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#MBmy5: Lauren

Mario Badescu’s Chicago-based Account Executive, Lauren Cummings, brings her effervescent personality, can-do attitude, and encyclopedic knowledge of all things beauty-related everywhere she goes—and boy, does she go.

This busy lady and her team spread #MBSkinTips around the Chicago area and beyond. We asked her which MB products are at the top of her list, keep reading for Lauren’s must-haves!

5 favorite mario badescu products 2017

Lauren’s Favorites

Skin Type

I have classic Combination Skin. I am oily through the T-zone and dehydrated through the cheeks. I also live in Chicago where the sun shines really bright, but the winter winds can dehydrate my skin even more!! And lastly, my skin is prone to acne, and that can leave discoloration and unwanted texture. Yikes!!

Lauren’s 5

Glycolic Foaming Cleanser: This foaming cleanser is the perfect way to gently improve uneven texture and tone. It effectively exfoliates and cleanses my skin while helping to address any small blemishes on my face without overdrying my skin.

Alpha Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion: This toner gently exfoliates my skin, and helps to reveal a more radiant, glowing, lit-from-within skin. It smells amazing and because it is alcohol-free, it aids in replenishing hydration.

Cellufirm Drops: I use this heavenly product as my daytime serum. Cellufirm Drops immediately hydrates and visibly plumps my skin. I notice increased firmness in my skin, as well as a really smooth texture. This product also does double-duty for me as an under eye serum layered underneath Hyaluronic Eye Cream.

Honey Moisturizer: This daytime moisturizer is the perfect amount of moisture for my Combination/dehydrated skin. It absorbs into my skin rapidly, while creating a smoother more radiant complexion. I love a slight glow to my skin before I apply foundation, and Honey Moisturizer creates the perfect canvas for my makeup. For the cold, dry Chicago winters, I like to add a few drops of the Herbal Hydrating Serum. It allows me to boost the hydration level in my skin care, when needed, without switching moisturizers.

#MBSkinTip: When I know the weather is going to be especially harsh, I like to press a little bit of a denser moisturizer or night cream into my cheeks, after I have applied my typical skincare regimen.

Silver Powder: Because I wear foundation daily, and have an oily t-zone, I am prone to blackheads on my nose and chin area. I use Silver Powder to address this issue. It immediately starts to break down the congestion and the clogged pores and after 10-20 minutes my nose and chin are clear of all blackheads. Silver Powder is a twice weekly staple product for me.

Thanks, Lauren. Stay warm out there!

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The Monthly Edit: March Skincare

Spring is in the air—which means it’s time to spring clean our medicine cabinets.

mario badescu seaweed cleansing soap review march skincare

Skin can be a little finicky as it adjusts to the changing seasons. Our solution? Picking products with the same precision Goldilocks did (without drumming up a fight with three bears, luckily) so everything is just right.

Seaweed Cleansing Soap. Creamy, mineral-rich, and formulated with real (yes, real) seaweed grains, this easy-rinsing face wash leaves skin feeling rejuvenated. It’s a double-duty face wash that exfoliates while cleansing your skin, which means you get a little glow-boosting action twice daily.

Plus it smells like the sea—every bit fresh and beach-y like its ingredients.

Seaweed Cleansing Lotion. Some skin types tend to get oilier once the weather warms up—but they’re still a little dehydrated or too winter-worn to start using the Cucumber Cleansing Lotion just yet. Enter the Seaweed Cleansing Lotion, a mild astringent that’s formulated with Witch Hazel to help cleanse skin of excess oil and impurities without overdrying skin. Bladderwrack (a mineral-rich seaweed) and Aloe Vera combine to soften and lightly hydrate—leaving skin refreshed and re-balanced.

Botanical Exfoliating Scrub. Exfoliate away the dull, winter blues. Literally.

Hyaluronic Eye Cream. Swap out your rich, winter eye cream for something a little more lightweight. Hyaluronic Acid and Safflower Seed Oil are the power players in this formulation that replenish and lock in moisture without feeling heavy on your skin.

Honey Moisturizer. Though simple by nature—the name says it all—our Honey-infused moisturizer is truly a gorgeous formulation that softens, smooths, and boosts radiance in combination skin.

Seaweed Night Cream. For extra nourishment in the evenings, reach for this oil-free night cream. A luxe, silky-smooth texture makes it a treat to apply every night. And come morning, you’ll wake up with softer, smoother, dewier-looking skin.



