Fan Friday Giveaway: Back To School Edition


back to schoolWe’re going back to school! Get ready to hit the books again with our Acne Repair Kit– the Drying Lotion, Drying Cream, and Buffering Lotion. This is your chance to win the kit and have clearer skin for school this year!

But first! Check out these BLOG highlights:

Why do I STILL have acne? This might be the reason.
How to get rid of acne scars.
Our tip for banishing body acne. 

To enter to win the Acne Repair Kit, simply comment on this blog post, below! Residents of the U.S. and Canada are eligible to win; we will announce the winner after the holiday weekend on Tuesday, September 2, 2014. (If you win, you’ll also be contacted privately via email.)

Good luck!
back to school



Author: Jill

As a long-time writer, editor, and esthetician, I’ve had an ongoing love affair with Mario Badescu Skin Care for years. I can usually be found reading, knitting, painting, trying new beauty and skin care products, and telling everyone to wear more sunscreen. These days, I’m feeling super grateful for the opportunity to share more Mario with the world! I believe that better skin care changes lives. For more about me, visit my Google+ Page.


  1. This would make my problem skin SO happy!

  2. Absolutely LOVE these products!!!!!!!!

  3. I need to try this!!

  4. Love, love, love this stuff!!

  5. I love these products. This would be perfect for my daughter.

  6. I am dying to try this stuff!

  7. I so want to try this product sounds amazing

  8. I love these products! I use my drying lotion regularly and it seriously works miracles!

  9. Would really like to try this. Thanks for the chance.

  10. I’m new to these products, but so far I really love them! I’m in my mid 30’s and suddenly my acne is out of control! eek!

  11. Wow. This looks amazing. Would love to try.

  12. I would love to have my son try this.

  13. This is the only cleansing facial that helps me. Im thankful

  14. Suffering from adult acne, I would love to win some of your products!

  15. I just commented to my child the other day how many products are available than when I was a teen and how much better they are, and I had the MB line in mind specifically. When I found about these, I knew I would buy them for myself and my occasional pimple and to help my teen deal with pimples as well.

  16. The drying cream works as one of the quickest, most efficient spot treatments I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried a ton!!

  17. I love your products! This would be awesome.

  18. Love Mario Badescu, AND these products! I use all of these and the acne facial wash as part of my skin care regimen, and it makes my skin look so much better than any other products I tried previously. Wish I started using this stuff sooner!

  19. Pick me, pick me! I’ve just been introduced to your products and Im in love already! Would love to try this combo!

  20. yes please! i haven’t gotten to try these products since it’s hard to find them in Canada in stores.

  21. I need these in my life!!!! I have horrible adult acne and would love to have this 🙂

  22. Love it 🙂

  23. Would love to try these for my hormonal acne I’ve been getting since having a baby!

  24. This would be amazing! I am so happy with your products and so excited to see what a full month does to my skin and looking forward to Blogging about them and introducing others to your line!

  25. My fave products! The only products that have EVER worked for me… They make my face happy!

  26. I love every product i’ve tried from Mario Badescu! Some products I can not and will not live without so I buy backup’s

  27. I have sensitive skin and I’m always looking for new products to try!

  28. I love every product i’ve tried from Mario Badescu! Some products I can not and will not live without so I buy backup’s

  29. Apologies if this is a double post: I have sensitive skin and am always looking for new products to try!

  30. I love the acne trio and so does my skin!

  31. very nice product

  32. Oh wow I would love to win this!!!

  33. Love the Drying Lotion and would like to try the others.

  34. My face needs you for back to school pictures this year!! BAD….

  35. Hi MB,
    Its been a while since I visited your NYC boutique, miss you!
    I would love to win as my skin continues to have occasional breakouts and this acne kit will do wonders for me.

  36. I’m not ready for back-to-school.

  37. Wow! I want that for my back to uni! 🙂 Please please please 🙂

  38. I love your sulfur powder for acne…would love to try more of the acne-free line!

  39. I absolutely love Mario Badescu products. My skin and complexion has not been this soft and healthy since I was a teenager. I use the moisturizers at least twice a day and the acne products anytime I feel a break out coming on (which are rare now because of the moisturizers). I share my experiences with my friends and encourage them to try your products.

