by Kimberly Yang

How to Build a Skin Care Regimen that Works

Navigating the beauty world at large can be a dizzying experience, especially when you’re on a mission to find a solution, fast. Somewhere between a late-night YouTube/Instagram hole (which may or may not have been punctuated by a dimly-lit phone falling on our face, mid-scroll) and giving up altogether, there’s clarity.

Here’s how to find it. Whether you’re a skin care newbie or a seasoned skin connoisseur, we recommend starting with these basic steps:

How to Build a Mario Badescu Skin Care Regimen

1. Get to know your skin.

We recommend taking our free skin analysis as a jumping off point to receive a customized regimen, but it’s also important to consult an aesthetician. If you’re experiencing chronic acne, redness, sensitivity, or any other pressing concerns, do see a dermatologist. You’ll cut out a lot of trial and error when you work with an expert.

2. Start with the basics.

It’s human nature to go into a frenzied spree because you think you need everything, but resist as best you can. More often than not, the root of any concern (like a breakout) is an imbalance that results from something as simple as improper cleansing or lack of hydration. Hit pause before you buy every serum or spot treatment under the sun. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm both you and your skin.

Our philosophy revolves around keeping things simple yet effective, after all, and that applies to both the physical product and actual practice. We recommend using the following guidelines to build a basic skin care regimen that actually works:

  1. Cleanser: Face wash seems like such a simple, inconsequential thing, but it easily may well be the most important product in your entire routine. Without a clean slate, anything applied onto the skin is useless. Make sure you wash away the makeup, oil, and impurities so your skin can actually absorb the benefits of your beloved serums and creams.
  2. Toner: Also to be used twice daily. Toner helps re-balance the skin and impart complexion-boosting benefits, too.
  3. Eye Cream: The eye area is one of the most delicate parts of your skin, so treat it with extra love and care. Mario Badescu was a firm believer that everyone over the age of 21 should have an eye cream in their routine. Apply eye cream every morning and evening to ensure your skin stays well moisturized.
  4. Moisturizer: Hydration is key, no matter your skin type. Finding the right level of moisture is the difference between a happy, balanced complexion and one that’s, well, not. When properly moisturized, oily skin types will find that they’re far less prone to a greasy T-zone—and parched skin will relish in a dewy, healthy glow.
  5. Exfoliant: Regular exfoliation is the solution to most skin care woes. Dull? Flaky? Congested? Uneven in tone and texture? Exfoliate. Our aestheticians recommend exfoliating 1-2 times a week for dry to normal skin, and 2-3 times a week for combination to oily skin types.
  6. Mask: Masks are still having a moment—but they’ve been a core part of the MB regimen since 1967. Your twice-daily routine is maintenance; masking 2-3 times a week allows your skin to hit the reset button.

3. Introduce new products one by one.

Now that you have your regimen outlined, it’s tempting to try everything all at once… but don’t. Reign in the excitement just a bit and take it step by step, product by product. Doing so will allow you to actually gauge if a new product is effective, or in the case of a reaction (like a breakout), you can pinpoint the problem instantly.

Start with one to two products a day, then continue to add on.

If you have sensitive skin, patch-test each product before using it on your face. Apply a pea-sized amount to your inner elbow or wrist; if you experience irritation or redness, try something else instead. Once a product gets the green light, try it out for a week before adding another new product into the mix.

4. Ready to take it to the next level?

Once you’ve established the foundation, you’ll have a more accurate read of what your skin likes and truly needs. You might not need anything beyond your MB “six,” but if you find that you do, start adding additional products like a night cream, serum, spot treatment, or secondary mask (to rotate or multi-mask with).

A few pointers when expanding your skin care regimen, because layering is an art:

  • You’ve seen our facial spray everywhere, but how do you actually use a face mist? Good news is that there’s no wrong way to use it, but there are a few ways to use it with purpose. We recommend misting your complexion after you’ve cleansed and toned your skin, but before you apply your moisturizer. Doing so will not only give your skin a botanical boost, but it’ll add essential hydration to your skin—which you then seal in with your face cream. Read this for more ways you can use your facial spray.
  • Serums go on before your moisturizer or night cream. The only exception to the rule are products like our Herbal Hydrating Serum and Rose Hips Nourishing Oil, which can be applied before or after.
  • Targeting breakouts? Apply Drying Lotion or Drying Cream directly onto the blemish and leave it alone. Avoid applying serum or face cream on top, and instead, moisturize around the area.

Learn more about the art of layering skin care, here.

5. Don’t be afraid to change your routine.

You should follow your regimen religiously, but that doesn’t mean the products within your routine are set in stone. Allow for flexibility because your skin is living, ever-changing organ; anything from seasonal shifts to new stress can affect it.

