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December 2, 2014
by Jill
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Q. What Is Photoaging?

A. The term photoaging (also known as dermatoheliosis) refers to changes in the skin caused by exposure to the sun. We can all spot the signs of sun damage—including areas of hyperpigmentation, loss of elasticity, and age spots. Other symptoms of sun damage include red and scaly spots on the skin called actinic keratosis as well as areas where we actually lose pigmentation (dyspigmentation).

[See below for tips to prevent photoaging and help reverse the signs of sun damage]

Happy woman after facial treatmentFortunately, Photoaging is avoidable. It’s known as an extrinsic cause of skin aging (that’s the kind you can prevent!).

A few strategies for both reversing signs of sun damage and avoiding it in the future:

  • Regular exfoliation to encourage faster turnover of skin cells
  • Broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection
  • Protective clothing (hats, gloves, etc.)
  • Vitamin C for antioxidant protection and skin-brightening
  • Peptides to help encourage the formation of new Collagen
  • Kojic Acid to brighten up areas of discoloration and help even skin tone


    The Whitening Mask uses Kojic Acid to help brighten up areas of hyperpigmentation and discoloration caused by the sun.

December 1, 2014
by Jill
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Holiday Shopping Made Easy: Perfect Stocking Stuffers

Here are a few of our very favorite stocking stuffers:

  • The Facial Spray, which is amazing for refreshing your skin anytime, anywhere (and also works to set makeup!);
  • Lip Wax, a perennial favorite for keeping lips beautifully soft and hydrated; and
  • AHA Botanical Body Soap, which everyone (your best friend, your dad, your postal worker) will love!

Check out the full list of perfect Stocking Stuffers here.

stocking stuffer

November 24, 2014
by Jill
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How To Get Rid Of Whiteheads

how to get rid of whiteheadsHave you ever noticed how whiteheads tend to crop up at the worst possible moments? The day before prom or right before a big date? WHY?

These sudden acne breakouts are probably related to stress and hormones. While scientists aren’t completely certain why this happens, they know that acne is worsened during times of heightened anxiety.

Whatever the cause, you usually want to get rid of whiteheads right away. Here’s how:

Don’t touch your face. Seriously. No picking, popping, or squeezing. I’ve noticed that people who approve of whitehead-popping usually say the same thing: “It’s fine, I always do this.”

They’re always doing it because picking at your skin, and squeezing at whiteheads, often causes the problem to multiply. The act of popping a whitehead opens your skin to infection and drives dirt, oil, and bacteria deeper in. This is one of the reasons that acne breakouts tend to occur in the same spot, over and over.

[Read more: How to stop picking at acne]

Prevent Breakouts. If your skin is breaking out with some regularity, you may need to revisit your skin care regimen. Or you may be missing some crucial step—like exfoliating—that could make all the difference. Preventive maintenance, such as using an anti-acne serum, may also be in order right before a very stressful or important event. You know, like your wedding.

(By the way, we’re always here to help you tweak your regimen. You can visit our site for Live Chat help 9-5pm EST or call us at 800.223.3728)

Use a Spot Treatment. Your skin repairs itself while you sleep. Give it a boost (and put an end to your whitehead) with a spot treatment specifically designed to try up these types of acne breakouts.


The Drying Lotion (our whitehead spot treatment) uses Sulfur and Salicylic Acid to help dry up whiteheads while Calamine helps relieve redness.