Fan Friday Giveaway: Your Favorite MB Product


It’s here! We love #FanFriday because it means we get to hear from you!

This week, comment on our blog and tell us your all-time favorite Mario Badescu product (and why you love it so much!). You’ll be automatically entered to win that product!*

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*Winners are chosen at random and must reside in the US or Canada. This contest will be open from November 15-17, 2013. The winner will be announced Monday, November 18, 2013 on our Facebook page and will also be contacted privately via email.

Author: Jill

As a long-time writer, editor, and esthetician, I’ve had an ongoing love affair with Mario Badescu Skin Care for years. I can usually be found reading, knitting, painting, trying new beauty and skin care products, and telling everyone to wear more sunscreen. These days, I’m feeling super grateful for the opportunity to share more Mario with the world! I believe that better skin care changes lives. For more about me, visit my Google+ Page.


  1. Enzyme Cleansing Gel is my fav because it doesn’t over dry my skin, yet cleanses so well and my skin is super soft afterwards. Also, the amazing smell is very refreshing!

  2. SPECIAL GLYCOLIC CLEANSING LOTION its works on my skin discoloration so well I just love it

  3. It’s hard to choose just one favorite mb product! Mb saved my skin. I love the healing and soothing mask.

  4. I love the Acne Facial Cleanser. It’s the only product that really controls my acne, and it makes my skin feel really soft.

  5. I have never tried any of these products but they look amazing! I live in CO so the drying lotion would be great for my dry skin.

  6. My all time, holy grail, desert island product is by FAR the drying lotion! This stuff is out of this world FABULOUS! It has changed my skin in so many ways! Thanks to Mario Badescu and your amazing products for making my skin look the best it ever has!

  7. Love your products! The glycolic cleanser and peptide renewal cream are my faves!

  8. My favorite MB product is the Enzyme Cleansing Gel. It does an awesome job at cleaning my face and leaves it so super soft. I’m completely addicted to it! All I can think of on my way home from work is getting into my comfy clothes and using the Enzyme Cleansing Gel to clean my face and neck. And then I’m nice and relaxed. It’s definitely the best cleanser out there!

  9. I have started using the Enzyme Cleansing Gel and I love it! It’s hard to find a product that doesn’t have an ingredient list a mile long. I’m looking forward to trying more products!

  10. The Buffering Lotion. I get cystic acne on my face and back, so this is perfect

  11. Great products! The acne facial cleanser is one of my top favorites!

  12. The Enzyme Cleansing Gel is my favorite ( and i am just about running out). I use it as my second cleanser or morning cleanser. It works very well with my skin polisher because it’s thick and doesn’t dry out my skin so i can safely exfoliate. It leaves my face really smooth after.

    Of course my cabinet looks like a Mario Badescu shelf at Ulta. There are so many products I can’t live without.

  13. I love the special healing powder. It has done wonders for my skin. The product does exactly what it says it will do. I have a lot of redness and this product deff. reduces the redness, controls oild, and has helped heal my blemishes much faster then if I wasn’t using the product. Thank you for this amazing product!

  14. It just makes my skin feel sooo good!

  15. Mario Badescu’s drying lotion is awesome!

  16. I am new to the product but have loved the 3 items I have tried. I would love to receive anything so I can try something new 🙂

  17. I have been using Mario products for over 10 years. I can’t live without them. I have even gotten my 3 daughters to use them and they now can’t live without them. My absolute favorite is the seaweed night cream, can’t go to bed without it!

  18. I haven’t never had the opportunity to try your product , but as I am getting older, my facial skin keeps getter dryer. Would love to try a product that actually works. Thanks!

  19. My favorite product is the Drying Lotion, its a miracle worker, and does exactly what it says it does!!

  20. I am in love with Mario Badescu. Seriously, the special cucumber lotion has saved my skin. I have no more blemishes and after using the collagen moisturizer I can feel my skin glow. Thanks to MB I could say bye to all those days of discoloration and dryness. I am a new woman 🙂

  21. I use Enzyme Cleansing Gel every morning and night, Seasweed Cleansing Lotion at night, Chamomile Night Cream and Moisture Magnet in the morning. I use the Herbal Rose water spray at night before I put on my moisturizer and also use it to set my makeup in the morning. Should be getting my restocking order some time today actually! I make sure I never run out, just one to two days of not using that regime and I breakout big time

  22. Special cucumber lotion…love this!! It is refreshing, doesn’t sting. Controls my oily skin and breakouts. Smells good! I glad I found this product…tossed all the other toners out!!!