  40. I would love to win this!! It would help with my acne on my chin.

  41. Im obsessed with the Drying Lotion, it works so well for problems spots! Would love to try more of Mario Badescu’s Acne Repair Line!!!

  42. This is such a wonderful skincare line and would be perfect during those stressful breakouts – especially when they happen at the most inopportune time. Would be such a great addition to my existing mario regimen 🙂

  43. This would be AMAZING! I’ve tried a sample of the drying cream and it worked wonders for my acne so I can only imagine the great things the Acne Repair Kit would do for my skin!

  44. Yay, another giveaway! Mario Badescu is very generous. I guess when you have a great product you want everyone to try it and find out for themselves!

  45. I would love you try these

  46. My son could really use these products.

  47. I hate my acne while pregnant. I also get deep scars. Would love to win!

  48. I just love these products! They have kept my acne prone skin in check for months now! I recommend this brand to everyone I know!

  49. What a clever little system! Healing properties and great ingredients 🙂

  50. I’ve tried the drying lotion and it’s wonderful. The other two products look very interesting as well.

  51. Definitely a back to school essential!

  52. I would love to try these!!

  53. I am new to this line of skin care. Since I have been using many of the products I have seen drastic results. i am so happy I listened to the skin care specialist at Ulta, because she raved about how wonderful these products are. I cannot believe how wonderful my skin looks!

  54. I use the Drying Cream regularly and love how quickly it dries my acne. It would be great to have and try the complete Acne Repair Kit.

  55. Drying lotion is the BEST for my cystic acne.

  56. I actually want to win this for my sister. I currently have and use your line of products, and they have all helped out my skin so much. I want to share this with her! She’s always had bad acne and it still continues to this day. I love your products and want her to see the same results I do every day.

  57. #BrokeCollegeKid

  58. I could really use this, especially the drying lotion 😉

  59. I need this for uni.

  60. I would love to have this! My skin is so prone to breakouts daily. If this kit would help me, I will forever be loyal to the products. Acne ruins my self confidence!

  61. Ahh! I really need this in my life. I live for your products!

  62. I would LOVE to try these amazing products! Thank you for the chance!!

  63. Would love opportunity to try these!!! ❤️

  64. ‘Drying Lotion’ is the holy grail! This is truly one of my favorite staples. Zaps any eruption better than anything I’ve tried … LOVE IT!!! I’ve never tried the others but I am OOOOOH so looking forward to trying it … Thank you, Mario Badescu …

  65. I’ve heard such great things about these products!! I tend to breakout every once in a while, and it really makes me feel bad about myself. I’ve been looking for something to help with that, and this might just be it!! Fingers crossed! 😀

  66. I’ve always been a fan of the drying lotion, but would love to try out the buffering lotion!

  67. I love the drying lotion and would LOVE to try the other two products. Plus I am just starting back to college and would love to help my skin! 🙂

  68. I have been using the Drying Lotion for 10 years and it has been a legitimate lifesaver; and would love to try the rest of the products in the collection!

  69. My favorite part about these products (and I have them all) is that I can use them at age 54 and my daughter uses them at age 19. And they work!

  70. I’ve been dying to try the Buffering Lotion and Drying Cream. I’ve had acne issues my entire life. Now that I’m in my 30’s, I’m dealing with cystic acne. I would love to try these products to see how quickly they help get rid of those nasty, painful bumps.

  71. I’d love to win this!

  72. I would love to win!

  73. I would love the drying lotion! perfect for the end of summer

  74. At 50 I still struggle with hormonal acne once a month.

  75. Words cannot describe how much I love the buffering lotion.And my boyfriend loves the drying lotion, so it would keep him away from it so I wouldn’t have to hide my products. I would be nice & share the mask.

  76. I would love to win this!!! Love these products!!

  77. None of the prescription meds work. Would love to try these!

  78. Love the magical powers in your drying lotion! Fingers crossed! Thank you!!!

  79. Your products have outstanding reviews it would be amazing to win this giveaway!!!!

  80. I would absolutely love this and it would take care of all my breakouts!!

  81. I am OBSESSED

  82. I am OBSESSED with all of your products!!! Please pick meeeeee! (:

  83. Buffering Lotion has changed my face! I have 3 colleagues using it now. 🙂

  84. would love to try this kit!!

