by Jill
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The Sacred Six: Your Skin Care Regimen

…or seven, or eight. I keep a post-it note attached to my desk with THE SACRED SIX, the foundation products for any complete skin care regimen. You might have extras here and there… two moisturizers (one for day and one … Continue reading

by Kimberly Yang
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Wordless Wednesday: Insta-Favorites 2

Tag us with hasthag #mariobadescu… and keep your pictures coming, because we love nothing more than your Insta-snaps! Find us on Instagram [email protected]! (L to R: @theblondedaria, @minicloud, @snwalt, @wallflowerjcj, @losandes01, @fweetreena, @forgottenfires, @beautybyandriana, @jbombdiggs) .   .   .

by Sara Kosmyna
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Skin Care Vocabulary Series

When it comes to skincare, it’s all about how much you know. To make the very best choices when it comes to your daily regimen, there are some terms you should become familiar with (free radicals, anyone?). In honor of … Continue reading

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Share The Love

The best of the good old ‘net this week, because there’s no such thing as too much beauty or too much reading. It’s time to grab some pumpkin meringue pie and click away…  1. SCRUNCHIES are back. 2. Elizabeth Gilbert … Continue reading