by Nicole Darmanin

Our Best Skin Care Tips: What Happens if you Shake the Drying Lotion?

Your skin care arsenal is stocked. Cleanser? Check. Toner. Check. Drying Lotion? Check! And since you’ve done your research, you know not to shake the Drying Lotion (Still want to give it a shake? Don’t take our word for it.) … Continue reading

by Kimberly Yang

#MBTravels: How to Pack Light (Even if You’re a Beauty Junkie)

If you haven’t been following our #MBTravels adventures on Snapchat, you’re missing out. Luckily for you, however, there’s more to come—we’re just hopping off the plane from Vail, Colorado to head out to sunny LA for The Makeup Show.  Curious? … Continue reading