  85. I’d love to win!

  86. I love the drying lotion!

  87. Oh I could so use this!

  88. This would be perfect for my skin! I’ve been wanting to try the drying cream for a while

  89. I love these products…def see an improvement whenever I use it to maintain my skin and clear breakouts <3

  90. Please pick me! My skin is so stressed and it’s only the first week of classes. 🙁

  91. These would help my skin soo much 🙂

  92. I really would love to try out these products, they seem like they’d benefit my skin so much!!

  93. My face needs this!

  94. Ooh i must try!!

  95. fingers crossed!!!

  96. I currently use the buffering lotion and drying mask. Would love to try the drying lotion and drying cream! Still suffer from breakouts at 25, but the products I use help!

  97. Mario Badescu products saved my skin! I had horrible hormonal breakouts..

  98. I could use this help! Thank you for the chance Mario Badesco 😀

  99. Thank you for the chance 🙂

  100. I’m back in school and I need this!

  101. I have always wanted to try this line! 🙂

  102. I have always wanted to try the drying lotion!

  103. These are my favorites, and I’m actually ready for new ones of all of them!

  104. I absolutely LOVE Mario badescu skin care products. I have tried the drying lotion and it has saves me SOO many times from unexpected acne. I would love to try the Buffering lotion and Drying Creme!!

  105. 3 essentials for maintaining clear skin! ❤ TY for the chance!! Fingers tightly crossed!

  106. These products are amazing!

  107. Love Mario Badescu!!

  108. My friend codywren sent me to this site and I can only hope its serendipity and I win this contest. Could use some good fortune/karma and clearer skin

  109. My combination, acne-prone skin would be very happy to win this selection of products! I’m obsessed with the Special Cucumber Lotion and would love to give these a try!

  110. That buffering lotion is my LIFE!!

  111. I have heard so many great things about these products but haven’t gotten around to trying them. I know, lazy. BUT this seems like the perfect time to try!

  112. Teachers like me who have problem skin need back to school help, too!

  113. Pimples would not have a chance with this kit.

  114. I just ordered the Acne Cleanser and the Special Cucumber lotion! As a college student with very frequent breakouts and a tight budget this would help my skin so much! Thank you Mario Badescu for the opportunity to win this life-saving kit!! I would love to win this, but my skin would love it even more!

  115. my skin totally needs this!!

  116. Have never tried this before, but love the reviews and I would love to try this product.

  117. My three favorite mb products!

  118. My skin would be forever grateful. Hormones are no joke.

  119. I would love to win these, I’m dying to give these a try for my problem skin!

  120. I would LOVE to try this line of products!! It’s a constant struggle to keep my acne under control!

  121. I love to try these products! I have heard nothing but good things about them and would love to share them with my sister.

  122. The combination of these products works wonders on my combination acne prone skin!

  123. I would love to try these products for my problematic skin.

  124. Thank you so much! Love the Buffering Lotion. I haven’t tried the others yet.

  125. I’ve been dealing with acne my entire life, and I would love to try these products.

  126. Would love to add these to my Mario Badescu skin line up (acne cleanser, special cucumber lotion, and oil free moisturizer SPF 17) 😀 !!!

  127. Would love these for my sister!

  128. My skin would look much better with your products.

  129. I NEED these, as a new mom taking classes again- my skin is going nuts!

  130. My skin needs help, it’s acne prone.

  131. My 13 year old son’s skin has been saved with these three products. He has tried everything to clear his acne but these have been the only products that have worked. On behalf of my junior high schooler, thank you Mario Badescu for making outstanding products that actually work!

  132. I love how effective and affordable your skincare products are!

  133. I truly believe in your products such as the cucumber lotion and oil free moistureizer. This would really help my acne and I would be very thankful

  134. I graduate this year from highschool this year and I think my prom and graduation photos would look way better if my skin was clear. All I want is for my problem skin to go away.

  135. my friend swears by the drying lotion.
    I’d love to win this wonderful line-up of products!

