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October 10, 2014
by Kimberly Yang
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Before Bed: Skin Care Routine For Combo-Oily Skin

skin care routineIf there’s one thing I can count on, it’s my evening routine. It’s relaxing, dependable, and always does good things for my skin. I don’t consider myself high-maintenance in the very least, but this is one thing I refuse to compromise on – even when on vacation.

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Here’s my nightly skin care routine. I have Combination Skin (a slightly oily T-zone, some dry patches every now and then).

  1. Clothes off, PJs on. I do not – and simply cannot – function in what I’ve dubbed “outside” clothes. Has anyone ever been able to successfully curl into a ball on the couch in jeans? Or cook dinner without having their silk blouse stained and/or smelling a la carte? I think not (and if you answered yes, we need to talk you and I – I need to learn your ways!). Few things relax me quicker than a viscose-jersey blend.
  2. Hair gets pulled up, too. Just a quick topknot so all my hair is pulled out of my way. If stray pieces are misbehaving more than usual, a terry headband solves this problem in one clean swoop.
  3. Makeup gets removed ASAP. I can’t be alone in finding a clean face incredibly refreshing. Freeing even! I love using oil (like the Carnation Eye Make-Up Remover Oil, for example) to remove everything: makeup glides off effortlessly, including my heavy-duty waterproof mascara.
  4. Smooth on a clarifying mask. This step happens once or twice a week as needed. If it’s particularly hot and I’m especially oily (and feeling blackhead or blemish-prone), I’ll work a thin, even layer of the Cucumber Tonic Mask over my T-zone only. I smooth the product on and around my nose, on the cheeks, and a little on the center of my forehead. I then putz around the house (quick cleaning, some organizing, start steeping a cup of sleepy tea, etc.) until the mask fully dries and I can return to my regimen.
  5. Cleanse. The Seaweed Cleansing Soap: it’s the perfect evening cleanser to wind down with. This cleanser nourishes the skin with mineral-rich and anti-inflammatory Seaweed Extract while gently exfoliating away any buildup, makeup, or excess oil.
  6. Tone. I’ll be honest: I’m a bit toner-crazy in that I have a different one for every season or situation. (In my defense, skin is dynamic and thus deserves tailored care!) For the current season, the Cucumber Cleansing Lotion is my go-to: it leaves skin clean without over-drying my skin, and is what I believe to be the secret to keeping blemishes at bay even when I’m at my oiliest.
  7. Brighten & prevent! My secret to a noticeably more radiant, perfect complexion is the Vitamin C Serum. I get the benefits of maintaining a luminous complexion while giving my skin the antioxidant, anti-aging protection it needs.
  8. Hydrate, nourish, and soothe. Until fairly recently, I’ve always resigned to using my daily moisturizer for evening under the impression that most night creams were designed for drier or more mature skin types. The Seaweed Night Cream, however, offers similar lightweight, oil-free hydration in addition to Bladderwrack Extract, Collage, Elastin, and Hyaluronic Acid to nourish skin overnight for a dewy – not greasy! – glow the next morning.
  9. Never forget your delicate under-eyes. At 22 years old with combination-oily skin, I find that a lightweight eye cream is optimal for me. The Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream is just a step up from the Ceramide Eye Gel (I use this to help de-puff tired, morning eyes) and offers the hydration and anti-aging prevention I need after a long day in front of a computer screen.
  10. Slather on body lotion. I pride myself in never going to bed without having moisturized from tip to toe. The Vitamin E Body Lotion is an essential in my nightly regimen, keeping my skin soft, smooth, and supple year-round.

October 8, 2014
by Kimberly Yang
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8 Tips & Tricks For Preventing Shaving Irritation

Shaving irritation1. Be careful, always. Common sense, yes, but some things just have to be said when it comes to wielding sharp products in not-so-ideal (i.e., very slippery) conditions. Shave as if you were using a straight razor- even when you’re not- because carelessness and haste are typically the culprits behind unnecessary shaving irritation.

2. Check your razor blades. Shaving with a dull blade actually increases chances of cutting and irritating the skin. Using a disposable razor? Switch every two to three uses to ensure a pristine and sanitary blade. With all razors – disposable, electric, straight, etc. – you must clean well after each use. Make sure that the blades are completely dry before storing in a cool, dry place. (So no, keeping your razor in the shower is not a good idea!)

