Here at Mario Badescu we’re always finding ways to stay connected to our customers – some of whom we’ve shared 40-year-long relationships with. We believe in maintaining that connection; our mission remains the same since Mario Badescu himself founded his Manhattan skincare salon in 1967:

MarioBadescu_ABOUT-PhotoLogoTo brighten up the world with our time-tested skin care products and treatments, in order to provide customers with the beautiful and healthy skin every human being is entitled to.


Romanian-born Badescu started in his kitchen, formulating his signature products in his home. Eventually he opened a skincare salon on the bottom floor of his residential building, establishing a one-on-one relationship with clientele : intimate, and very much exclusive.  And since its opening, Badescu has both grown and evolved as a brand, having amassed a loyal following privy to his line of simple, gentle, fresh-botanical-based ingredients and reliance on Old-World skincare techniques.

We insist on holding true to Mario Badescu’s vision: simplicity is the key to healthy, clean, radiant skin. Confidence starts with beautiful skin: it’s our duty to bring that to you. We pride ourselves in still offering the same personal, customized skin care treatments that were Mario’s patent offerings.

Everyone deserves good skin care. Thus, we have maintained Mario’s dedication to offering our skin care products at exceptional prices. We invest in the product itself; packaging and advertising is of irrelevance when it comes to giving you – our customers – the best we can deliver. We’ve relied only upon your word of mouth: so without you, Mario Badescu would be nowhere what it is today.

And so, in this little roundabout, we’ve been brought back to where we began. As we’ve evolved and grown throughout the years simply from good word of mouth, you have, too. We want to stay connected, to share our little tips and secrets and most importantly, hear from you. How?



  1. Are the MB products gluten-free?

  2. Can I get these blog updates via email?

  3. Which country I can buy the products?

  4. Hi, I have been trying to find the space to enter to win a sample of the Healing Powder but zippo!!! How do I enter to win??? I had samples from your company before and it is awesome. I would love to win too!!!

  5. I am so in love with all if the products I have used. I’m 42 and my skin has never looked it felt better. Thank you for such amazing, effective and reasonably priced products.

  6. Let me just say I am BEYOND obsessed with these products! I have never been so in love with anything as much as I love my mario. I am determined to one day has as much of the entire line as possible, and even have gone as far as getting one product every day before I leave work ( yes it’s that bad and I have pictures to prove it) my next step will be to get Into the city for a facial 🙂 thank you thank you for making such a perfect product!

  7. Does Mario Badescu Skin Care test their products on animals?

  8. I would love to win the vitamin c serum. I albaolutely love your products!

  9. Which products are best for sun damaged skin?

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