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There’s a reason your nails look so great in the summer—they’re growing faster! The nails on your dominant hand also grow faster than on your non-dominant appendage.*

Scroll down to discover the truth behind those white spots you sometimes get on your nails and to learn why nails-on-a-chalkboard is one of the most-hated noises! nails

  • Onychopagia is the term for persistent, chronic nail biting.
  • Your nails need to breathe- literally. It’s important to go polish-free occasionally to allow the nails to better fight infection and to prevent them from becoming too dry.
  • White spots on your nails don’t necessarily indicate that you are suffering from a calcium deficiency. Mom might be wrong—white spots on the nails are typically harmless and don’t signify anything in particular.
  • The sound of nails on a chalkboard is incredibly unpleasant for most of us. But why? Anatomy works against us in this case: our ear canals are shaped in such a way that they naturally amplify noises that hit at this particular frequency.
  • Your cuticles serve a real purpose: they help seal in moisture and keep nasty things from the environment (like bacteria) out of the body.
  • The younger you are, the faster your nails will grow. Nail growth speeds up during pregnancy as well.
  • The Ancient Egyptians loved a good manicure. Well, the upper classes did, with the darkest nail colors reserved for the most elite.
  • Your toenails grow a lot more slowly than your fingernails, which definitely explains why it’s so much easier to maintain a pedicure than a manicure!


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*The nail on your middle finger grows faster than any other, but we felt it was impolite to include this fun fact on the blog! 

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