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Skincare secrets are no fun unless we share!

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Glowing, dewy, radiant skin is always an option. But it’s not just about the right products or the right combinations; a large part of it comes from within, too. If you feel good about yourself, it shows. If you are genuinely happy with who you are, it shows. It’s a relationship based on synergy: your skin reciprocates exactly how you treat it, and vice versa.

Beautiful skin starts with good skincare. And that’s just the start.


*As always – substitute and experiment with products you know your skin loves!

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Radiance, here we come! It’s just a step away…

  1. Exfoliation is key to a glowing complexion. Start with freshly cleansed skin. Massage the Kiwi Face Scrub gently onto wet skin, letting the Kiwi seeds and soft bits of seaweed buff away dead skin cells. Let it sit on your skin for 2-3 minutes to allow AHAs to breakdown any other dulling buildup, and massage again before thoroughly rinsing. Pat dry.
  2. Apply an eye cream before your mask. It’s one of our secrets – as the mask dries, it can pull the delicate eye area and cause dryness; let the eye cream act as a much-needed treatment.
  3. Cleanse, tighten, and brighten. Apply a thin layer of the Orange Tonic Mask, a Kaolin clay-based mask that helps purify and tighten pores. Orange extracts gently exfoliate and refine the skin’s texture while Balsam Peru soothes.
  4. Let the waiting games, begin! Read magazine. Start a book. Look up recipes to try. Relax. You earned those 20-30 minutes to spend on you and yourself.
  5. Cleanse and tone. Wash the mask off thoroughly and pat dry. In outward wiping motions, use a cotton pad soaked with your favorite toner for a final and thorough cleanse. We love the Cucumber Cleansing Lotion because it calms and refreshes while tightening pores.
  6. Dewy skin is skin that’s been well moisturized. The AHA & Ceramide Moisturizer instantly boosts skin’s radiance, leaving skin looking and feeling refreshed. It gently exfoliates overnight, sloughing away dulling buildup to make way for new, healthy skin to the surface. (It’s also the perfect moisturizer for warm weather!)
  7. The best, saved for last. The Vitamin C Serum. A few drops go a long way – it’s the secret to radiance, packed full of antioxidants to help reduce discoloration and brighten skin.

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What skincare secrets are you hoarding? Share them in the comments below! 

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