  136. Would love the chance to have clearer skin! Thanks

  137. I would love to try these products!

  138. I would love to try this products.

  139. Would love to get them !

  140. I’ve heard these products are excellent! Willing to try.

  141. your products are superb

  142. I love your products & could seriously use this! 😉

  143. All of yourproducts I’ve tried so far are wonderful! I’d love to win this!

  144. Looks great – I’d love to try this!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  145. Love it!

  146. Mario Badescu skin care will definitely provide healthier looking skin for school. Thank you for the opportunity to win some products 🙂

  147. I have always always wanted to try the mario badescu line for acne.

  148. These sound great!! Love this brand only thing that has worked for me post baby!

  149. i have adult acne and nothing has worked…. i have even done lasers….would love to try this….please pick me!!

  150. Suffered severed acne during and after pregnancy. I never thought that I would get so affected emotionally for having a severe acne. It’s not something that you can just ignore. You’ll lose self confidence that also leads to depression. This MB Acne Kit is such a lifesaver for me. Thank goodness for this product, I’m starting to love myself again.

  151. Drying cream is the best!

  152. My daughter loves your products! It would be fantastic to win this for her birthday!

  153. I would love to win this! The most useful back-to-school prize ever!

  154. I love these products.

  155. I would love these items! I need them in my skin regime 🙂

  156. would love to try these products!

  157. This would be so awesome to win! ^-^

  158. just in time for back to school – my son is in the middle of puberty and could really use this.

  159. The drying lotion has helped keep my pimples from becoming massive breakouts or banishes them overnight. I do not think I could ever be without this product. Thank you!

  160. As someone who suffers from adult acne, I could sooo use this to help prevent future acne and help remove the effects of scarring.

  161. Crossing my fingers that I win 🙂

  162. Need this to cure my Back to School stress acne!

  163. I would love to win this for my teenagers.

  164. I love the drying lotion … Would love to try the other 2 products too!!!!

  165. Banish acne, yes please!

  166. Thank you for offering your BEST products in a give away. I hope I win!

  167. Please please please I have the worst skin ever! My acne is terrible I have acne every where on my face and if I go back to school i know people will make fun of my acne, I am really really concerned with my my appearance because of bullying. I would really love to win because of my budget I can’t afford most things so I really would like the chance to win

  168. I’ve tried most of these products and it absolutely works and I love it. It makes the skin feel clean and refreshed. Most of the acne dries up after using the drying cream and it heals much quicker!

  169. Love your products!!

  170. wowo heard so much great stuff about these

  171. wow cool amazing woowheee sick sk sksk

  172. OMG! This is exactly what my skin needs right now. I would love to win this kit!

  173. I loveeee mario badescu products and getting some for free would be amazing!

  174. I would love to get to try these products!!!! I’ve been struggling with acne for a long time now, and nothing seems to work for me. Please pick me !!!

  175. Would love to try these products ! Heard so many amazing things.

  176. At almost 40,i still suffer with acne.It’s always be hard for me to no have the beautiful that i wanted.I’m sure Mario Badescu’s acne kit is my last solution to say goodbye to acne for my 40th anniversery.

  177. At 43…. I still have acne, and this would be very refreshing for my skin

  178. Great for adults too!

  179. I need something for my skin I’m almost 30 but I feel like I’m 15… please help

  180. Would love to give these products a try!

  181. Love these products! Thanks for the opportunity, Would love to win them 🙂 Mario Badescu products are amaaazingg! They leave you with a smile!

  182. I thought I was done with acne at my age, but lo and behold apparently I’m not. Here it comes again. I would love to give these products a try. Thanks!!

  183. I’m in my twenties and have been struggling with severe hormonal acne on and off for the past two years. I recently found your products and they have helped better than anything I’ve ever tried! I would love to win these!

  184. Me me me! These products are amazing❤️

  185. Mario Badescu, fun name to say and great product to use.

  186. Would love to win, never try your product before and I am sensitive skin would like to have this chance and try it 🙂

  187. I absolutely love Mario Badescu products and already have my own routine. If I win, I’ll be giving it to my baby sister who just turned 15.

  188. Would love to win these products :]

  189. This would be so helpful for my acne! I would love to have this for school! You’re products are the best!!

  190. Working almost full-time with 3 classes to boot, I don’t have time to worry about problem skin! These products would take the focus off of my skin so I could focus on my books.

  191. I’d love for my teen to use these products for his teen acne breakouts. I’ve had experience with this line & was pleased with the results.

