Product Spotlight: Acne Repair Kit


For many of us, warmer weather means more acne. This year, we’re preparing early with the Acne Repair Kit

how to get rid of acne
You never know when life will hand you lemons. Sometimes those ‘lemons’ are breakouts and we have to be fully equipped to handle an acne eruption if it strikes.

The Acne Repair Kit is the triple threat of acne treatment because it’s fully loaded with three superstar spot treatments that are prepared to help fight blemishes—whether acute, sudden breakouts or chronic, stubborn acne—that just don’t belong on your face.

(VIDEO: How to prevent acne breakouts)

The kit includes:

the Drying Lotion, to help shrink or eliminate whiteheads rapidly;

Drying Cream, to help address small red or flesh colored bumpy breakouts at the surface or right beneath; and

the Buffering Lotion, to help fight cystic acne.

Want to know how to get rid of acne? Be at-the-ready to fight breakouts when they happen!

Author: Lee Ann

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