  23. I’m in love with every MB product I’ve tried. No way I could pick just one.

  24. PEPTIDE RENEWAL CREAM is the one for me!

  25. I love the Seaweed Night Cream! I get break-outs so I love that it’s oil free, I just smooth it on and wake up with gorgeous skin. Plus once you get past the fact that it’s green (I had a Wicked Witch of the West flashback when my girlfriend gave it to me for the first time) it smells pretty good!

  26. NOTHING beats Mario’s neck cream – NOTHING! I’ve tried them all, his is the BEST!

  27. Special cucumber lotion! Makes me feel so clean.

  28. I love Seaweed night cream, it is the absolute best moisturizer for winter skin.

  29. There are a million amazing Mario Badescu products but i have to go with the Enzyme Cleansing Gel because I use it at least twice a day everyday! Love it!

  30. My favorite MB product has to be the aloe moisturizer with SPF 15. I love the way it feels on my skin! Light weight but very nourishing! I’d love to win!

  31. I love all the products!

  32. I love the drying lotion – it’s worked wonders!

  33. My favorite MB product is Collagen Moisturizer (SPF-15). It keeps my skin looking so young and radiant which results more money in my pocket since I don’t need that much make up anymore 🙂 Thanks Mario!

  34. My favorite is the Men’s Grooming Basics kit because my husband loves it!

  35. Healing cream! by far my favourite product!

  36. Enzyme cleansing gel. But i have a few more too 🙂

  37. So far, I love the special healing powder! I use it at night on my pimples and then mix with my finishing powder to control my oily skin during the day. It’s my first mario badescu product, but I already ordered the drying cream and other products that I’m sure I’ll love just as much!

  38. enzyme cleansing gel is amazing 🙂

  39. The Drying Lotion is amazing! I get cystic acne, and there is no other product that I’ve found that helps with both the appearance and the pain.

  40. The kiwi scrub is my all-time favourite!

  41. The Peptide Renewal Serum is my favourite product. I received a small sample of the serum and the Peptide Renewal Cream, which I also love. Even with the sample, I could see a difference in my skin almost immediately.

  42. I was introduced to MB years ago by, of all people, Cher! She told me of the many benefits of your products and I was hooked. I have been fortunate enough to visit the NYC salon for a consultation and I am now a fan for life. In particular, I love the Seaweed Cleansing Soap. It is both mild and moisturizing and really does the job. I have many favorites in the MB line but this is at the top!

  43. I was at Ulta a few weeks ago and the associates recommended Mario Badescu products to me. I started out with the hyaluronic eye cream and the anti aging kit and now I am trying the acne products. So far I love the hyaluronic eye cream the best. The results are great. So glad I found these products!

  44. After hearing wonderful reviews about the MB line I recently scrapped my old cleansers and moisturizers to use MB morning and night! My skin has never looked so clear and smooth! I love the rose hips nourishing oil and the enzyme cleansing gel! My face doesn’t feel too oily or too dry and my breakouts have subsided even during the time of the month when my skin tries to rebel! Any chance of trying more products would be a huge help!

  45. Drying lotion !
    I love it soo much.

    If I’m ever out and feel a sneaky little asshole pimple lingering around ready to ruin my face, I know I can go home, wash my face with the Enzyne Cleansing Gel , slather this on the unsuspecting sucker and then rub some of the Drying Mask over it

    This is a sure way to make sure that rascal doesn’t show it’s face on my face again !

  46. Drying Lotion is MAGIC in a bottle!!!! But I love everything!!! Its all amazing and works wonders!! LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!

  47. The Special Glycolic Cleansing Lotion is literally the only thing that has worked to make my skin look better. I have cystic acne, blackheads, clogged pores, acne scars, etc., and the Special Glycolic Cleansing Lotion has prevented my skin from breaking out further and has started to fade my acne scars. My skin tone has improved drastically with just two weeks of use, and I never thought that would be possible. Please never let this product be discontinued!