Adapt accordingly.

For example: You may find that your skin tends to get a little flaky and dehydrated come fall. Try incorporating an acid into your daily routine—such as through Glycolic Acid Toner—to help remove the buildup of dulling, dead skin cells. Then, counter the moisture loss by layering a serum under your current moisturizer or choosing a richer face cream.

Say you’re off to a warm-weather beach vacation. Lucky you! Arrive prepared, because the combination of travel stress and shock from extreme climate change can wreak havoc on our skin.

  • Herbal Hydrating Serum will prove to be your best friend; it’s lightweight, oil-free, and can be worn over moisturizer to boost hydration or alone on super-hot, humid days.
  • If your skin is oily to begin with, swap out Enzyme Cleansing Gel for Acne Facial Cleanser, which contains Salicylic Acid to help break down pore-clogging impurities and keep skin looking clear. Dry? Use Enzyme Cleansing Gel or Seaweed Cleansing Soap instead of your at-home face wash to rejuvenate skin.
  • Don’t be afraid to change up your toner, too. Go a step up to combat unwanted shine and sweat. For example, dry skin types might want to use Seaweed Cleansing Lotion instead of their usual Aloe Vera Toner since the Witch Hazel boasts astringent properties. Combination skin should try using Cucumber Cleansing Lotion instead of Seaweed Cleansing Lotion, and oily types might find that Special Cucumber Lotion is a savior in clarifying and refreshing skin.

For more ideas, check out our #MarioMonthlyEdit where we show you how we’re switching things up our top shelf.



by Kimberly Yang

The Monthly Edit: March Skin Care

Spring is in the air—which means it’s time to spring clean our medicine cabinets.

Mario Badescu March Skin Care Monthly Edit

Skin can be a little finicky as it adjusts to the changing seasons. Our solution? Picking products with the same precision Goldilocks did (without drumming up a fight with three bears, luckily) so everything is just right.

Seaweed Cleansing Soap

Creamy, mineral-rich, and formulated with real (yes, real) seaweed grains, this easy-rinsing face wash leaves skin feeling rejuvenated. It’s a double-duty face wash that exfoliates while cleansing your skin, which means you get a little glow-boosting action twice daily.

Plus it smells like the sea—every bit fresh and beach-y like its ingredients.

Seaweed Cleansing Lotion

Some skin types tend to get oilier once the weather warms up—but they’re still a little dehydrated or too winter-worn to start using the Cucumber Cleansing Lotion just yet. Enter the Seaweed Cleansing Lotion, a mild astringent that’s formulated with Witch Hazel to help cleanse skin of excess oil and impurities without overdrying skin. Bladderwrack (a mineral-rich seaweed) and Aloe Vera combine to soften and lightly hydrate—leaving skin refreshed and re-balanced.

Botanical Exfoliating Scrub

Exfoliate away the dull, winter blues. Literally.

Hyaluronic Eye Cream

Swap out your rich, winter eye cream for something a little more lightweight. Hyaluronic Acid and Safflower Seed Oil are the power players in this formulation that replenish and lock in moisture without feeling heavy on your skin.

Honey Moisturizer

Though simple by nature—the name says it all—our Honey-infused moisturizer is truly a gorgeous formulation that softens, smooths, and boosts radiance in combination skin.

Seaweed Night Cream

For extra nourishment in the evenings, reach for this oil-free night cream. A luxe, silky-smooth texture makes it a treat to apply every night. And come morning, you’ll wake up with softer, smoother, dewier-looking skin.

.   .   .



by Kimberly Yang

How to Get Clear Skin

Or, maybe you’re not headed back to school. Perhaps you want a regimen refresh because the summer-to-fall weather transition is throwing your complexion for a loop. Whatever it is, troubled skin deserves a clear start.

Here’s the definitive skin care guide for oily, acne-prone skin:

Back to School Clear Skin Solutions


Don’t underestimate the power of the right face wash. Acne Facial Cleanser is a must for congested or problem skin: Formulated with Salicylic Acid to deep-clean pores and break down the oil and dead skin cells known to cause breakouts, this daily cleanser leaves skin thoroughly cleansed—but never tight or dry.

Did you know? Acne Facial Cleanser also contains Thyme Extract, which boasts clarifying properties that that give breakouts the (botanical!) boot.


In fact, toner can be a game-changer—especially when you’re looking for that extra something to take your skin care regimen to the next level. Not only are Mario Badescu toners crucial for re-balancing skin post-cleanse, but are also specially formulated to deliver additional benefits in a single sweep. For oily, congested complexions, toning is the step that can truly make a difference in how your skin looks and feels.

