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"Putting your best face forward."


Blustery winds and cold fronts have us shivering and reaching for our favorite scarves and winter boots. And while we all love an excuse to have yet another cup of hot chocolate with a huge dopple of whipped cream, we secretly crave and covet the bygone days of summer. Sun, warmth, pitchers of iced teas, and endless days on the beach.

While we can’t (unfortunately) promise you that whole package, we can give you this: a taste (or whiff, technically speaking) of summer in a bottle. Better known as our well-loved Seaweed Bubble Bath & Shower Gel.

Use it as a shower gel or as a relaxing bubble bath – it’s a fragrant body wash with an invigorating blend of botanical extracts to soften skin as herbal and Seaweed extracts nourish, revitalize and softly scent your entire bathroom.

Put your head back, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Here’s to beautiful summer memories, and a lovelier winter to come.

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Author: Kimberly Yang

A 21-year-old blogger, sometimes freelance writer, and full-time business school student. Previously the fashion editorial intern for two boutique magazines and now here at Mario Badescu! I tend to be verbose, so I'll keep it as short and sweet as possible: I write and dance. A lot. Also pertinent: Aries, pescatarian, and lover of all things beautiful. I'll be honest when I admit that before MB, I simply washed my face twice daily and left it at that. But ask if I'm a skincare junkie now and I'll nod voraciously. I can never be without moisturizer, and the Vitamin C Serum makes my heart palpitate. And if by some miracle you haven't tired of me rambling about myself or the Vitamin C Serum and are curious for more, visit my Google+ page for more of my work.

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