3. Never dry shave. Don’t even think about it. It’s the quickest route to razor burn, bumps, cuts, and ingrown hairs. Only shave after the area is damp and softened (for body hair, shave in the shower; for facial hair, shave after skin is softened by pressing a hot towel to the face for 30 to 50 seconds).

4. Always prep your skin. It’s the extra step that makes all the difference in the world. Never skip using shaving cream. (Bonus points if you add a pre-shave conditioner to your regimen; it’ll further soften the skin and hairs for an even smoother, more perfect shave.

5. Shave in the direction of hair growth. Shave with long, even strokes, applying minimal pressure so the blade glides over the skin (and reduces risk of cuts or skin irritations). Be sure to rinse the blade in between strokes. Remember: multiple passes allow for a close shave, whereas shaving against the grain increases risk of irritation.

6. Check the label. Look for shaving products packed with anti-inflammatory benefits. Ingredients like Aloe Vera, Chamomile Extract, and Lavender Extract offer cooling and soothing relief.

7. Re-hydrate post-shave. Shaving tends to dry skin out, making moisturizer essential to the grooming process. Restore hydration with a lightweight yet nourishing balm or cream to help the skin retain natural moisture levels.

8. Reduce and help heal irritations. Skin still a little raw or sensitive? Apply an antibiotic ointment cream on affected areas to help heal the skin, prevent infection, and reduce any redness and inflammation.


October 6, 2014
by Kimberly Yang
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What’s In Your Skin Care? Gardenia Extract

ferulic acidGardenia Extract is derived from the fruit of the Gardenia Florida. Once prized in traditional Asian folk medicine, Gardenia Extract functions as an antioxidant in skin care products.

Ferulic Acid is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants; in plants, it serves as a self-preservation mechanism in which it helps strengthen cellular walls against damage from microbes or the sun.

When applied topically, Ferulic Acid helps enhance tone, texture, and overall elasticity by supporting Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid content in the skin. Skin’s natural moisture is better retained, giving skin a healthier, plumper, and more youthful-looking glow. In addition, Ferulic Acid helps fight aging free radicals, thus preventing further UV damage to the skin.

Gardenia Extract also boasts mild anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, making it a favorite for skin care products aiming to help refresh, revive, and soothe dry or tired skin.

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We recommend: Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater
ferulic  acid

October 4, 2014
by Kimberly Yang
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Healthy Recipes for Healthy Skin: The Saturday Roundup

If there’s something we love more than skin care (believe us, there are very few things that top the list), it’s food. We’re willing to admit that yes, you should eat to live, but mindful eating allows you to live to eat. Yes, we can have it all: we can be happy and healthy and have beautiful skin!

Here’s what’s on our anti-aging, skin-brightening menu this week. Check out these healthy recipes:


healthy recipes


Red Immunity Smoothie (Into the Gloss)

Practically bursting with powerful antioxidants and vitamins, this smoothie has surely earned its name. It’s packed with red fruits and veggies, all of which are full of Vitamin A and C to help boost your immune system, fight disease, and give your skin a healthy lit-from-within glow. We’re all about starting every day with our best face forward – and this is just the way to do it.

healthy recipes

Jumbo Chickpea Pancake (Oh She Glows)

High-protein and vegan, this recipe makes for a super filling breakfast (we all have those days that call for a power breakfast) or satisfying lunch. Best of all (aside from the deliciousness and undeniable health benefits), it’s quick and easy to whip up: it only takes 10 minutes to make, and even less time to eat. The savory chickpea base is packed with protein and fiber, and tastes incredible with any topping you love. We’re a fan of eating ours with avocado (to help encourage a smoother, more radiant complexion), red peppers and tomatoes (for antioxidants), and a spoonful of hummus for extra flavor.

.   .   .


healthy recipes

Grilled Tuna over Arugula with Lemon Vinaigrette (Skinny Taste)

Though (unfortunately) often overlooked, tuna is a rich source of the omega-3 fatty acids necessary for helping keep the skin looking youthful. Top it over fresh arugula for a serving of rich antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that all lend to skin-brightening, anti-aging benefits.

healthy recipes

Curry Roasted Vegetable & Avocado Naan-wich (Naturally Ella)

With fall fast just starting we can’t help but turn to warm spices and comfort food favorites. There’s nothing like curried vegetables – but in a naan wrap and paired with creamy avocados? It’s deliciously good for you. Avocados are a favorite for those healthy fats that keep skin glowing, smooth, and youthful-looking. All those veggies – red pepper, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, red onion – tossed in olive oil make for a fiesta of Vitamin A and C-rich serving of antioxidants.

