Fan Friday Giveaway: Almond & Honey Scrub


It’s here! #FanFriday is finally here!

This week, we’re getting a little hungry for our Thanksgiving dinner- and why not follow it up with a little Almond and Honey? In fact, you could win the
Almond & Honey Non-Abrasive Face Scrub!

Enter by commenting on this blog (below). This contest is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada and will end Monday morning, November 25th, when we’ll announce the winner on Facebook!
(The winner will be contacted via email as well).

Be sure to check out this week’s blog highlights:
1. Do you have a love/hate relationship with your skin?
Take this QUIZ and find out!
2. Let’s talk about Cystic Acne.
3. Words to live by.
4. An anti-aging serum you have to see to believe!
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Author: Jill

As a long-time writer, editor, and esthetician, I’ve had an ongoing love affair with Mario Badescu Skin Care for years. I can usually be found reading, knitting, painting, trying new beauty and skin care products, and telling everyone to wear more sunscreen. These days, I’m feeling super grateful for the opportunity to share more Mario with the world! I believe that better skin care changes lives. For more about me, visit my Google+ Page.


  1. I am totally obsessed with exfoliating, but sometimes scrubs can just be a little too harsh for my sensitive, problematic skin. This scrub addresses this problem by being so gentle! Not to mention, almond and honey is such a yummy combination!

  2. would love to try this!! thanks for the chance!

  3. Would love to try this! I am looking for a new face scrub some can be too harsh on my skin I love almond products so sure this is amazing.

  4. I am a big believer in face scrubs and how they make my skin feel, I do find I like to change them up and always love to try out products before I try them. I have just become introduced to your products and trying to find what works best for me so any help would be appreciated

  5. Love the gentle smooth feel of Mario Badescu Skin care line. Would love to try the Almond and Honey Face Scrub for my not so perfect skin. I have dry, dull skin and I hear this is great for removing dead flaky skin cells and will leave my skin hydrated. Maybe this would help me feel a little more beautiful on the outside as I do inside πŸ™‚

  6. I would love to win!

  7. Would love this

  8. mmmmmm Almond and Honey sounds deliciously good for your skin!!!!

  9. β™₯ MB products–after straying for awhile I am back and I would love to add this to my growing collection! Please pick me! πŸ™‚

  10. think I need this to add to my mario collection

  11. I love to exfoliate and this would be perfect thank you for the chance

  12. I would love to win this face scrub – my face would love it!

  13. If you haven’t tried this scrub yet you must! Amazingly gentle and you won’t believe how soft and radiant it makes your skin! One of my favorite products!

  14. This looks really good and I want one that is not abrasive. Some of them hurt. πŸ™

  15. Scrub a dub dub please send me a scrub!

  16. It’s so great that this is not abrasive. I have bought too many that hurt my fragile skin. No more!

  17. I think exfoliating is an important part of a skin regimen. I’ve never tried this one, but with the honey and almond, how could you go wrong?

  18. I cannot wait to try your product, the Almond Honey Scrub! I hope to win it!

  19. Everybody needs to exfoliate the skin and this is the product for you. I used it and by far is the best scrub I have ever used. My skin would be very thankful to win this excellent product.

  20. This product looks amazing! I have fallen in love w the MB Caviar & Seeweed night creams. They are like silk on my skin! This exfoliator would be a great prequel to them! I would love to try it!

  21. I always feel so fresh after exfoliating. and I love the scent of honey and almond!

  22. I would love to win!

  23. Love MB products!! I use it every night and won’t go back to anything else!!!

  24. This looks amazing. Almond and Honey… what a great combo!

  25. would love to win the Almond & Honey Scrub! My face needs it bad but with the holidays coming ME spending just does not fit in the budget πŸ™

  26. I logged in this week to chat with a live skin care specialist and this was the scrub she recommended! Holding out for the Holidays to see if Santa reads my list…LOL!!! Love MB products!!!

  27. I am also obsessed with exfoliating, but most scrubs are so harsh the grains actually hurt. Have heard good things about the line and would love to try the Almond and Honey Scrub.

