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Moisturizer & Serum Sitting In A Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

In the spirit of candy hearts, red roses, and love in the air, we can’t help but re-tell one of the greatest love stories of all time: the story of moisturizer and serum. Together, these two are a match made in heaven that will stand the test of time.

Endless cups of tea and hot cocoa might be able to save us from chill-to-your-bones February cold, but what no amount of piping-hot drinks or infinite layering can do is save us from the insufferable dryness that comes with winter. Sure, I may be a bit dramatic (I hibernate, flannel pajamas and all, as soon as the thermometer hits 35) but few things are worse than dry, cracked skin. When dry skin comes for a visit, you’re sensitive, irritable, in pain even, and the blistering gusts of wind surely don’t help with the chapped feeling.

Keep in mind that slathering on the thickest cream possible is not a fail-safe solution for everyone. Richer creams are best suited for mature or the driest of skin types; for combination/oily and oily skin, such creams would only sit on top of the outermost layer. Instead of being properly absorbed, the thick cream just becomes this slippery, greasy film that might just clog your pores.

You know what that means: blackheads, slick T-zones, and acne oh my.

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Instead, add a serum to your regular skin care regimen for extra hydration. Keep your current moisturizer on rotation, or switch it up for something just slightly more emollient in formulation (one that features ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin A & E, non-comedogenic oils, etc.).

To up the ante on your hydration levels, prep your skin with a serum before moisturizing. Serums are highly concentrated with active ingredients, meaning they’re able to penetrate the skin more quickly, easily, and effectively. By layering the two products, combination/oily skin types are able to get the nourishment they need – fast – sans the ultra rich cream that may lead to breakouts.

Furthermore, using a serum + moisturizer can help you target specific problem areas. Is the dryness leaving you dull? A few drops of a brightening, Vitamin C-packed serum on your cheeks will bring back the glow. Are you flaky around the brows and the nose? Concentrate a few drops of Rose Hips Serum there. Serums allow you precision in further tailoring skin care to your complexion’s needs, especially when it’s fickle in the wintertime.

Our favorites?

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What are your favorite moisturizer-serum combinations?


Author: Kimberly Yang

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