Here at Mario Badescu we’ve been in the business of banishing blemishes for just about 45 years.  In this time we’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to quickly eradicate all kinds of spots.  One of the main things we’ve learned is that different types of breakouts need different spot treatments.

While MB’s assortment of spot treatments make for effective acne fighting, I understand that it can be a bit overwhelming when you are simply trying to pick a product that will get rid of your zit by Friday.  So here it is, a simple cheat sheet to help you choose which of our most popular spot treatments is right for you.

1.) Best Product for Whiteheads – Drying Lotion, $17  

2.) Best Product for Blackheads – Silver Powder, $12  

3.) Best Product for Deep, Cystic Pimples – Buffering Lotion, $17  

4.) Best Product for Small, Bumpy Pimples – Drying Cream, $14  

5.) Best Product for Healing, Scabby Pimples – Healing Cream, $17  

6.) Best Product for Preventing Breakouts – Anti-Acne Serum, $20  

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