August 5, 2015
by Jill
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To Avoid Ingrown Hairs: Exfoliate

ingrown hairsingrown hairsWhen rogue hairs curl around and grow back into your skin, the result is ingrown hairs. They’re painful and they don’t look very good. And since they’re usually directly related to shaving, chronic ingrown hairs have sent many a person to the laser hair-removal office.

Our advice? Exfoliate where you shave. Our Botanical Exfoliating Gel is great for the face, but can also be used elsewhere on the body. You see, it helps tease out ingrown hairs (or hairs that are thinking of becoming ingrown) by removing the top layer of dead skin cells that can trap hair.

Oh! And for your legs and/or arms: the Raspberry Body Scrub is best!

August 4, 2015
by Jill
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Summer Skin Care: Hydrating Dry Skin

summer skin careCold weather is hard on dry-skinned folks. Dehydrated, tight skin needs extra help from night creams and richly hydrating moisturizers.

summer skin careNot so much during the summer. Having Dry Skin technically means that your skin simply doesn’t produce a lot of oil. But hot, humid weather helps the skin avoid becoming dehydrated and itchy. As long as you’re using broad spectrum sun protection during the day, you’ve got it made in the shade, right?

You still need to moisturize. The key is to choose something that’s lightweight and soothing.

If you’re looking for the perfect summer moisturizer for Dry Skin, we’d definitely recommend giving the Buttermilk Moisturizer a closer look. It’s really lightweight but provides just the right amount of moisture. Plus, it includes Lactic Acid to gently exfoliate and revitalize your skin.


July 31, 2015
by Kimberly Yang
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So You Want to Be a Hand Model?

You know, for #armcandy or #mani of the day pics on Instagram. hand model


1. Change the way you cleanse. Most hand soaps—especially after multiple washings (we hope!) throughout the day– leave skin feeling dry, tight, and not Insta-worthy. To keep hands clean without overdrying, I actually keep a bottle of Cucumber Cream Soap at the sink. It’s gentle and skin soothing on skin, just as an effective cleanser should be.

2. Rehydrate frequently. Dry hands can look ashy or crepe-y IRL and in photos. Always keep a bottle of hand cream—by the sink, in your bag, at your desk, in your car—for whenever the need arises.

FTB_specialhI actually keep the Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 30 in my car in case I forget to apply SPF (hands are one of the first places to show signs of aging!) before driving; plus, it sinks in quickly so I’m not left with greasy fingerprints all over the steering wheel. The Hydrating Hand Cream travels with me wherever I go, and I have tub of my favoriteSpecial Hand Cream with Vitamin E—at my desk and nightstand. When you’re typing or writing all day, you know: hands go through a lot of wear and tear, and the best thing you can do for it is to take care of ‘em. (FYI: this cream has a rich yet whipped texture, which makes it a total pleasure to apply.)

3. Start an anti-aging regimen now. Yes, for your hands. And yes, now. We’ll say it again: hand are one of the first areas on the body to show signs of aging due to constant use/handwashing, lack of proper care (we take our of faces, but what about the rest of our body?), and thinner skin. Take precautions now.

Apply SPF before drying or going outdoors. Hydrate hands frequently—and look for hand creams with antioxidant-rich formulas to further defend against free radicals that can age skin prematurely.

4. Exfoliate for softer, smoother, and more even-toned skin. Our hands are one of the spots we tend to forget to exfoliate. Next time you exfoliate your face, use any excess remainders on the backs of your hands. It’ll be a surefire way to help you remember and not let any product go to waste, and a definite hand model move.

5. Use serums on the backs of your hands. I’ve taken to using drop of Vitamin C Serum on both hands prior to applying hand cream; it’s been a crucial step of my evening regimen since reading up on Jill’s tip a few weeks ago. I have some hyperpigmentation and scarring that’s been stubborn to fade the past few years, but since incorporating Vitamin C Serum into my hand care routine, the spots are nearly gone. Try it. I implore you.

My mom has followed suit, using the Peptide Renewal Serum as a moisture-intensive treatment that also targets fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity.

6. Treat your hands once a week. I’ll slather on serum, hand cream, and Cuticle Cream before slipping my hands into cotton gloves as an overnight treatment. Come morning, you won’t be able to get over just how baby-soft and smooth your hands are.

7. A fresh mani helps too! It’s all about presentation. Keep your nails simple or as extravagant as you’d like, but chip-free is key.

.   .   .

July 30, 2015
by Jill
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How To: Get Rid Of Teen Acne

get rid of teen acne

I don’t care how common it is, getting acne in your teen years is the WORST. At least it feels like the worst, doesn’t it? You already know that hormonal changes are responsible, right? But do you know how to get rid of teen acne?

get rid of teen acne

Acne Control Kit

If you’d like to get started, we really recommend that you get the Acne Control Kit. It’s a good place to begin the process of getting clear skin; in particular, it’s an excellent choice for those of you who haven’t used a skin care regimen before and aren’t sure how to create one.

It’s important to note: we treat teenage acne in younger teens a little differently. The full skin care regimen for a 13-year-old will likely be different from that of a high school senior. Please feel to reach out to us at 800-223-3827 for more specific recommendations. Our skin care specialists are always happy to help!

Other resources for TEEN ACNE:

Is acne affecting your self-esteem?

How to lighten acne marks and deal with scars

Acne myths- true or false?

Getting clear skin, overnight

Teen Acne 101: the Basics for getting clear skin

Teen acne? Here’s how to get started getting clear skin.


July 29, 2015
by Jill
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A Trick For Perfect Lipstick Application

lipstick application Your lips really need to be prepped for color. I mean, who wants uneven, patchy color and lip flakes? This is even more important now, with the return of 90s-style matte lip colors (!!) this upcoming fall.

w_lip_wax_stickHere’s how to get it right:  apply a light coat of lip balm before you swipe on your lipstick, making sure to blot the lip balm before color application. There should only be a light coating there. This might seem counter-intuitive: won’t it just make your lipstick slide off? Instead, it creates a smooth canvas for lipstick application.

Of course, if you have time, gently exfoliate your lips first.

We use our Lip Wax to lightly hydrate. I keep a pot of this in my medicine cabinet for morning makeup application, and the Lip Wax stick in my purse for the rest of the day.