October 23, 2015
by Jill
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Are You ‘Ghosting’ Your Skin Care Products?

ghostingIt’s not your skin care regimen—it’s you, right?

The early stages of your relationship were perfect. You carefully followed the steps (cleanse, tone, moisturize), and finally got the skin results you’ve always wanted.

Then, one night, you went to bed without so much as washing your face. Sure, you woke up to a few bumpy spots and a little redness, but it wasn’t that bad!

But then you started sleeping in your makeup at least once a week. Now your mask and favorite hydrating serum were being totally neglected, stashed in the back of your medicine cabinet. And your skin? Not looking its best.

Have you ever ‘ghosted’ your skin care regimen? Are you doing it right now?

If there’s an amazing serum, mask, night cream, or other miracle product sitting in your medicine cabinet, we challenge you to take it out today and use it. Start doing your twice-daily routine again. Shoot, even do a mini at-home facial if you’ve got the time.

It’s time to get back together again… make a permanent commitment to gorgeous skin!


October 23, 2015
by Jill
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Early Smile Lines

NASOLABIAL FOLDSSmile lines, also known as nasolabial folds, usually happen as we age, but sometimes they occur during your teens and 20s, too. Certain face shapes nasolabial foldssimply encourage the formation of smile lines.

If you’re 25, for example, and getting smile lines already, it makes no sense to use an intense anti-aging routine on the rest of your face. In all likelihood, these products will be too heavy for your skin at this stage in life.

Instead, start specifically targeting that one particular area with a wrinkle-fighting serum or emulsion. Literally, you’ll just apply the treatment product directly to the affected area, and nowhere else. Simple enough, right?

What I’d recommend for this is the Corrective Complex Emulsion, which includes Hyaluronic Acid to plump the skin while Collagen supports skin’s structure and fights wrinkles. This emulsion is one of those insider MB favorites that usually doesn’t get the attention it deserves, but it really leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth and helps fight those smile lines.

October 21, 2015
by Jill
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Brown Splotches On Your Skin?

brown splotches on skinOh, the sun. We love it, and yet it doesn’t always love us. In fact, over time, overexposure to the sun’s rays can cause discoloration in your skin. For women, this is often intensified by hormonal changes, like pregnancy, menopause, or using birth control.

brown-splotches-on-skinThose brown splotches on your skin can be faded, though. To help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and age spots, you need to protect your skin from the sun while using skin-brightening ingredients (such as Vitamin C, Kojic Acid, and Alpha Hydroxy Acids).

Not sure where to get started? We’d recommend the Whitening Mask in that case. It’s a universal mask—it can be used on most skin types—and it takes advantage of Kojic Acid as well as Licorice Extract to help brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of brown splotches on the skin.

October 19, 2015
by Jill
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Seaweed For Gorgeous Fall Skin


As much as we love cozy fall sweaters and #PSLs (pumpkin spice lattes), we’re feeling a little sad that the summer is over. Personally, I miss the beach more than anything.

Now that cooler weather has begun to set in, your skin might be getting a little drier. Fortunately, the ocean is still your friend; ingredients drawn from the water can help hydrate and nourish your complexion now that wind and dry heat begin to dry it out a bit. In particular, seaweed is super-nourishing, repairing, and hydrating.

If your skin has just begun to feel less supple than it did this summer, you may want to consider our Seaweed Night Cream. It’s oil-free and won’t clog your pores, but it’s also super-hydrating with Bladderwrack Extract (you’ll see it listed as Fucus Vesiculosus Extract), which is a type of seaweed found on the coasts of several seas, including the Baltic and North Seas.

October 16, 2015
by Jill
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Is Double Cleansing Necessary?

double cleansing

Double cleansing is the process of using two separate cleansers to ensure that your skin is as clean as possible. Often, the first cleanser is oil-based.

double cleansing

Our #1 Selling Cleanser

We have to ask, though: When you’re using a makeup remover, cleanser, and toner, is double cleansing all that necessary?

We don’t believe so. In fact, if you’re using the right products for your skin, you’ll really never need to wash your face twice.

However, if you’re wearing heavy, oil-based makeup, use a makeup remover to remove makeup on the eyes AND face and then follow with a skin type-appropriate face wash.

Find the perfect cleanser for your skin here.