  48. I LOVE Kera Moisturizer! I have dry, sensitive skin and have tried TONS of other products having worked in the skin care/ cosmetics industry in the past. It is lightweight but still provides my skin with enough moisture without irritating my sensitive skin or being too heavy. Another huge plus is the price point compared to other products on the market these days…. just proves that an amazing product doesnt have to cost a ton of money!

  49. It’s so hard to choose just one. My skin has been completely transformed since I started using MB products. I use the Acne Facial Cleanser everyday. It is the ONLY product to ever control my acne.

  50. I love the cleansing gel, it works so well to take all the impurities out of my skin and it makes my skin feel wonderful and so fresh.

  51. I absolutely LOVE the Moisture Magnet with SPF 15. With my oily skin, I avoided ALL facial lotion since they made my face feel oily and eventually led to break outs. That is until I found this product. I was skeptical at first, but the Moisture Magnet has completely changed my mind about moisturizing my face. It leaves my skin feeling soft, but not greasy. And the best part? No breakouts! It’s now earned a spot in my daily regimen. Thanks for changing my mind!

  52. I’m in love with the Hyaluronic eye cream! Since I stay up late doing work for school and I have a hectic schedule in general this helps me keep my eye area hydrated and helps me avoid lines! I also love the vitamin c serum.

  53. Love all of MB products,

  54. I really love the seaweed night cream. It has reduced the circles under my eyes.

  55. I love your products….because they work…it’s just that simple!

  56. I love your enzyme cleansing gel an drying lotion….I always had great skin when I was in highschool..but after 24 or so my face was so broke out all the time. ..I have been using your product since last year. I’m almost 33 now I just wish I had found your product sooner…I tell everyone I know to try your products..I LOVE MARIO BADESCU

  57. I love your products as with every one else it hard to chose a favorite but if I must the almond oil is the best to remove the oil of the day from my face and dirt and grime from the outside world. It gives my skin that natural look and feel. I have to admit since I have been using your product my skin is much healthier and looks so natural with a lovely glow.Were I had the dark circles around my eyes and my skin look like leather it is more youthful. Some companies use that as a saleing point but you do not it is just a fact and it gives me that state of mind there is nothing I can’t do in life. I want to say thank you for keeping it real. Your Biggest fan

  58. I love all Mario badescu products, but find myself using the enzyme cleansing gel along with the cucumber toner and the eye cream every single day.

  59. I love the Ceramide Eye Gel. It feels great and really helps around my eyes. The Special Glycolic Cleansing Lotion is also wonderful.

  60. I absolutely love all of your products!!! I have been using them for years.

  61. My favorite product has to be the drying lotion. Nothing has ever worked so well and quick on my acne as this!

  62. The special glycolic cleansing lotion is amazing as well, as it is helping with my discoloration little by little. 🙂

  63. the protein night cream!!

  64. I took a shower and lathered up with the aha cleanser and woke up feeling as if I had coated myself in a light, silky moisturizer. Didn’t use one at all! Love it!

  65. Suncare (SPF-30) because it protects my skin from the sun

  66. By far I love the Orange Cleansing Face wash. The scent is so yummy!

  67. I love the new Peptide Serum that you just came out with. I have also always loved the Hyaluronic Eye Cream! I have used it for years.

  68. Buffering Lotion has changed my face! I went from constant breakouts to just an occasional blemish. The difference it has made for me is just incredible.

  69. MB Drying Cream is my favorite because it is a miracle worker. There are times you need immediate help and this is it! It is the best spot treatment out there!

  70. I really like the GLYCOLIC FOAMING CLEANSER, because it’s the best cleanser there is.

  71. The Drying Lotion! Its pink, its effective and there literally is nothing like it on the market! It works and it stays on overnight to kill those pesky zits! Such a great product and it was the first (def not the only) product I tried from MB. And Im hooked! I love that there is a line for dry sensitive acne prone skin that is effective and has different products for different things. MB is the best for acne skin! Bravo MB!

  72. Drying mask! Yes its stinky but the difference is than other acne masks is that this works! Such a great product!

  73. I love the aloe Vera toner, it has helped calm my acne and all the redness, the inflammation, and the embarrassment. It has definitely cooled off my face and helped it begin to heal!

