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April 10, 2015
by Jill

No Bride (Or Groom!) Should Be Without This

wedding skin careYup, it’s the whitehead-busting Drying Lotion.

You don’t want to be surprised right before your wedding with an unfortunate whitehead. Sure, your photographer will probably airbrush it away at a later date, but you’ll know it’s there during your special day.

Is this something I’m keeping on hand for my August wedding? You better believe it! Remember: you can use this product on body acne, too. If your ensemble shows your décolletage, shoulders, or back, you’ll need to be ready for anything!


P.S. You might want to get a bottle for each of your bridesmaids, too!

April 8, 2015
by Kimberly Yang

Top 10 Things That Cause Dry Skin

Your skin is your body’s largest, living organ; it that acts as a barrier between delicate nerve endings and outside forces – making it incredibly sensitive to environmental changes.dry skin

1. Dehydration

The culprit behind dehydrated skin? Lack of water. Without proper hydration, skin appears dull and sunken, accentuating fine lines, wrinkles, dry patches, and areas of hyperpigmentation.

Your solution: Drink your water and eat it too – which means drinking plenty of water throughout the day and keeping your body hydrated by eating fresh fruits and veggies.

2. Weather

There are a few factors at play that wreak havoc on our complexions:

• Low humidity levels. When temperature drops, humidity levels do too. Dry air leaves skin feeling tight and looking parched.

• Indoor heating or Air Conditioning. Cranking up the heat or A/C strips the skin of moisture.

• Windy, cold weather. Cold air dries out skin as wind leaves you feeling dry, flaky, and chapped.

Your solution: Invest in a humidifier and set it at an ideal of 45% to 55% humidity. Have lip balm and hand cream with you at all times (in a handbag, in your car, at work), and be sure to never leave the house without properly moisturizing.

3. Sun exposure

Prolonged exposure to dangerous UV rays can also strip your skin of essential moisture: skin feels dry and tight at best, and burnt at worst. You’re irritating your skin and putting yourself at risk for photoaging and skin cancer.

Your solution: You know the drill – protect with a broad spectrum SPF moisturizer from head to toe, making sure not to forget the neck, chest, hands, and feet (if they’re exposed). Re-apply often while you’re out and about.

Post sun, rehydrate from tip to toe with a highly emollient moisturizer.

4. Licking your lips

Without oil glands to help protect the thin, outer layer of skin, lips are easily prone to feeling dry and chapped. Licking your lips won’t do any good; enzymes in saliva can actually dry out and break down the skin’s outermost protective barrier as it evaporates.

Your solution: Stash every bag, car, drawer, bathroom countertop, and bedside table with your favorite lip balm.

5. Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer and frequent hand-washing is a must. Unfortunately, keeping germ-free has its costs. Alcohol content in sanitizers can dry out your hands and make nails brittle, and most hand soaps can leave skin parched.

Your solution: Switch out your current soap for something milder. A gentle formula – like this one that’s designed with sensitive skin in mind – can thoroughly cleanse without drying out skin. After sanitizing or cleansing, rehydrate with a hand cream to restore and lock in moisture.

6. Hot water

We get it: few things feel better than a long, hot shower. But when it comes down to business, hot showers just aren’t good for you. It strips skin of natural protective oils, leaving it tight and dry. Couple hot water with winter air and indoor heating, and you’ll be left feeling uncomfortable and irritated.

Your solution: Resist the urge. Always shower with lukewarm water to help prevent drying out or exacerbating irritated, flaky skin. Keep your showers short – five to 10 minutes is all you need to thoroughly cleanse without overdrying skin – and be sure to moisturize from tip to toe immediately. Creams and body lotions are most effective when applied to damp, warm skin.

7. Bar soaps & high-lathering soaps

Bar soaps and high-lathering soaps often disrupt the pH levels of skin, stripping the skin of essential moisture and natural oils.

Read more about bar soap here.

Your solution: Skip the bar soap and instead, choose a cleanser designated for your skin type.  (Not sure where to start? Take a look at our ‘Cleanser Breakdown’ to help choose your perfect product!)

