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MB Spotlight: Walnut Body Lotion

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Lesson learned: trust the little weather widget app on your iPhone, because when it’s barely 50 degrees out, it’s barely 50 degrees out. Breezes aren’t as picturesque as they are in those gorgeous fall fashion spreads, and the colder weather makes coats a necessity. (A quick aside: did you know you can shop Mario from anywhere now? Sk-instant gratification at its finest when you visit from your phone!)

Besides a few sniffles and wishing I was cuddled up in this cozy little Rebecca Minkoff number, I’ve been suffering drier skin – another consequence of (gratuitously) exposing the skin to the wind and cold. I love my bottle of Formula 200, but given that (1) the bottle is at the last of its glory days and (2) my skin is craving something much creamier and heavier in texture, I’ve reunited with my beloved Walnut Body Lotion.

In a nutshell (pun intended), it’s absolutely lush. Too nondescript? You needn’t say more to a girl who has a tendency to be verbose; the Walnut Body Lotion is incredibly creamy in texture and rich in consistency – exactly what fall/winter skin craves – and provides the skin maximum moisture throughout the day. It’s luxurious to apply and leaves behind the slightest hint of a delicate fragrance.

It’s lovely.

Apply it after your bath and slip into your pajamas – you’ll wake up with beautifully soft, supple skin that’s silky to the touch. If you have drier skin, or just can’t resist an opportunity to indulge (like yours truly), re-apply the lotion come morning and let the cream sink into the skin.

What’s your go-to fall body lotion? We want to know!

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Author: Kimberly Yang

A 21-year-old blogger, sometimes freelance writer, and full-time business school student. Previously the fashion editorial intern for two boutique magazines and now here at Mario Badescu! I tend to be verbose, so I'll keep it as short and sweet as possible: I write and dance. A lot. Also pertinent: Aries, pescatarian, and lover of all things beautiful. I'll be honest when I admit that before MB, I simply washed my face twice daily and left it at that. But ask if I'm a skincare junkie now and I'll nod voraciously. I can never be without moisturizer, and the Vitamin C Serum makes my heart palpitate. And if by some miracle you haven't tired of me rambling about myself or the Vitamin C Serum and are curious for more, visit my Google+ page for more of my work.

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