  74. Enzyme cleansing gel, hands down bought this a few years back and havent stoped using it. It is great I had the results of clear and smooth soft skin. Love LOVE!

  75. I love the Enzyme Cleansing Gel!! My skin is sensitive and has developed some dry patches this product gently exfoliates without irritating my skin and leaves me with a glow…in love!

  76. I love all the products that I have tried to date and my favorite Mario Badescu product at the moment is REVITALIN NIGHT CREAM. It leaves my skin feeling luxuriously smooth & uplifted!

  77. Seaweed night cream!!!

  78. My skin has never looked or felt so good in my life, I even buy the products for my daughter now!!!!!!

  79. I love the Peptide renewal serum. It’s my favorite. Thanks for the chance.

  80. the anti acne serum

  81. I love the protein night cream

  82. I love the seaweed night cream.

  83. Vitamin C serum!!! It takes your skin to a whole new level of beautiful:)

  84. The Caviar Day Cream is most definitely my favorite Mario Badescu product! It is so thick and rich which is perfect for my dry skin. I love how this product moisturizes without being greasy. It just leaves my skin feeling so soft and wonderful!

  85. Love the cleansing gel!!!

  86. Drying cream is miraculous. I’ve never used a product so perfect for my skin.

  87. Silver Powder. It works! The video that was posted recently demonstrated it perfectly. I will repeat what I recommend for every teenager–get Mario Badescu Silver Powder and Drying Lotion.

  88. Every MB product I have had the pleasure of using has been wonderful. The most recent product I have tried is the Shampoo, which has proved to be an absolute winner!

  89. I’d love to win the Peptide Renewal Serum

  90. Enzyme Cleansing Gel. It is awesome and leave my skin feeling so soft!

  91. OH GEE OH MY! This is a Great Giveaway and I would love the SPECIAL C Cleansing Lotion because it totally helps with my breakouts.

  92. One product that I really love is the Healing Cream. I use it as a spot treatment on post-acne marks, and it makes them fade super fast! Good stuff 🙂

  93. Very hard to just pick one but here goes. The SEAWEED NIGHT CREAM helps hydrate my oily skin without breaking me out and to me that is a wish that has come true. No other cream can offer that.

  94. Hands down it’s Revitalin Night Cream.
    I have very dry and aging skin and I need all the moisture I can get!

  95. I love the drying lotion. It is perfect to calm break outs.

  96. I love Mario products! I regularly wash with enzyme cleansing gel, time with special cleansing lotion C and hydrate with seaweed moisture. I have used cellufirm drops and rose hip oil. But MOST of all I LOVE the vitamin C! I nkticed a difference in my skin just two weeks into starting it. My skin was brighter and I love that it has the hylaronic for soft and smooth hydration. That’s the product I would want most of all.

  97. Oh no, so hard to choose! But if I had to , it would say my new favorite , the Rosewater Spray. It smells do good and it is so refreshing, it makes my day better!

  98. I have hormonal adult acne and use up quite a bit of the acne line. My favorite is the buffering lotion.

  99. It’s so hard to choose just 1 MB product but right now I’m loving my new Alpha Grapefruit toner. I love your simple, basic packaging and minimal ingredients. Please don’t ever change anything! I choose your products over the big famous brands everyday!

  100. I SO love the Seaweed Night Cream! It’s smooth, not sticky, makes my skin feel soft and it smells amazing!

  101. The new Peptide Renewal Serum has my skin glowing like never before! Having spent my youth suffering from acne, and my 30’s with chronically dry, parched or pimpled skin, I never knew what it was like to have a dewy, creamy, fresh complexion. This serum really sinks into the dermis, and I feel clean, deeply hydrated, happy! skin every day. My skin feels hydrated on a really deep level, which also helps prevent adult acne by letting my pores breathe. I am very pleased to have found this fountain of youth! Only 3-5 drops in the morning lasts all day, even on long 30+ bike rides along the windy shore. I get more compliments everyday, from male and female friends alike, and I am happy to say I am feeling and looking younger than ever, seriously. It makes me feel so happy to be in my natural skin and feel beautiful and healthy! Anyway, thanks for the great product! I

  102. I love love love the TEMPORARY LIFTING MASK – people think I am in my 30’s when I am almost 45!

  103. My all time favorite product is the Rose Hips Mask. My boyfriend and I both use it. It leaves our skin so healthy.

  104. DERMONECTIN Eye Cream is my favorite!

  105. My favorites are Enzyme Cleansing Gel, because for a non-forming cleaner, it gets the job done. Also Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 17, because it doesn’t break me out like other products with SPF.

