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Something Borrowed, Something Blue…

One of the girls in the office is about to get married in a week.

We’ve already done our fair share of squealing and at a month’s mark on the countdown, helped turn her cubicle walls into a physical Pinterest board. I’m telling you: the excitement is actually tangible.  You could taste it in the air. All that’s left are a few finishing touches before the big day. In preparation and celebration, here’s “something old, something new; something borrowed, something blue…” from Mario to you!

(Full disclaimer: No Bridezilllas are employed Mario. We’re a (fairly) normal bunch – but only mostly because we’re aware that any unnecessary, self-induced stress breeds flare-ups in skin conditions. If we can prevent redness, rashes, blemishes, etc. at any capacity, we do!)

something borrowed

Something Old

No old products here (we know you know better!). We’re talking memories. Do you use a certain lotion because it was your mother’s favorite? Or keep a hand cream in your bag like your aunt always did? Did your grandmother have a vanity filled to the brim with beauty products like our pal Dani Stahls did?

Something New

A new dress, a new day, a new phase in your life. Whether or not you consider it the biggest day of your life is up to you, but there’s no doubt that everything up until your wedding day is a conglomeration of steps into the next chapter of your life. Take that leap with your best everything forward. Start the journey with a series of facials – professional or at-home, DIY Facial - to renew your complexion so you can put that best face forward.

Something Borrowed

Let’s take one last trip down memory lane. We all have memories of our first beauty product – you know, the one that we were mesmerized by and begged our mother, aunt or older sister to let us use. Was it a certain cream? A lipstick? A perfume? For some of us, it was Mario’s Drying Lotion! (And we’re pretty sure that some of you ladies and gents will be needing the Drying Lotion when the big day comes; it’s no  big deal, let Mario help your skin while you get your beauty sleep before the big day.)

Something Blue

If you haven’t noticed already, the MB team is quite the curious bunch. What was your something blue on your wedding day?

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Author: Kimberly Yang

A 21-year-old blogger, sometimes freelance writer, and full-time business school student. Previously the fashion editorial intern for two boutique magazines and now here at Mario Badescu! I tend to be verbose, so I'll keep it as short and sweet as possible: I write and dance. A lot. Also pertinent: Aries, pescatarian, and lover of all things beautiful. I'll be honest when I admit that before MB, I simply washed my face twice daily and left it at that. But ask if I'm a skincare junkie now and I'll nod voraciously. I can never be without moisturizer, and the Vitamin C Serum makes my heart palpitate. And if by some miracle you haven't tired of me rambling about myself or the Vitamin C Serum and are curious for more, visit my Google+ page for more of my work.

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