November 11, 2016
by Nicole Darmanin
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Layering Products in your Skin Care Routine

Layering has been top-of-mind for me lately. Fall here in New York City has, well, fallen, and in addition to unearthing my scarves and hats, I’m revamping my seasonal skin care strategy.

11.11.16 - Fall Layering

While the practice of layering skin care is something that should be done year round, I feel that it becomes particularly important when temperatures drop and even those with oily skin can start to feel dry. This is the time of year when in addition to protecting skin from the rays of the sun, we are also protecting it from dryness and dehydration, which can throw skin off balance and even trigger irritation. Applying the proper layers of skin care will keep skin balanced, nourished and hopefully unscathed during the cold months ahead.

The first step is to wash the face with a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type. Not sure which cleanser you should use? We help you choose the perfect cleanser here.

Layer #1 Toner

During colder months try transitioning to a mildest toner formula that will still address your skin’s needs. We love these:

Chamomile Cleansing Lotion For dry, sensitive skin.

Alpha Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion Use if your skin leans on the dry side and is in need of gentle brightening.

Seaweed Cleansing Lotion A favorite for keeping combination skin happy and balanced.

Aloe Lotion Our mildest toner for skin that is combination to oily.


Layer #2 Serum

Serums are the gems in your skin care crown. These brilliant little skin saviors supercharge your regimen with their concentrated formulas.

Rose Hips Nourishing Oil A  lightweight, rejuvenating oil that works wonders for boosting moisture on combination, dry, and sensitive skin types.

Cellufirm DropsThis classic emulsion contains ingredients that work to draw moisture to skin to plump fine lines. Best part? It is gentle enough to use around the eyes!


Vitamin C SerumSkin feeling the cold weather blues? All skin types can benefit from the complexion-boosting properties of Vitamin C.

Herbal Hydrating Serum–  All skin types love this water-based gel-serum. Think of it as a drink of water for parched skin. Those who are oily and/or acne-prone especially love it for its ability to hydrate without causing congestion.


Layer #3 Eye Cream

Did you know that the skin around the eyes is thinner than the skin on the rest of your face? This leaves it more vulnerable to dryness, lines, and wrinkles.

Olive Eye CreamThose prone to dryness will love the relief that this Olive Oil infused formula provides.

Hyaluronic Eye CreamThis best-selling eye cream is a customer favorite for good reason. It sinks right in, provides skin smoothing hydration, and protects delicate eye-area skin from moisture loss.

Dermonectin Eye CreamA favorite for those prone to sagging. Peptides work  to pep up tired skin and boost collagen production.


Layer #4 Moisturizer

Caviar Day CreamFor dry skin types in need of intensive moisture, this ultra-rich, nourishing cream works like a charm to soften and protect from wind and dry air.

The Moisture Magnet SPF 15This go-to formula keeps combination and dry skin comfortable and moisturized without weighing it down.

Collagen Moisturizer SPF 15 The perfect winter moisturizer for normal, combination skin. Keeps skin soft and provides moderate sun protection.

Aloe Moisturizer SPF 15Formulated without any oils to keep oily, acne-prone skin hydrated and protected from the sun without encouraging breakouts.


There you have it! Will you be layering up this winter?


November 1, 2016
by Kimberly Yang
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The Monthly Edit: November Skincare Essentials

Welcome to #MarioMonthlyEdit, where you (yes, you) get a sneak peek at our current essentials. If you missed our last installment, check it out here.

Mario Badescu Monthly Edit November Skincare Essentials

It’s time to get down to business.

With the holiday season right around a corner—and trust: it always manages to creep up before you know it—it’s time to take things into our own hands. Rather than let pre-holiday planning and stress get the best of your skin, stock up on these skin care essentials to help keep your complexion looking clear no matter what.

Acne Facial Cleanser. Perfect for acne-prone or troubled skin, this daily face wash is a must-have for keeping skin clear in time for holiday celebrations. Our cleanser is formulated with Salicylic Acid to exfoliate away pore-clogging surface impurities (which are known to cause breakouts) and Thyme Extract to clarify troubled skin.

