July 22, 2015
by Jill

Treating Cystic Acne

treating cystic acne

We know that Cystic Acne can be really painful—both physically and (depending on how severe your case is) mentally. It’s also the most likely to cause scarring, so proper treatment is really important.

treating cystic acneThere aren’t too many over-the-counter products available for Cystic Acne. After all, it’s the hardest type of acne to treat. It’s crucial, though, to reduce the amount of Cystic Acne you experience while speeding up the healing process; this is THE best way to help avoid scarring. It’s also just pretty nice to be able to prevent or recover more quickly from Cystic breakouts.

If you’re looking to reduce cystic acne, we’re really proud of our Buffering Lotion, a unique product that was designed specifically for Cystic Acne. Most people find it surprisingly thin and watery in texture. This makes it better able to penetrate the skin and do its work. Have you ever tried it?

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July 21, 2015
by Jill

Fading Age Spots

age spotsThrough the years, it’s likely your skin has accumulated some sun damage. You see, age spots are more accurately called sun spots. Sometimes they are even known as liver spots, although they really have nothing to do with your liver’s functioning. These areas of hyperpigmentation are basically caused by a combination of accumulated sun damage and hormonal fluctuations.

age spotsThis is a skin problem that you can be really optimistic about—there are some very real solutions for age spots. If you’re looking to even your skin tone and brighten up areas of discoloration, there are a couple of things you need to know.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), for one thing, is a powerful skin-brightening agent. Kojic Acid is another. With an every-other-day application of Vitamin C and regular use of Kojic Acid, your skin care routine will produce noticeable changes in tone, reducing and fading unwanted hyperpigmentation.

age spotsCheck these out: Vitamin C Serum + Whitening Mask (with Kojic Acid)

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July 20, 2015
by Jill

Super Oily Skin?

Always powdering your nose?

Always powdering your nose?

Do you have super oily skin all year ‘round? Is your skin oily all over your face, not just on your t-zone? If you’re shaking your head yes, then you definitely have typical ‘oily’ skin.

CCM_botanicaThe good news is that you will probably age really well. We don’t have to tell you the bad news—it’s there in every powder/blotting paper/primer/etc. that you’ve tried in vain to combat shine.

For a more long-term (ie, all-day) solution, you’ll have to get back to basics—cleanser and toner. In this case, the Botanical Facial Gel and the Cucumber Cleansing Lotion. Without this cleanser/toner combination of shine-fighting power, you’ll be at a loss to fight oil all day. 

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July 17, 2015
by Jill

Red, Inflamed Acne?

inflamed acneSometimes acne-prone skin gets a little inflamed and red. And sometimes you pick at it or irritate it, leaving a tell-tale angry spot on your skin.

Our Special Healing Powder is a major ‘insider’ favorite, but I wish more people knew about it. It’s really perfect for those situations where you need a little extra help getting inflamed acne-prone skin to calm down. It’s also genius for fighting excess oil (I always mix a little of it into my loose powder).

Meghan Donovan from Wit&Whimsy recently wrote about it:
“This product has been on my nightstand for years now but with such a vague name I feel like it’s one of those products you may never pull the trigger on buying. Experience chest breakouts? Experience pesky zits around that time of the month? Buy this, buy this now. It is ideal for open, infected pimples (raise your hand if you’re guilty of trying to pop zits arrrrrghhhh) and gets dusted over breakouts at night. By morning you’ll be saying ‘thank you, self, for buying this product.’”

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July 16, 2015
by Jill
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What’s The Big Deal With Hyaluronic Acid?

hyaluronic acid

Oh my, how we LOVE our Hyaluronic Acid. Seriously, guys, it doesn’t get much better than this—Hyaluronic Acid helps absorb moisture from the environment while preventing moisture loss in order to retain skin’s natural hydration levels. Which is probably why we have 5 products with this ingredient in the name, and endless others that include it.

EC_hyaluronHyaluronic Acid isn’t an exfoliating acid (like Alpha Hydroxy Acids, for example). It’s actually a naturally occurring polysaccharide, and one of the main things that keeps young skin looking plump and supple. The skin makes less and less of it as we age, and bad habits like poor diet and smoking help deplete it even faster.

Applying Hyaluronic Acid to the skin creates a temporary plumping effect, leaving the skin softer, smoother, and better hydrated. In other words: younger-looking. If you’d like to use this in your skin care regimen, check out this all-time MB fan favorite, the #holygrail of lightweight eye creams: the Hyaluronic Eye Cream.