5 Things You Should Know About Using A Serum


serum1. Serums are a supplement.

…so don’t go ditching your moisturizer any time soon. Unless you’re very oily (in which case a water-based, hydrating serum is all you need), a serum should supplement your daily moisturizing regimen. They’re formulated to penetrate deeply into the skin in order to deliver key, active ingredients to help treat specific concerns. A moisturizer applied on top helps keep the skin hydrated, acting as a protective barrier between the epidermis and the environment.

2. Serums are specially formulated to better penetrate the skin.

Serums have a far thinner consistency than moisturizers – typically gel or water-like in texture – because they’re formulated sans occlusive ingredients or thickening agents found in creams and moisturizers. Most of the fluid is eliminated, so serums are highly concentrated with active ingredients. These smaller molecules allow serums to penetrate the skin deeper, thus efficiently delivering active ingredients for maximum benefits.

3. Serums should be applied first.

After cleansing and toning the skin, one to four drops (depending on each serum’s respective directions) should be gently massaged into damp skin. Give the skin a few moments to absorb the product before following with a moisturizer or night cream.

4. Be aware of a serum’s shelf life after its first use.

There’s a reason why most serums are housed in tinted, glass bottles. The packaging helps maintain the integrity of active ingredients, so to get the most out of your serum, store it in a cool, dark place and be sure to cap tightly after each use.

5. Serums are able to target specific concerns.

It all circles back to the active ingredients: because serums are so highly concentrated with hero ingredients (Vitamin C, Peptides, etc.), specific concerns are more efficiently and effectively targeted. These tiny molecules absorb quickly and deeply into the skin for fortified benefits.

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