.   .   .


healthy recipes

Lemon Kale Salad with Seared Salmon (Sprouted Kitchen)

This recipe is a staple in our kitchen, making an appearance at least a few times every week. It’s not because it’s good (it’s actually great) – it’s because it’s a powerhouse of anti-aging and antioxidant benefits. You’ve got Vitamin A and C, copper, and omega-3 fatty acids all in one meal, all of which contribute to enhancing collagen stores, reducing inflammation (for clearer, wrinkle-free skin), and encouraging a brighter, more youthful-looking complexion.

healthy recipes

Sesame-Almond & Avocado Spinach Salad (Naturally Ella)

You know we love our radiant-boosting avocado. But seriously – if you’re in the mood for a light yet filling meal to end the day, this is it. Packed with Vitamin C, E, K, and beta carotene, this colorful salad boasts all the antioxidant vitamins and minerals needed for a wrinkle-fighting, skin-smoothing boost.

October 3, 2014
by Kimberly Yang
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Skin Solutions: Last-Minute Makeover

Need a quick lift, fast?

makeoverWe’ve all been there. School, work, kids, life gets in the way (you know the drill) and before you know it (seemingly out of nowhere) everything that’s anything important creeps up all at once. There’s this, that, this and that – all of which demands to be done yesterday – in addition to event XYZ that you RSVP’d to months ago because you figured you deserved a fun night out.

Right. But you haven’t had the chance to prepare for this occasion! Stop right there: before you even think about canceling because ABC, remind yourself that you deserve it. You have half an hour to get ready? Fifteen minutes? Less than that? Worry not: it’s all about prioritizing. The goal is glowing, radiant skin, even if you only have a minute for a makeover. Forget the hair – a je ne sais quoi, natural look is always in – and focus on perfecting your complexion and enhancing your best features.

Here’s how:

  1. Breathe. Inhale for three, exhale for four. Inhale for five, exhale for six. Are you calm yet? Good. Now head on over to the sink and splash your face with cold water. It serves a twofold purpose: one, to give you a jolt back to reality; and two, it provides an instant refresh that helps get your circulation going. You get some vivaciousness back in your complexion plus some de-puffing action.
  2. Cleanse. Nothing like a fresh start, eh? All-in-one is the stuff we love and exactly what we’re after when we have little-to-no time on our hands, so the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser is our failsafe go-to. It deep cleans and exfoliates all at once, revealing a brighter, smoother, and more even complexion. It’s what last-minute preparations call for: an instant refresh that helps perfect the skin and prepare it for flawless makeup application later on.
  3. Brighten and moisturize. Toning post-cleanse is highly recommended, but when you’re in a pinch, every last minute counts. Instead, use that time for applying a radiance-boosting serum for added hydration and glow. Follow with an oil-free moisturizer for simple, lightweight moisture that won’t slip and slide under makeup.
  4. Perfect. Spot conceal wherever needed and focus on eliminating any redness. Let your skin shine through! (Plus, this method saves tons of time.) Add a bit of color (blush, bronzer, highlighter, whatever you need and have time for) and set your face with powder.
  5. Enhance. Time’s a tickin’ but you’re already looking gorgeous! A well-curled lash can instantly lift your face – it makes you look awake, refreshed, and doe-eyed. Give each set of lashes a good curl and follow with two coats of mascara.
  6. Eyes or lips? Take your pick. The secret to looking instantly put together and effortless all at once? Beautiful, glowing skin – and a little something extra for a pop of glamour. This is a special event, no? Spend your last few minutes on your eyes or face: a bright lipstick, smoky eye, or graphic liner? The choice is yours.

Beauty tip: Got the luxury of a full hour? Set aside 15 minutes for an instant, perfecting lift with the Temporary Lifting Mask. Congested, dull skin will feel revitalized with immediate firming, pore-minimizing effects.

All that’s left? Getting dressed. And that’s the easy part.

.   .   .