8. Smoking

There’s no doubt that smoking wreaks havoc on skin: the pollution breaks down Vitamin A (necessary for repairing damaged skin tissues), depletes collagen in skin, encourages premature aging, etc.

Your solution: Don’t smoke – or try quitting. If not for your health, do it for your skin.

9. Aging

Skin produces less oil as we get older; it’s a natural phenomenon to experience drier, thinner skin over time.

Your solution: Be diligent with your daily skin care regimen. At the crux of it all, moisturizing is the most important step in effective anti-aging care: invest in moisturizers, protective creams, night creams, and serums to help relieve dryness, smooth fine lines, and plump skin for a more radiant, youthful-looking complexion.

10. Irritants

Dry, irritated skin may be the result of direct contact with heavily-fragranced body products, perfumes, detergent, fabric softener, and other household products.

Your solution: A product clean-out might be just what you need. Re-evaluate your product (personal and household) labels and if necessary, swap them for milder, gentler, fragrance/detergent/chemical-free formulas.

.   .   .

April 8, 2015
by Kimberly Yang

Got Baggage?

We all do.

eye bags

A part of growing up means acknowledging the baggage we all carry. It doesn’t necessarily mean we have to accept it but it does mean coming to terms with it. Once you face your baggage eye to eye, you can change it.

Yes, really. Don’t you ever let eye bags bring you down.

It starts at the beginning. Want to minimize darkness, puffiness, and under-eye bags? Drink up and sleep more! Make sure you clock in at least seven to eight hours of sleep every day. Beauty sleep is called that with good reason: it’s about getting the rest your body needs and sleeping the right way.

Drink more water. All day, every day. Dehydration and inconsistent sleeping habits (or just plain bad ones) can seriously make you tired. You’ll feel it, sure, but you can bet those bags will get bigger. Not only will your complexion look (depending on your undertones) dull or sallow, but any fine lines, puffiness, and discoloration will be highlighted.

Give it a day or two. Is the difference already incredible or what?

Other tips and tricks we love for minimizing bags:

  • Stash your eye cream in the fridge. We love our Ceramide Eye Gel and Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream: both are lightweight formulas that hydrate effectively and efficiently. The hit of cold eye cream instantly helps wake up tired eyes and minimize any morning puffiness; plus, these two are easily absorbed and grease-free, making them ideal for wearing under makeup.
  • Make room in the fridge for a metal spoon, too. Why not? If de-puffing is what you’re after, this is sure to further help. Place the back of the spoon gently against your eye and hold still until the spoon no longer feels cold to the touch.
  • Green tea bags and cucumber slices are great, too. Make a morning cuppa’ tea and remove the tea bag once it’s steeped. Let it cool just for a little, squeezing out excess water before placing over your (closed) eye. The warm bag is a little less shocking than the cold spoon trick, but still effective. If you’re craving a little anti-inflammatory action or something more suited for an R&R spa feel rather than a wake-me-up, the cucumber slices will be more your speed.

.   .   .

How do YOU de-puff your bags?


April 7, 2015
by Kimberly Yang

Spring Skin Care: 5 Ways To Banish Dull Winter Skin

We’re leaving winter behind. Every last dull, flaking bit of it.spring skin

1. Glycolic’s the name of the game.

Bringing life back to lackluster winter starts at the beginning. Your path to radiance starts with our Glycolic Foaming Cleanser. A few times a week, supplement your usual cleanser for this deep-cleaning, exfoliating cleanser to help break down dulling, pore-clogging dead skin cell buildup.

What you’re left with is brighter, smoother, more even skin.

2. #Treatyoself.

A treatment like our Enzyme Revitalizing Mask can do wonders in delivering intense moisture to post-winter skin. Plus, it’s packed with Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which means spring skin gets a revitalizing boost.

Twenty minutes in and you’re already on your way to spring-ready skin.

3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

When you exfoliate regularly (chemical exfoliants, granular scrubs, or both – take your pick!), you’re allowing your skin to better absorb all the skincare you put on it later. Moisturizers absorb so much more quickly; plus, all the good ingredients get to work more effectively. No buildup, no extra work to get into the skin.

Simple, right?