  192. Amazing skincare products! Love, love the enzyme cleansing gel as well.

  193. Would love to win this! MB is the best!!

  194. These products save my face every time!

  195. Need these in my life!

  196. I would love this and NEED this!!

  197. I could really use this! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  198. These products are absolutely fantastic…running out of them soon, would love to have this to help pick me up before school starts 🙂

  199. Reallllly want to try these products!! been getting so much acne lately and no other products have been helping!! I would love to win and try them 🙂

  200. Working at Staples during back to school is making my skin break out from stress, and from handling loads of dusty stock from the warehouse! Definitely need to improve my skin care regimen!

  201. The buffering lotion is one of the best products to help keep acne at bay! I’d love to try the other products in this acne repair kit as well.

  202. I would love to try the kit.

  203. its never to late to try something new! my skin could do with a makeover.

  204. I have monthly breakouts…would love to try this line!

  205. I’m still struggling with acne at almost 23 years old, but MB has started to turn things around! I would love to add to my skin regimen!

  206. I have moderate acne and sometimes it can get really bad so in between. I would love the chance to try this for clear skin, I’m sick of the breakouts. I wash my face exfoliate, I clean my brushes and still have issues.

  207. I would love to win for my granddaughter to try, Ty for the chance.

  208. this would make my skin so happy

  209. The drying cream is my absolute favorite! I’ve been meaning to try the drying lotion and this would be great to win! 🙂

  210. would love to win this for my 17 year old son!

  211. I am 33 years old I have acne like a teenager. I tried proactive and that didn’t even help. It is very embarrassing to be out in public and have my face look like a pizza pie… I would love the opportunity to try this product. Thank you for the chance

  212. This would be perfect for me to help combat my acne!

  213. The drying lotion has helped me spot treat so well and I’d love to try the other products to help combat my acne prone skin!

  214. My skin has been so bad lately, would love to win these!

  215. At 24 my skin still breaks out ALL the time. I’m constantly trying to find a solution that works and this would be fantastic to try!

  216. With all of these hormonal breakouts, I need a miracle at this point! Glad to see an acne kit at an affordable price!

  217. I have periodic cystic acne and would love to try these products. Mario badescu skin products have helped significantly so far and this kit would help tremendously!

  218. I love all these products so much, I’m about to buy 2nds of each!

  219. My skin real needs this – I have tried everything

  220. Always wanted to try the drying lotion! Great giveaway!

  221. l feel like it’s a sign that the first comment i saw was by a girl with the same name as me please help my skin Dx

  222. I’ve been looking for a line of skin care products that actually work – I’m absolutely consistent with my skin care routine but still haven’t found anything that helps! I’ve almost given up all hope and accepted the fact that I’ll just be dealing with problem skin the rest of my life.

  223. this would sure help ,ive tried the drying cream and i would give rave reviews for that 🙂

  224. I have the most terrible cystic acne all over and have been to soooo many dermatologists but nothing works. It’s really affecting my life and my self confidence

  225. This would clear up my adult acne

  226. LOVE these acne products!!!! Best acne products I have ever used!!

  227. So I put some drying lotion on my friend when she spent the nigt. The next morning she asked me, “hey what is that pink stuff you put on my pimple?” When I asked why she said it diminished the size of her blemish overnight. She also said that she’s had it for a while and it was one of those stubborn ones. So would I recommend it? Ha, I have.

  228. Mario is my new go-to…my face has never felt better 🙂

  229. I’m OBSESSED with Mario Badescu products! Just bought the whitening mask and glycolic cleanser on Saturday and I’m already noticing a difference in my skin! I would love to have this kit to combat my “pizza face”!

  230. Yes please!

  231. I’m OBSESSED with Mario Badescu products! My skin real needs this – I have tried everything

  232. I would be so excited to win these! I love Mario Badescu!

  233. Heard so many good reviews for your products. I would love to try them !

  234. I REALLLLLLY want to try the buffering lotion. I just ordered the Enzyme Gel, Special Cucumber Lotion, and Drying Mask. I already own the Drying Lotion, but it’s almost gone! 🙁

    I’m still struggling with a ton of red marks and every morning there’s a few new white heads. I’m going crazy here!

  235. I have been using the drying lotion for yrs , its the best !

  236. The drying lotion has become my go-to product. I’m obsessed!

  237. My teen could really use this

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