1. Just started using your products and I completely fell in love. Your line will definitely be my go to for my constant breakouts. I suffer with acne on a daily basis and ever since I started using your products I’ve noticed a huge difference. I’d love to win the Anti Acne Serum. Thank you Mario Badescu for your wonderful line of AMAZING products!

  2. Mario Badescu is the most amazing skincare I have every purchased! There has yet to be a product that I havent absolutely adored so i’m sure all of these serums are fantastic! but i would particularly like to try the hyaluronic emulsion with vitamin C serum! it sounds amazing!

  3. I love all of your products, especially the Vitamin C serum!

  4. LOVING!! the peptide renewal serum!! My Hero product quenches, restores and gives my skin a beautiful glow. Even though I’m young this serum compliments my dry skin very well and has given me a head start on anti- aging itself!

  5. Anti Acne Serum! Perfect.

  6. I haven’t tried them all but I would love to try the peptide renewal serum

  7. Thanks for the products. If I do not use them, I get red skin. What a lucky find.

  8. I love the peptides

  9. I love Mario Badescu products…Anti Acne Serum is great!!!
    The Adult Acne line has helped me alot, I would love to try the aging and wrinkle products…

  10. Love the Vitamin C serum!

  11. I love all the Mario products. I tell people about them daily at work. I can not live with out you! Thank you so much my skin loves you!!

  12. Anti Acne Serum! Haven’t purchased it in a while but I remember it doing wondersssss!

  13. Peptide Renewal Serum…AWESOME!

  14. I LOVE the Peptide Renewal Serum! I would love to try the Anti Acne Serum, though-it sounds like exactly what I need!

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