Acne Spot Treatments: Your New Best Friends


Whether you get breakouts occasionally or frequently, we understanding how frustrating acne can be. When a blemish erupts, don’t hide from the world! Let Mario Badescu come to your rescue with our save-the-day, superstar spot treatments!
acne spot treatment

acne spot treatmentBuffering Lotion

Deep, cystic acne that is under the surface of the skin and sometimes painful to touch should be treated with Buffering Lotion. It contains nourishing B-vitamins and herbal extracts to help reduce inflammation. You can also apply this spot treatment on large areas of eruptions and is ideal to be used at nighttime.

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Drying Lotion

Don’t let a whitehead steal your glow. Dab it with Drying Lotion to help shrink or eliminate it while you sleep. It is formulated with an acne-fighting duo of salicylic acid and colloidal sulfur as well as a soothing calamine to calm the skin and camphor, an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.  

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Silver Powder

Breakup with your blackheads by applying Silver Powder on areas of congestion. The active ingredient is Kaolin, which naturally possesses oil-absorbing properties to help kick dirt and blackheads to the curb.

So say ‘sayonara’ to cystic acne with our Buffering Lotion, wave good-bye to whiteheads with our Drying Lotion and say ‘bye-bye’ to blackheads with our Silver Powder!


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