  106. I’d really LOVE the Chamomile Eye Cream if I could Win anything because I am running low on my favorite eye cream, but I need one that is very moisturizing now that’s almost winter and that is also great for delicate eyes.

  107. Ka-pow Bam… just what the anti acne serum does to prevent acne. After years of using acne products with harsh chemicals. I have finally found the one. The anti acne serum is my favorite… Not only does it prevent acne it heals active acne and prevents spreading. I love all MB products but this is by far the best

  108. Just love the temporary lifting mask. My skin is tight and firm! Much better than $300 creams and fancy containers

  109. Healing and soothing mask! Frequent use of strong acne products left my skin dry,dull and flaky. After constant use of this mask,my skin is now soft and smooth. My acne scars are fading and I don’t breakout as often. I now have beautiful skin and all the thanks to Mario Badescu!!!!

  110. I love the Vitamin C Serum. It’s helped reduce irritation on my skin and given it a glow! 🙂

  111. The Seaweed Facial Cleanser – It’s gentle on my skin and cleans out the impurities. No dryness, which is a huge plus!!

  112. love the ELASTO-SEAMOLLIENT HAND CREAM, it keeps my hands moisturized

  113. i would love to try it

  114. Hydrating Hand Cream. Can’t live without it. My store discontinued it and I bought it ALL for fear of being without!

  115. I love the honey moisturizer.

  116. The Special Glycolic Cleansing Lotion is amazing on my skin. It helps so much with the different skin discolorations I have.

  117. Well, if Healing Lotion isn’t out yet – maybe a calma mask? Or healing and soothing mask?

  118. I <3 MB and their Hydrating Syrum!!! Refreshes my skin without making it oily 🙂

  119. Your acne serum is a lifesaver. My skin is great (and pimple free) now!

  120. The chamomile toner (lotion) is divine. My skin has never been happier c:

  121. Acne cleansing gel! I love it because it doesn’t dry out my combination skin, and it’s not harsh at all.

  122. I have yet to find that any of your products does not do want it is supposed to do with that being said this is a great company. You know want a woman of a certain age need to just make it in this world today a product which won’t wipe out out bank accounts or leave us hoping something will work. I for one thank you for this facial regime I have had nothing but good things told to me about my facial features. I for one am at amazed at the responce I have received from family and friends so Thank You.

  123. Drying lotion…wish I had it 10 years ago when I was in high school! Amaaazing.

  124. loveeeeeeee the drying lotion!

  125. I love love love the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser. That product has changed my life. Sloughs off my dull skin. I look so fresh!

  126. I love the acne facial cleanser! I recently broke out and switched to the acne cleanser from the enzyme cleansing gel and loved the results! By the next morning,after one day of use, I saw a reduction in the acne and redness and after a couple of days my skin cleared up. Mario Badescu products are simply the best!

  127. My all-time favorite Badescu product is the Herbal Hydrating Serum. It is the only thing that keeps my skin moisturized in the Winter. My cheeks felt like a brillo pad before I started using it and it totally stopped my nose from peeling. LOVE it!

  128. I’d never been loyal to a brand before I discovered MB 8 years ago. I can’t go without glycolic foaming cleanser, but close behind are drying lotion & buffering lotion.

  129. Botanical Cleansing Gel….really great for oily skin!

  130. Peptide renewal serum is amazing

  131. I absolutely love the glycolic foaming cleanser and strawberry face scrub. My skin has never looked better. My discoloration is gone! I had redness beneath my nose that I even went to a dermatologist for, as well as my discoloration from tanning. The products that I was given by the dermatologist did not help. I’m so glad that I’ve found your products. I recommend the to everyone! Next on my list to “fix” with by using your products is my under eye darkness!

