment last month, check it out here. (We loved hearing all about your January must-haves!)

mario badescu february winter skincare essentials

Ah, February. You have the holiday hoo-ha from November to December and New Year’s enthusiasm in January, but come February, everything kind of feels… normal. It’s not a bad thing—it just takes some getting used to after three months of nonstop excitement.

That said, there’s no better time to shift the focus onto YOU. Self-love, people—let’s make it a thing in February. Find me-time. #Treatyourself. Indulge in self-care—not just because you deserve to, but because it’s paramount to happiness.

The all-pink theme has little to do with Valentine’s Day—it’s purely coincidental, we swear—and more to do with how obsessed we are with all things with rose extract, rose hips, and strawberry extract. They’re ingredients that not only feel indulgent, but actually are when it comes to skin care: this is an assortment of good stuff that helps soothe, nourish, and brighten to help you feel your very best.

Even in the dead of winter.

Here are the February skincare essentials we have on rotation:

  • Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater. This one is a no-brainer, tbh. But if you’re out of the loop, we’ll fill you in: this is a cold weather lifesaver when it comes to infusing skin with an extra boost of hydration. Dry, cracked skin is a thing of 2015. Where there’s dehydration, there’s rehydration: all thanks to this rose-and-aloe-infused mist.
  • Rose Hips Nourishing Oil. Another winter fave for saving dry skin. Got flaky skin or cracked foundation around your nose, the corners of your mouth, and between the brows? Reach for this oil and say no more. The tiniest dab does the trick in imparting essential moisture and reviving skin back to its happy, balanced state. Plus, it’s got Rose Hips Oil—a natural source of antioxidant and skin-brightening Vitamin C. (Read more about this product)
  • Special Hand Cream with Vitamin E. Yep. It’s still a favorite. There is no surviving winter without this hand cream, no sir-ee.
  • Cleansing Milk with Carnation & Rice Oil. It sounds as luxurious as it feels—especially after a day of battling harsh, winter winds. This milky tissue-off cleanser not only helps remove all traces of makeup, but also softens and nourishes your skin, too. It’s an ideal formula for dry or sensitive skin types.
  • Chamomile Cleansing Lotion. You saw it in our January edit, and it’s back again.
  • The Moisture Magnet SPF 15. This one too. Snowfall can magnify the reach of UVA/UVB rays—making SPF protection (and moisture) all the more crucial during the heart of winter.
  • Caviar Day Cream & Caviar Night Cream. In a line of over 200 products, it’s easy to keep reaching for best-selling faves. This little duo deserves the spotlight: though underrated, it’s a highly related performer. Both are thick, luxurious creams formulated with Caviar Extract (a revitalizing antioxidant rich in amino acids and nutrients). The day cream version also contains Elastin to give skin that extra bounce and plumpness, and the evening edition is fortified with Collagen and Cocoa Butter for additional overnight firming and moisturizing benefits.
  • Olive Eye Cream. It’s a celeb-favorite for good reason: this rich, moisture-intensive eye cream helps deeply hydrate while softening the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Definitely a must-have overnight treatment for dry, sensitive, or mature skin.
  • Strawberry Tonic Mask. Balance is paramount in maintaining healthy, radiant skin—which is why we’re aiming to mask twice a week. We need all the hydration we can get (hence why we’re keeping all our moisturizers and creams front and center this month), but our skin also needs a regular detox too. Though gentle, the Strawberry Tonic Mask helps to decongest pores and rid the skin of dulling buildup.

.   .   .

What are YOUR February go-tos?


January 22, 2016
by Nicole Darmanin
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Weekend Skin: Going Out vs. Staying In

Whether your weekend plans include bubbly and disco balls or cozy sweats and Netflix, the end of the week is the perfect time to give your skin extra attention.

Take advantage of the weekend to reach for a few powerhouse products each evening—your friends will wonder how you manage to look so fresh-faced at brunch.

Going out?

We know, your week was insane—you made it through! It’s Friday, you’re tired, but you just. . .want. . .to. . .go. . .out. Only for a few hours and a few drinks—you know, to feel human, and to have fun. You’re running on fumes and you are going to use those fumes to dance!

Weekend, skin care, going out

Going out this weekend?

Temporary Lifting Mask is made for parties. Apply this mask to clean skin and leave on for 7 minutes before removing. It gives your skin an instant boost so you can power through the night like the champ that you are!

Pop a jar of Ceramide Eye Gel into the refrigerator before you get into the shower. When you are ready, gently apply the cool gel to the under eye area to hydrate, refresh, and help to reduce puffiness—a virtual disco nap when there’s no time for one!

Staying in?

Sometimes nothing seems more luxurious than a night in. For some, Friday and Saturday nights can be that magical window of time when you can slip off the radar. These are the few waking hours when emails stop (or at least slow), kids sleep (maybe), and you can just be calm, clear your mind (or watch mindless TV), and restore.

Staying in, weekend, skin care

Holing up for the weekend?

Remove makeup and cleanse then give the skin a gentle massage with Almond and Honey Face Scrub. Use the pads of your index and middle fingers to lightly go over the skin in upward, circular motions for about 30 seconds, then rinse.

Next apply a thin layer of Azulene Calming Mask to the face, avoiding the eyes. This gentle detoxifying mask is great for just about everyone, especially those with sensitive skin. Follow with a giant mug of tea and your coziest throw blanket.

About that brunch, are we ordering something sweet or savory?

January 19, 2016
by Kimberly Yang
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Winter Must-Haves

01.04.16 - Winter Favorites 2016 1

We’ve been spoiled here on the East Coast with 50-degree weather all of December—so now that it’s finally feeling like winter, we’re feeling the tiniest bit bitter about the cold.

So while we’re all trying to stay warm without leaving the house resembling the abominable snowman, let’s talk winter skin for a second. Colder, harsher weather requires an upgrade in the hydration and anti-aging department. (Dry skin tends to show fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging more, FYI!) To keep your skin protected and looking radiant all winter long, be sure to look for products that feature rich, moisture-intensive formulas.

Not sure where to start? Check out our January skincare edit or take a browse through our winter favorites.

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