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Nothing – and I repeat nothing – beats coming home from an entire day spent in the sticky hot summer heat to a good scrub down.

Not even a big bowl of ice cream. And few things can top ice cream. (The thought of it, however, has me thinking of the brand new tub of Neopolitan sitting in my freezer; I suppose the Strawberry Face Scrub is the next best bet until I’m home.)

You’re tired. Icky. Hot. Only the right beauty product – an exfoliant – could deliver and ensure a thorough cleanse that leaves you feeling refreshed. You feel it – those are real strawberry seeds at work – gently buffing away the dullness as AHAs break down that buildup of grease. Breathing pores are happy pores, or so they say. The proof is in your clearer complexion: your pores are decongested to prevent blackheads and blemishes that too often come with the summer heat.

Massage the creamy scrub into your skin. It’s non-abrasive, even as it polishes to leave your skin noticeably healthier, undoubtedly smoother and with a glow to boot.

Now ice cream can’t give you that, can it?

                                                                                                                                                                       .   .   .

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Author: Kimberly Yang

A 21-year-old blogger, sometimes freelance writer, and full-time business school student. Previously the fashion editorial intern for two boutique magazines and now here at Mario Badescu! I tend to be verbose, so I'll keep it as short and sweet as possible: I write and dance. A lot. Also pertinent: Aries, pescatarian, and lover of all things beautiful. I'll be honest when I admit that before MB, I simply washed my face twice daily and left it at that. But ask if I'm a skincare junkie now and I'll nod voraciously. I can never be without moisturizer, and the Vitamin C Serum makes my heart palpitate. And if by some miracle you haven't tired of me rambling about myself or the Vitamin C Serum and are curious for more, visit my Google+ page for more of my work.


  1. Looking good i must try it soon..:)