Special Cucumber Lotion is the standard go-to for troubled skin since it offers enhanced cleansing and a cooling, Cucumber boost. If, however, you’re experiencing severe breakouts, try Special Cleansing Lotion”C.” This is a powerful clarifying astringent formulated with Sulfur, Cucumber to target problem areas while removing pore-clogging oil and impurities from the skin.

Body breakouts are normal, too—especially during and at the tail end of summer. After showering (A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap is a favorite for keeping skin looking even and clear!), apply Special Cleansing Lotion “O” to your back and chest. Keep in mind that this is a strong formulation specially designed for use on those areas only, so bare mind that it’s not meant for use on the face.


Masks are a surefire way to help keep your complexion in tip-top condition and bring a little bit of instant gratification to your skin care regimen. Drying Mask is highly effective at working to clarify problem areas and dry up existing blemishes. To help rehydrate and restore balance to your skin, use Healing & Soothing Mask the day after.


…because picking the right one makes all the difference.

One of our most frequently asked question is which spot treatment to use. You can read our full guide here, but here’s a quick overview:

  • Whiteheads? Use Drying Lotion. Don’t shake the bottle: just dip a cotton swab straight down the bottle until you reach the pink sediment and apply directly on whiteheads.

  • Small bumps and pimples? Try Drying Cream. Use clean fingers to blend the product onto erupted areas. Less is more with this one!

  • Large, often painful, under-the-surface bumps? Use Buffering Lotion. This liquid-y solution is something you do shake! Shake the bottle until the white sediment is dissolved into the clear liquid, then apply a drop t a clean fingertip and gently pat onto the deep, painful blemish.

  • Experiencing a combination of breakout types? No worries—grab our Acne Repair Kit, which includes all three of our spot treatments.

Another great product to keep on hand in your skin care arsenal is Special Healing Powder. It’s a multi-purpose super powder that:

  1. Absorbs excess oil and fights unwanted shine
  2. Helps clarify congested or troubled skin
  3. Encourages a clearer, healthier complexion.

Simply dust the powder directly on your skin (including your back and chest) where needed, or mix a small amount into your favorite loose powder to add a skin care element to your makeup.


Customizing your skin care regimen is key to finding the best mix of products that work well for your skin—but if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed at this point, no worries. Start with the Acne Control Kit, then add more products as you figure out what your skin needs (and loves!) along the way.

.   .   .

Not acne-prone? This back-to-school skin care guide was made for you.


by Kimberly Yang

Best Eye Cream for Your Skin Type

To apply, or not to apply? That is the question.

. . .

Like toner, eye cream is one of those steps that raise controversy in the beauty world. Do we need a specialized product to apply to the eye area, or is it an unnecessary—albeit nice—step in a daily skin care regimen?

Would your face serum or moisturizer work just fine around the eyes?

No, not really. Because the skin around your eyes is thinner and often more delicate than the rest of the face, it’s important to use a product formulated specifically for the eye area. Too lightweight and the under-eyes are left dry and crepe-y; too rich and you may be left with a greasy ring of unabsorbed product—and possibly a trail of tiny bumps (a.k.a. milia), too. It’s a classic case of Goldilocks and the three bears, but it’s less about fickleness and more about precision and efficacy.

In fact, Mario Badescu himself considered eye cream quintessential, writing in his first book, The Mario Badescu Way to Beautiful Skin that “every man or woman over the age of 21 should apply an eye cream in the morning and in the evening, as part of the daily routine. There are no exceptions.

The key is in finding the right formula. Each Mario Badescu eye cream was created with a specific skin type or concern in mind, enabling you to find the eye cream that best suits you.

Mario Badescu Eye Creams, Lightweight


Use Ceramide Eye Gel.

Erase all prior preconceptions and misconceptions on eye creams and let us introduce to you to Ceramide Eye Gel. It’s ultra-lightweight and oil-free, making it the perfect introductory eye cream or daily formula for those with oily skin.

What we love most about it: This bouncy gel is cool to the touch, which means it’s a dream to apply first thing in the morning or after a long day. Tap it into your skin and you’ll find that absorbs quickly and seamlessly—which means you get an instant boost of lightweight hydration, fast.

#MBSkinTip: Store the jar in your fridge for an extra refreshing boost. Tired, puffy eyes will be eternally grateful.


Use Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream.

Whether you’re ready to graduate from Ceramide Eye Gel or simply need an eye cream that packs more moisture without the extra weight, Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream is the one for you. Lightweight oils smooth and soften to help diminish the appearance of dry lines, leaving the eye area hydrated and happy.