Special Cucumber Lotion. Enhanced cleansing is just what troubled, stressed-out skin needs. This is a powerful astringent that helps remove excess oil, minimize T-zone shine, and dry up existing breakouts to encourage a clearer-looking complexion.

Glycolic Foaming Cleanser. Radiant, even skin is always the goal—especially when you know there will be camera-happy friends and family snapping away at every family function. We can’t guarantee that your eyes won’t be closed in most of those shots, but we can help you feel confident about going filter-free.

For clear, glowing skin, substitute your usual cleanser for the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser one to three times a week (1-2 times a week for dry skin, 2-3 times a week for oily skin). Glycolic Acid not only exfoliates the skin’s surface, but also boasts the ability to deep clean pores too—making it a must-have for refining congested, uneven complexions.

Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream. Clocking in seven hours of sleep is tough when there’s so much to be done—so to help with tired under-eyes, try incorporating a brightening eye cream into your daily regimen. This one is formulated with Euphrasia (also known as ‘Eyebright’) Extract and Rose Hip Oil (a natural source of Vitamin C) to help restore radiance as Ceramides and Hyaluronic Acid smooth the look of fine lines.

Plus, this eye cream boasts a super lightweight, fast-absorbing formula that enables you to apply concealer over top—making it the perfect base if you need a little coverage.

Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 30. Just because we’re approaching winter doesn’t mean we don’t need sun protection. Keep up with your daily SPF application, ladies and gents.

Buffering Lotion. Prone to large, under-the-surface bumps? This is the spot treatment for you. If you’re prone to whiteheads, however…

Drying Lotion is your go-to for targeting pesky pimples overnight.


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October 28, 2016
by Kimberly Yang
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The Makeup Removers You Need This Halloween

best eye makeup removers halloween

Dressing up is the half the fun of Halloween (the other half is the sheer abundance of “fun-sized candy bars, which for some bizarre reason, tastes so much better than the original-sized versions). The not so fun part? Removing the face paint and crazy makeup at the end of the night.

To help make the getting un-ready part easy, keep a makeup remover or two on hand: one for your eyes, one for the rest of your face. These are the makeup removers you need this Halloween:


If you have sensitive skin

Try our Eye Make-Up Remover Cream. It’s a makeup artist favorite for removing tough, waterproof eye makeup while imparting light moisture back into the skin.

If you have dry skin and/or under-eyes…

Try our Carnation Eye Make-Up Remover Oil. This one is formulated with a  blend of rich oils—like the highly emollient Sesame Seed Oil—to dissolve away waterproof eye makeup quickly and effectively.

If you have oily skin

Try our Eye Make-Up Remover Gel (Non-Oily). This non-greasy makeup remover has a unique, gel-like texture that’s lightweight on skin and never leaves behind a slick residue.


Start by cleansing the skin with our Cleansing Milk with Carnation & Rice Oil to break down heavy makeup. Tissue the product off, then go in with Glycolic Foaming Cleanser (instead of your usual daily cleanser) to further deep clean pores and exfoliate skin. Follow with your favorite toner.

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October 16, 2016
by Kimberly Yang
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Which Serum Is Right For My Skin?

mario badescu best serum for skin guide

What is a serum, anyway?

Serums are highly concentrated formulas, specially designed with smaller molecules and without most fluids, waxes, and thickening agents. Hero ingredients (such as Collagen, Vitamin C, and Peptides) are thus able to absorb quickly and easily into skin, delivering fortified benefits (like enhanced moisture, additional nourishment, etc.) efficiently and effectively.

Do I need a serum?

A serum isn’t a necessity, per se—at least not like your cleanser or moisturizer is. (A friendly reminder: a basic regimen consists of a cleanser, toner, eye cream, moisturizer, mask, and exfoliant.)

Think of it this way: Serums, though an extra step, are the products that make a mile of a difference. They’re able to target specific concerns with more intensity, thanks to their advanced, potent formulas.

Which serum is right for my skin?


