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How many times have you joined a gym and went gung-ho for a few months then found it was a major effort to get motivated to go, even when you have no real excuse not to? How many DVD’s or exercise gizmos and equipment do you own and hardly ever use?  Why do people that always brag about how much they “love the gym” seem to be the yo-yo dieters/exercisers who do exactly what I just stated above and never stick to it as a lifestyle, only as a temporary tool for losing weight and then gain it back and don’t see the inside of the gym for months on end?  If exercise is so good for your body and gives such positive results, why are we so often resistant to doing it and neglect it as part of our lifestyle?  We all know that once the workout is done, you feel happy and revitalized and so grateful you did it, right?  So if this feeling is so wonderful then why don’t we seek it out often or as often as we seek that good feeling that comes with eating a piece of cheesecake?  I wish I had the answer to these questions

I can honestly say I have not gone more than 2 months without working out since the mid 90’s. That being said, I look pretty flabby and out of shape because I refuse to work out properly and eat properly.  Why? I wish I knew.  I’m starting to feel my age for the first time and I know things have to change in my lifestyle if I want to live a long, productive life.  Hey, I knew it would happen eventually if I didn’t take measures to stop it from happening! Ok I know. I’m lazy. I certainly know it’s important to strength train in combination with cardio to build and keep lean muscle and tone up flabby parts. Yeah, I do cardio and burn calories by jogging and doing tae bo, step aerobics (yes, I’m stuck in the 90’s but it’s still a hard workout!). Somehow any kind of weight training and consistency seem to be getting away from me.  Yeah it stinks working all day, some days standing for hours on end, and then to come home drained of energy knowing that skipping my workout could have negative effects on the fit of my Saturday night party outfit. If I can get in 45 minutes of cardio and burn off a small percentage of last night’s Chinese food binge, somehow that placates me for the time being and prevents me from growing out of my clothes before the season is over. I really should not be content with such minimal effort at my personal fitness and well being

Another thing that always puzzled me: Why is a 4 hour event like a wedding or class reunion a good enough reason to temporarily get into shape and lose weight but your overall daily life isn’t important enough to stay healthy and fit for the long term?  You know the diet and fitness people are loving this because that just gives them the opportunity to sell you more DVD’s, equipment and pre-packaged meals because eventually you will stop, get out of shape again and come back to them for more. Clever, they are.

I am constantly seeking motivational sources that actually work. I have friends and co-workers who are in mid gung-ho mode on the gym, healthy eating thing and the results are amazing and they radiate happiness and positive energy.  I just hope they have changed their lifestyle and this is not just temporary because it would prove to be true everything I said in the first paragraph. I want to truly love staying fit and healthy so it becomes part of my lifestyle just like brushing my teeth and going to work. Overall I think I would be a happier, more productive person.  How can I make this happen?

Jack LaLanne. Google him if you are too young to know who he is. The first exercise guy on tv. He’s one of the juicer guys on tv too.  It’s such a kick to see an exercise show from the 1950’s. Check it out. He just turned 96. Unbelievable.

Stolen JackLaLanneisms for my blog:

  • “Do not exceed the feed limit.”  Love that one. I should have a t-shirt made up for myself.
  • “Your waistline is your lifeline.”  Wow, does that mean I have a very big lifeline?  Ha!
  • “People don’t die of old age. They die of inactivity.”
  • “If one apple is good, you wouldn’t eat 100.” True. On the flip side, one Snickers is good so I probably could eat 100!  For sure.

Even though this is a bit off topic, I’d like to share something with you. Since my diet is so poor usually, I decided I need to get some vital nutrients and antioxidants in to my body somehow, easily and for very few calories and no fat. Maybe this will help me get some energy for exercise.  I started making green smoothies! Yes I said “green”.  I promise you, you will NOT taste the spinach. I even got my best friend into making them and experimenting with different fruit combos. Don’t ask me what I said when she told me she threw a clove of garlic in hers. Here’s the basic recipe I found on line somewhere. I tweaked it a bit.  It makes a full blender and enough for 2 large glasses.  Really it should be consumed immediately to prevent loss of nutrients. One a day is plenty for me so refrigerate the leftovers in a tighly closed container and enjoy within 24 hours. You may need to vigorously shake it an add some ice the next day.  Measurements do not have to be exact.

  • ½ banana (I like to cut mine in half, wrap it tightly and refrigerate the halves so they stay cold)
  • 1.5c of fresh frozen berries. Any combo of raspberries, blueberries (antioxidant superfood), strawberries, blackberries works just fine. It all tastes the same to me. Stock up on whatever is on sale and keep them frozen in a freezer bag for future use. Berries can be expensive.
  • 2 big handfuls of fresh spinach (antioxidant superfood).  I haven’t tried baby spinach but you will need a lot more if you do. You can use Kale(antioxidant superfood) if you want but I hear the veggie taste doesn’t get covered up as much as the spinach.
  • Approx 1c cold water.
  • Ice cubes optional

The How-to:

  1. Put the banana in the blender first followed by the berries, spinach and water (and ice). Your blender should be filled almost to the top.
  2. Blend on high. You will have to open the lid and work the spinach down into the blade a few times with a wooden spoon. (Uh, yeah. turn off the blender first please. Berry juice stains and blender blades can cut you badly!)
  3. Once everything looks smooth and blended, enjoy. I was very, very surprised at how much I like these things. I warn you. They don’t look so pretty though. And NO I have not added vodka to the recipe…yet!  (Just kidding!)

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