October 16, 2015
by Kimberly Yang
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Is Double Cleansing Necessary?

double cleansing

Double cleansing is the process of using two separate cleansers to ensure that your skin is as clean as possible. Often, the first cleanser is oil-based.

double cleansing

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We have to ask, though: When you’re using a makeup remover, cleanser, and toner, is double cleansing all that necessary?

We don’t believe so. In fact, if you’re using the right products for your skin, you’ll really never need to wash your face twice.

However, if you’re wearing heavy, oil-based makeup, use a makeup remover to remove makeup on the eyes AND face and then follow with a skin type-appropriate face wash.

Find the perfect cleanser for your skin here.

October 15, 2015
by Kimberly Yang
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Neck Acne

neck acne

Wait, is neck acne categorized as facial acne… or body acne? How are you supposed to treat it?

neck acneWe always recommend that you extend your facial skin care regimen to your neck and décolletage (your chest). Because the skin on your neck is a bit more delicate and sensitive, you should definitely include it in your facial acne routine. The body wash/toner/etc. that you use to fight body acne (and you should totally check these out if you haven’t already) will not be appropriate for the skin on your neck.

Neck acne is usually blamed on hormones. Whatever its cause, though, you really can treat this type of breakout. On your neck, you’ll simply use the anti-acne regimen you’re presumably already using on your face.

No acne on your face? Try maintaining your usual skin care regimen, but incorporate an anti-acne mask on your neck only. If this sounds like you, check out our Flower & Tonic Mask. If your skin is combination/oily in general, you can even use it all over your face and neck. (And don’t forget THIS spot treatment!)

October 14, 2015
by Kimberly Yang
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Using Multiple Serums

serumsYou’ve heard of multi-masking (if not, learn about it here), but what about serums? Can you use multiple serums at the same time?

serumsYes… sort of. Unlike many masks, serums don’t dry on your face, they absorb, so you won’t be using them at the same time, per se. However, you can incorporate multiple serums into your skin care regimen for the best possible results.

Here’s how:

For maximum anti-aging, you should alternate nights between the Peptide Renewal Serum and Vitamin C Serum. Use the Peptide Renewal Serum during the day OR incorporate a third serum, such as Corrective Complex Emulsion, during your daytime routine.

Acne-prone skin is often treated with the Anti-Acne Serum at night and the Herbal Hydrating Serum during the day. If you’re working to prevent acne while fading acne marks, you might want to alternate nights between the Vitamin C Serum and Anti-Acne Serum.

Your routine can be as specific and tailored for your skin as you’d like. What do you think, would you try it?

October 12, 2015
by Kimberly Yang
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Addicted To Squeezing Blackheads

squeezing blackheadsBad bathroom lighting has caused more stretched pores than anything else.

Allow me to explain:

squeezing blackheadsHave you ever caught a glimpse of your pores in the mirror and just HAD to squeeze them? Maybe you see a blackhead, or maybe it’s just your pores and the oil that naturally accumulated in them. Oily skin, after all, is characterized by larger pores. Combination skin, too.

Some of us just can’t help ourselves, and it’s really easy to become a little addicted to squeezing blackheads (or sometimes what you think are blackheads). Unfortunately, this can often damage the integrity of the pore, causing it to stretch and become even more obvious.

There are definitely times when blackhead extraction is necessary—and it’s never ambiguous whether or not you need it done. The rest of the time, leave your skin alone or trust it to a trained aesthetician.

If you want to help prevent blackheads and unclog congested pores, check out our Silver Powder, which uses a special clay to absorb oil in the skin and help unblock the pores. If you’re interested, you just apply it like a mask in the areas where you experience the most congestion (like your nose or chin), and then rinse off after 20 minutes. You might want to use a toner to remove it as well.

October 9, 2015
by Kimberly Yang
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It’s Time To Start Multi-Masking!

multi-maskingMulti-masking could easily be our favorite beauty trend in a long time—probably because we’ve been practicing and recommending multi-masking in our skin care salon for years.

What is it? Basically, it involves using different masks on different parts of your face to address various skin concerns.

For example, if you have an oily T-zone, dry cheeks, and jawline acne, you’d use three different masks. Like this:

It’s such a simple concept- giving the skin exactly what it needs, exactly where it needs it. This way your oil-fighting mask isn’t drying out your dehydrated areas of skin, while your hydrating/exfoliating mask isn’t exacerbating your jawline acne.

This is just an example, of course. Everyone’s skin will have different multi-masking needs! If you’re interested in multi-masking, start by thinking about how your skin behaves in different areas. Perhaps even jot down a little picture and assign the different sections the appropriate mask. Here are a few excellent options:

Drying Mask: Fights acne
Flower & Tonic Mask: Normalizes combination/oily skin.
Temporary Lifting Mask: Temporarily ‘lifts’ the appearance of sagging skin
Enzyme Revitalizing Mask: Provides excellent exfoliation while hydrating the skin. Gives a revitalized appearance to dull skin.
Special Mask for Oily Skin: Absorbs excess oil
Calma Mask: Calms and soothes sensitive skin
Whitening Mask: Brightens up areas of discoloration (hyperpigmentation such as age spots, sun spots, acne marks, etc.)