Targets: Dullness, discoloration, fine lines, uneven texture

What it does: Boosts radiance and retexturizes skin

Ideal for: All skin types (except acne-prone or acne-erupted skin)

Key ingredients: Vitamin C, Collagen, Sodium Hyaluronate, Ginseng, Cucumber, Aloe Vera, Lavender Oil


Targets: Fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration, loss of elasticity

What it does: Encourages firmer, smoother, more youthful-looking skin

Ideal for: Dry or mature skin types

Key ingredients: Peptides, Green Tea, Yarrow, Sage, Willow Bark, Sorghum Bicolor Stalk Juice, Palmaria Palmata, Aloe Vera


Targets: Fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration

What it does: Plumps and smooths the look of fine lines and wrinkles

Ideal for: Combination, Dry, or mature skin types

Key ingredients: Collagen, Elastin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Bladderwrack Extract, Peptides, Vitamin E


Targets: Dehydration

What it does: Restores a natural, dewy glow with super lightweight, oil-free hydration

Ideal for: All skin types

Key ingredients: Ceramides, Ginseng, Ginkgo


Targets: Dryness, dullness

What it does: Revives and smooths dry patches

Ideal for: Combination or Dry skin

Key ingredients: Rose Hips Extract, Glycerin

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October 1, 2016
by Kimberly Yang
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The Monthly Edit: October Skincare Essentials

Welcome to #MarioMonthlyEdit, where you (yes, you) get a sneak peek at our current essentials. If you missed our last installment, check it out here.

mario badescu september skincare monthly edit medicine cabinet

Leaves are falling. Halloween stores are setting up shop left and right. If you had any doubt (we’re still experiencing the odd warm-weather day in New York City, so it’s understandable), take a look around: Fall is officially in the air, ladies and gents. Dry air, inevitable chill, and all.

Sweaters may be out of storage, but skin is always in—which is why every October is all about maintaining balance as the seasons continue to shift. This is the perfect time to start easing those heavier, creamier moisturizers back into regimen while retiring lightweight formulas. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at the skincare we’re into this month:

Super Rich Olive Body Lotion. Autumn air can leave skin tight, ashy, and dry—which is why it’s imperative you moisturize daily. This classic formula is a Badescu best-seller and fall favorite for men and women alike: it’s a rich, nourishing formula infused with Olive Oil to help alleviate dryness for softer, smoother, more radiant-looking skin.

Special Hand Cream with Vitamin E. If you’re worried about feeling sticky or greasy post-hand cream application, don’t. Our Special Hand Cream with Vitamin E, though creamy in texture, boasts a fast-absorbing formula that sinks in quickly for intense moisture sans the heavy residue. Antioxidant oils nourish dehydrated skin while smoothing the look of fine lines so your hands feel silky-soft, always.

Enzyme Revitalizing Mask. There’s never a time when we don’t want to glow, but if you need reasons, we got ‘em. Fall weather, personal heaters, and back-to-school stress tend to leave the complexion a little lackluster, which is where masking comes in. For an instant pick-me-up, (and 15-20 minutes of built-in TLC), apply our Enzyme Revitalizing Mask where your skin is looking dull, tired, or dehydrated.

Rose Hips Nourishing Oil. If there’s one product you need this season, it’s this. Unlike most facial oils, our Rose Hips Nourishing Oil boasts a lightweight yet moisture-intensive formula that helps revive and smooth dehydrated skin. Rose Hips Extract, a natural source of essential fatty acids and antioxidant Vitamin C, brightens lackluster while hydrating any dry patches—revealing softer, more radiant skin.

Seaweed Cleansing Soap. It’s creamy, it’s fresh, it’s oil-free—making it the ideal cleanser for all skin types. It never leaves behind a residue, nor does it leave the skin feeling tight or dry. (Enzyme Cleansing Gel fans, you’ll love this face wash as a fall/winter alternative!)

Seaweed Cleansing Lotion. This is the ideal, in-between-seasons toner. It’s a gentler alternative to an astringent (like our Cucumber Cleansing Lotion), but it still offers enhanced cleansing thanks to its Witch Hazel content.


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