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The Best Face Scrub for Your Type

Fact: Exfoliation is not something that is difficult to get people on board with.

Reason: Humans love to use face scrub, and by humans I mean me, probably you . . . and almost everyone. Who doesn’t love that extra-smooth feeling of freshly scrubbed skin? It’s addictive. As a skin pro, I spend much more time trying to convince overachieving exfoliators to take a rest day than I do preaching the benefits of using a scrub in the first place.

Best Face Scrub for Your Type

In addition to the instant gratification that exfoliation provides, doing it regularly encourages cell turnover (in other words, it triggers the body to produce beautiful, brand new baby skin cells to replace the old, dull ones that you are sloughing away). Most importantly, properly exfoliated skin is better able to absorb the serums and moisturizers applied onto it. That’s right kids— (#MBSkinTip in 3 . . . 2 . . .) proper exfoliation makes the rest of your products work better.

Now that we’ve established why we are all such motivated exfoliators, let’s determine which face scrub is the best fit for you.

If you like to take a gentle approach to exfoliation, snag a jar of Strawberry or Kiwi Face Scrub. Cornmeal and actual fruit seeds work to brighten.

Is your skin on the sensitive side? Almond & Honey Face Scrub is formulated with detoxifying Kaolin Clay, skin-softening Honey, and moisturizing Sweet Almond Oil. Ground Almonds and Cornmeal gently buff away dullness.

#MBSkinTip: Almond and Honey Scrub can play double-duty as an ultra-gentle face mask. After exfoliating, let it set for 10 minutes before you rinse!

If you like the feeling of a micro-fine exfoliant (sans microbeads!), you will love Botanical Exfoliating Scrub. This luxe, gel-based formula is brimming with good-for-your-skin natural ingredients including: Coconut Extract, Green Tea, Ginger, and Gingko Biloba. Skin is left smooth and perfectly polished.

Acne-erupted skin is delicate and may not be able to tolerate manual exfoliation (aka grainy scrubs), so get the smooth without the scrub by swapping your daily cleanser for Glycolic Foaming Cleanser three times per week.

Which of these is your match?


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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

Look no further for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the special women in your life:

02.09.17 - V-Day Gift Ideas for Her

For Mom / the Mother-in-Law:

2 dozen red roses + Peptide Renewal Cream + Peptide Renewal Serum

(or, if you’re in the NYC area—a gift certificate to our spa!)

For Your Aunt:

her favorite flowers + Special Hand Cream with Vitamin E + Vitamin E Body Lotion + Facial Spray

For Your Best Friend:

a kitschy Valentine + box of chocolates + Facial Spray

For Your Sister(s):

Drying Lotion + two Facial Sprays (a smaller bottle to keep in her bag + the larger one to keep at her vanity!)

For Your Co-Worker:

Facial Spray

For the Girly-Girl:

pink peonies + Facial Spray + Strawberry Tonic Mask + Strawberry Face Scrub

For the Uptown Sophisticate:

gardenias + Flower & Tonic Mask + Caviar Day Cream + Caviar Night Cream

For the Makeup Lover / YouTube Beauty Guru:

pink roses + Facial Spray + Eye Makeup Remover Cream + Temporary Lifting Mask

For the Jet-Setter:

tickets for a romantic getaway for two + Facial Spray + Super Collagen Mask + Hydro-Emollient Cream


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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Not sure what to gift the special man (or men!) in your life for Valentine’s Day? Here are a few gift ideas that are little more unique than (yet another) striped tie:

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

For Dad / the Father-in-Law:

The Executive Collection for Men

For Your Uncle:

Men’s Grooming Basics + a gift card to his favorite restaurant

For Your Best Friend:

dopp bag + Botanical Exfoliating Scrub + Shaving Cream

For Your Brother(s):

Men’s Grooming Basics + Amazon gift card

For Your Co-Worker:

Peppermint Shaving Cream

For the Classic Man:

silk pocket square + monogrammed cufflinks + dopp bag + Pre-Shave Conditioner + Shaving Cream + Vital with Collagen & Elastin + Botanical Exfoliating Scrub

For the Downtown Guy:

knit beanie + messenger bag + Peppermint Shaving Cream + After Shave Moisturizer

For the Gamer:

the latest/his favorite video game + Hydrating Hand Cream + Shaving Cream + Protein After Shave Lotion

For the Gym Buff:

gym duffel + monogrammed towel + shaker bottle + Men’s Grooming Basics