Now it’s about choosing the right moisturizer. With warmer weather and more sun (so much yay!), switching to a more lightweight, broad spectrum formula is highly recommended. Leave the heavier stuff for night: skin repairs and regenerates while you sleep, so it’s the perfect time to indulge your skin. Investing in a night cream ensures your skin is getting the right care throughout the evening so you wake up looking – and feeling – brighter, refreshed, and more radiant.

Want to learn more about moisturizers? Read this!

4. Layer up to boost your glow!

Your skin care, not your clothes! (Can we get a woot-woot for retiring bulky sweaters and puffy jackets?)

It’s the secret to achieving that dewy – never oily – youthful looking glow. When skin is properly hydrated, it’s not just more radiant: skin looks smoother and plumper, which helps minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Boost your glow with these secret weapons:

  • Herbal Hydrating Serum. This versatile, oil-free gel can be used alone (for oily skin types) or layered over day (or night!) moisturizers for an extra kick of hydration.

Why it works: Nourishing Ceramides plus rejuvenating Ginseng and Gingko Extracts leave skin soft and hydrated.

  • Rose Hips Oil. It’s a step up from our Herbal Hydrating Serum. Though lightweight in formulation, this oil helps provide the skin with intense moisture wherever needed. It’s a great one to tote around if ever you experience pesky flaky bits (around the nose, between the brows, cheeks) that crave hydration.

Why It Works: Rose Hips Extract, made from Rose Hips Oil (a natural source of Vitamin C), has a high Linoleic Acid content that helps hydrate skin while delivering antioxidant protection against free radicals.

Why It Works: This serum packs all the good stuff. Vitamin C helps brighten uneven skin tone and reduce visible signs of aging; Hyaluronic Acid helps preserve skin’s natural moisture; and Collagen helps plump the complexion for enhanced firmness and elasticity.

5. Still craving even more glow?

We won’t stop you. (Dewy skin is always the end game here at Mario.) Here are some of our beauty tricks and tips:

  • Liquid and cream products tend to better mimic (or in some cases, enhance) the skin’s natural glow.
  • There’s nothing like a good radiance-boosting primer and highlighter. Coupled with good skin care, the results are the-bomb-dot-com.
  • A little bit of shimmer and shine never hurt anybody. Our Summer Shine Body Lotion gives you that subtle yet beautiful glow; dab it on your collarbones, shoulders, and down the front of your legs to make all winter drab a thing of yester-year.
  • Keep a bottle of our facial spray. Give your skin an instant boost of hydration whenever, wherever. Hydrated skin is happy skin. And healthy, happy skin glows, glows, glows.

.   .   .

How are YOU prepping for spring?

Which beauty products are you excited to bring out again?

April 6, 2015
by Jill

Stop Doing THIS To Your Skin: Squeezing Blackheads

squeezing blackheadsSometimes it seems like the pores on your nose are just begging to be squeezed, doesn’t it? Especially if you have really harsh lighting in your bathroom or you’re using a magnifying mirror.

What do you see? Blackheads and Sebaceous Filaments (see definition, below). It’s always really tempting to try to empty all your pores in an attempt to achieve smooth, poreless, perfect skin.

For one thing (as I’m sure you’ve discovered), this plan never works. Instead, your skin often ends up looks red and spotchy. Worse, you could easily damage your skin with your fingernails or by squeezing too hard, swapping a temporary problem for a permanent scar.

Even when squeezing does make your skin look better, it’s a short-term solution. You’re likely to end up back at square one soon enough. It’s a slippery slope, too: you start by squeezing blackheads and, before you know it, you’ve waged full-on war with your skin, picking and squeezing everything in sight.

Instead, make sure you’re taking steps to eliminate blackheads and excess oil the right way, including

  • Eliminating pore-clogging makeup and skin care products.
  • Exfoliating properly.
  • Using a product specifically meant to clear blackheads. [See: Silver Powder]
    squeezing blackheads

* Sebaceous filiments are hair-like formations that help facilitate the movement of oil in the lining of the pore. This is a necessary function that helps keep your skin lubricated and protected. For those with more oily skin, sebaceous filaments will be more prominent. The oil in your pores will always return to help replenish your skin’s healthy protective barrier.