  132. Nothing beats Enzyme Cleansing Gel! I love how my skin feels after using it. It is the perfect product for my skin…and I just ran out, so I would love to win! 🙂

  133. i love MB

  134. Everything from this skin care line makes my face look amazing. I love it all!!

  135. love healing and soothing mask…………. #FanFriday

  136. I love the drying lotion. Thank you for your products. I feel a lot better about my skin.

  137. The rose hips nourishing oil is amazing! I had suffered from eczema for several years until I found this wonderful soothing oil. Within three days of using it, my dry patches disappeared. Thank you, Mario Badescu!

  138. Olive Oil Body Lotion. I used it all through my pregnancy and never got a stretch mark on my super dry skin. It smells great and works so great on dry skin without feeling the least bit greasy!

  139. Mario’s magical drying lotion- can’t live without it!

  140. I love…I love.. I love the Herbal Rose water spray !!!

  141. I had a literal nervous breakdown in my dermatologist’s office before I found Mario. Spent $100’s of dollars and nothing ever helped. As a 30 year old it was exhausting and humiliating. I can’t say I have a favorite product because the masks, lotions, and cleansers I have been using for the past few years have done wonders! Thank you!

  142. I am a huge fan of the special cucumber lotion. This product has really helped put a halt to breakouts and leaves my face feeling extremely clean.

  143. Enzyme, strawberry scrub, they are all great

  144. I LOVE the enzyme cleansing gel it is the best ever. It works so well on my skin and changed it completely.

  145. Love Mario Badescu. I’ve used it since 1998. Enzyme Cleansing Gel, Special Cucumber Lotion, and Drying lotion are just a few of the products I use. Wish I still lived in NY so I could go for my regular facials. Hope I win.

  146. While I love all the products my favorite by far has to be your Drying Lotion! I’m a college student and sometimes I get really bad acne when I get stressed out from school. I used to have to deal with it and use a ton of make up but a friend recommended the drying lotion to me and it works perfectly! I have oily but sensitive skin and most spot treatments are too harsh on my skin OR they don’t help at all. With this I just dip a cotton swab in the jar and put it on the spot and it’s gone by the next morning. It’s great to not have to worry about putting make up on everyday and the drying lotion is what gives me the confidence to be able to go make up free!

  147. I just recently hopped on the MB train! I’ve tried so many products for my acne and MB is the only brand that works! I love the special c cleansing toner. 🙂

  148. I love the “enzyme revalitizing mask” ! Perfect for my dry skin ✅

  149. I love the Seaweed night cream–so rich and smells great. Makes my skin so moisturized and happy.

  150. Glycolic Gel rocks! Makes my skin feel super soft and tight, helps acne clear up and wrinkles diminish!

  151. My favorite product is your oil free moisturizer with SPF!!! How can you beat it. It moisturizes my skin, does NOT break me out, and protects my skin from the sun. Awesome.

  152. I have never tried your products, but would love to. Ive read some great reviews. I have mature, dry skin and always looking for new ways to age gracefully.

  153. I loveeeeeee the drying lotion because it gets rid of all my pimples fast!!!!

  154. I love all Mario Badescu products! I’m currently in love with the Peptide Renewal cream, it leaves my skin silky soft and refreshed. There is definitely a change in the appearance of my skin. I use it at night and in the morning my skin is glowing!

  155. Like many others the Enzyme Cleansing Gel is my favorite! I have a problem with combination skin, but I lean more toward the dry side and this cleaner works great without leaving me oily or over dry! It has a very pleasant fragrance as well. I love it! #FanFriday

  156. My favorite Mario Badescu product is the Enzyme Revitalizing Mask. Super hydrating! I use it every time I need a pick-me-up or my face is feeling duller or more tired than usual. I’ve made al my friends and family try it as well–new fans of MB!

  157. I am so ugly, but with your Drying Cream I feel less unattractive.

  158. My favourite is the silver powder. It clears my blackheads and leaves my skin tight and fresh. love this product!

  159. I love Drying lotion, because it saves my skin every time…I can’t live without my Drying lotion!!!

  160. I love the Vitamin C serum. It has brightened my skin and helped reduce my age spots and acne scars that have made me feel so self conscious.

  161. I <3 the Drying Mask! Just a light layer helps dry acne and prevent new breakouts. It also helps reduce redness like no other mask I have tried before! Thanks Mario Badescu!

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