What we love most about it: The balm-like texture gives it a beautiful slip—which means this eye cream just melts in effortlessly. Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream is packed with skin-loving ingredients like Rosehip Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, and Eyebright Extract that replenish and help boost radiance in tired eyes.


Use Hyaluronic Eye Cream.

This is our best-selling eye cream, beloved for its light yet creamy, fast-absorbing texture. In fact, Hyaluronic Eye Cream almost feels whipped in consistency; it’s the perfect mid-weight formula that provides all the hydration you need without feeling heavy on your skin.

What we love most about it: From application to end-of-day, the blend of Hyaluronic Acid. Safflower Seed Oil, and Aloe Vera ensures that the eye area gets maximum hydration. Plus, it leaves skin hydrated, never greasy—making it the ideal daily formula if you wear makeup.

#MBSkinTip: If you love Hyaluronic Eye Cream but sometimes need an extra skin-smoothing boost come winter, layer Cellufirm Drops underneath!

Mario Badescu Eye Creams, Rich


Use Chamomile Eye Cream.

The eye area is already delicate as is—so if you have depleted and sensitive skin, try this. A soothing blend of Chamomile Extract, Cocoa Butter, and skin-conditioning oils replenish skin and soften the look of dry lines and wrinkles.

What we love most about it: The formula. Comforting, rich, and creamy, Chamomile Eye Cream is a dream to apply.

#MBSkinTip: Come winter, don’t be afraid to swap out your daily eye cream for this moisture-intensive formula. It’s rich enough to help lock in moisture while soothing winter-worn skin.


Use Dermonectin Eye Cream.

Fight visible signs of aging with this powerful, Peptide-infused eye cream. A rich blend of Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, and antioxidant Vitamins A and E deeply nourish under-eyes and reduce the appearance of dry fine lines and wrinkles.

What we love most about it: How smooth it leaves the eye area. Dermonectin Eye Cream is so rich that you only need the tiniest amount to deeply moisturize parched skin.


Use Special Eye Cream “V.

For the very dry, we have Special Eye Cream “V.” It’s an ultra-rich, Vitamin E-packed formula that serves to smooth the look of dry lines and wrinkles—like the little “V” lines (or laugh lines) at the outermost corners.

What we love most about it: The decadent texture. For parched or mature skin, this formula is a dry skin savior.

#MBSkinTip: Don’t be afraid to mix and match your eye creams. If Special Eye Cream “V” is too heavy for daytime use, save this as your evening treat and use Hyaluronic Eye Cream as your AM option instead.


Use Glycolic Eye Cream.

Soften the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration around the eye area. Formulated with Glycolic Acid to brighten and a blend of Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, and Olive Leaf Extract to nourish, this rich eye cream replenishes dehydrated skin with the moisture it craves—encouraging a more youthful-looking eye area.

What we love most about it: The alpha hydroxy acid component. Glycolic Acid is the hero ingredient that changes the eye game: this formula offers deep moisturization and a solution for reducing visible signs of aging.


Use Olive Eye Cream.

There is a solution. And there definitely is solace for the ultra-dry. Olive Eye Cream is our most moisture-intensive eye cream, formulated to deeply nourish, replenish, and lock in moisture to protect against moisture loss.

What we love about it: The sumptuous formula. A blend of skin-conditioning oils, Cocoa Butter, and antioxidant Vitamin E make for a luxurious formula. It’s dense—but it’s exactly what dry or mature skin needs.

. . .



by Kimberly Yang

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Not sure what to gift the special guy in your life this Valentine’s Day? Check out our men’s gift guide for thoughtful and unique ideas:

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

For Dad / the Father-in-Law:

The Executive Collection for Men

For Your Uncle:

Men’s Grooming Basics + a gift card to his favorite restaurant

For Your Best Friend:

dopp bag + Botanical Exfoliating Scrub + Shaving Cream

For Your Brother(s):

Men’s Grooming Basics + Amazon gift card

For Your Co-Worker:

Peppermint Shaving Cream

For the Classic Man:

silk pocket square + monogrammed cufflinks + dopp bag + Pre-Shave Conditioner + Shaving Cream + Vital with Collagen & Elastin + Botanical Exfoliating Scrub

For the Downtown Guy:

knit beanie + messenger bag + Peppermint Shaving Cream + After Shave Moisturizer

For the Gamer:

the latest/his favorite video game + Hydrating Hand Cream + Shaving Cream + Protein After Shave Lotion

For the Gym Buff:

gym duffel + monogrammed towel + shaker bottle + Men’s Grooming Basics

. . .