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This blog is directed at the boys, the men.  I want to know why so many of you are afraid to take good care of your skin. Is it a manly thing that you shouldn’t care about such things?  How ridiculous. You spend hours at the gym to get buff but you don’t care about how your skin looks? Why?  Well if you are reading this that’s great because you’re actually here and on your way to learning about good skin care. (No one has to know).

My experiences with men in my life and their skin care habits all sound alike. Men seem to be brand loyal and once they find something they like, they will just buy it over and over again just to avoid shopping and thinking about it, not because it’s actually a good product.  Degree deodorant, random bar soap, Barbasol shaving cream, giant bottle of Tres Semme shampoo and maybe the odd day for some sunscreen if I was there to demand it. The basics. Maybe some pre-shave shave oil if he got it as a gift (from me most likely).  If I brought some products home, yeah he’d use them intermittently without much force but in the end I wind up throwing away a year-old jar of eye cream, three-quarters full, in the garbage.  Obviously there is a lot of room for improvement – for both the man I am thinking about in my head as well as all men. With a little effort, a little information, and a better skin care regimen, all men can have better skin – it’s not that hard.

Men’s skin is actually different. It is thicker with larger pores and more oil glands.  So men’s skin actually has more strength and defense than women’s skin.  This is no reason for neglect though.  Daily shaving and working outdoors in extreme weather conditions takes its toll on the toughest of skins.

  • Let’s start with what you are currently washing your face with. Bar of soap? The same bar of soap you wash your, no wait. You know where I’m going with that, right?  So far you’ve been doing that all your life and you’re still alive so I’m not saying it’s harmful, I’m just saying there’s a better way that’s just as effective yet less harsh and drying and barbaric.  A specific face cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type will do a better job. I just opened up a can of worms there, right? What’s your skin type?
  • Sunscreen and moisturizer. Why are you not using these daily?  Your skin needs protection from the sun’s rays all the time to prevent skin cancer and even more so if you work outdoors. Sun exposure is cumulative and is recognized as the number 1 cause of premature aging of the skin. Use it every day regardless of what the weather looks like. Get and all-in-one that is suitable for your skin type and don’t use your body sunscreen on your face, especially if you have problem or oily skin.
  • Eye cream is important for men too. Skin around the eyes can be 1/10 the thickness of the rest of your face and lacks oil glands. Those crow’s feet are going to show up some time if they haven’t already.  Prevent wrinkles by moisturizing that delicate skin every day with an eye cream, not your regular face lotion.  Eye creams are formulated specially for the eye area with ingredients to target puffiness and wrinkle prone skin.
  • Scrub. Yeah that sounds slightly manly, doesn’t it?  Exfoliating a few times a week with a granular face scrub eliminates pore clogging build up which ends up as blackheads.  No one likes looking at those.  Exfoliating regularly keeps the pores clean so ingrown hairs will be minimized. It also helps keep your face nice and smooth as an added bonus.

Shall I go on?  You will benefit from a mask and a toner too. Special shaving products will make your shaving pain go away. No need to suffer with razor burn and ingrown hairs.  These additional, simple steps will only result in more clear, clean skin. What’s unmanly about that?

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  1. Men seem to think of skin care as being for women only, which may make them hesitant to take care of their skin. Thanks for the post.

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