  28. In the last month I have been converted to a Mario fan! First it was the rose water face spray, then the cream soap, then the seaweed cleansing gel, then the eye cream, oh man!

  29. I’d love to win this. Your products work great & don’t leave my face too dried out. I also love the fragrance of your products. This scrub would be great!

  30. I would love, to try it!

  31. I love your products….I have tried everything for my skin and nothing worked until I tried your line of skincare!! Thank you fo making such a great product!!

  32. Early Christmas present? I love your products, I’d love to try it πŸ™‚

  33. I love your products and would love to own this one, but if not that is ok because I will eventually purchase it anyways. I won’t stop until I own them all! πŸ™‚ <3

  34. I love, love this product, one of my favorites! It is gentle but leaves my skin feeling renewed and silky.

  35. This would be an awesome pick me up for tired winter skin!

  36. This product sounds like something I would really love.

  37. Would love to try this scrub! Great skin care line.

  38. I would love to try this!

  39. I would love to try this!

  40. With sensitive skin, it can be so hard to find a nice scrub that doesn’t harm my skin. I have wanted to try this one for a while but don’t have Mario badescu in my town. I’ve loved all te products I’ve tried so far though!

  41. Almond & Honey Non-Abrasive Face Scrub manages to accomplish two important things, namely a thorough cleansing without the harshness found in most other exfoliates. Your skin will absolutely glow afterwards. Love it!

  42. I would love to try this! I’m new to the Mario Badescu line, but I’m loving the things I’ve tried! πŸ™‚

  43. Tried this and love it

  44. I sure would love to give it a try. Thanks for the giveaway.

  45. Is so hard to find the perfect facil scrub! I would love to try this one, looks amazing

  46. I absolutely love the Mario products I use it has made a complete difference in my skin. I am 28 years old and always feel embarrassed with my acne. Within a month my skin has completely cleared up. Definitely a fan.

  47. I’d love to try this. I love exfoliating.

  48. Would love to try this!

  49. Almond is a wonderful scent for a face product.

  50. Thanks for the chance.

  51. Would really love to win this! I Love almond and honey and all of your products for my acne. Your samples have really helped me this past month and my acne has almost completely cleared. but as a broke university student who lives in Canada… $20 for a shipping rate alone just isn’t in my budget πŸ™

  52. I’m sure the scent will be heavenly. Would love to try it out! Thanks for the fan friday giveaways! πŸ™‚

  53. Yes, please!!

  54. Almond & Honey !! That makes for a great combination for the PERFECT face scrub. I love Mario Badescu product’s, the products are gentle, yet effective. I have not had a chance to try the Honey & Almond face scrub and I would LOVE to give my face this wonderful gift. THANK -YOU MARIO BADESCU.

  55. I love Mario Badescu products and would love to try this product!

  56. ALMONDS AND HONEY–Two of my faves!! I’d be happy to put these on my face. (:

  57. This is a comment

  58. I need this in my life! πŸ™‚

  59. I have as yet to use Almond facial scrub but would love to have the chance to use it. Out all of your products I find myself wanting more from you and yet all of you and this is the first line of products that I have found that deliver what they mean. I am just so happy when I come on your page and see the new stuff and say to myself can’t wait to try this My Goal is to get the hole line for sensitive skin with companation skin this like I said is my goal and from on your line.I thank You for your time and I lllove this line.

  60. This would be a great addition to my shower routine! Nothing like the feeling of a freshly exfoliated face!

  61. I would love to try this. Have never tried almond and honey for my face!! Exciting πŸ™‚

  62. I’m suffering from Lizard skin since the weather change…need a great exfoliator so my skin will look great when I wear foundation and for this upcoming Turkey Day!! πŸ™‚ Thank you MB!!!

  63. I’ve used this before and love it.

  64. Do want.

  65. I would be very happy to win this one!

  66. I need something for red itchy blotches on my face. (senior citizen)

  67. Love MB products! Love Glycolic Acid has transformed my skin…Would love to win this!!!!

  68. Great Product! All MB products i have used have worked even better than i expected!

  69. Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! I love trying out your products. πŸ™‚

  70. Love facial scrubs. My skin is radiant after using them! Thanks for the chance.

  71. I would love to try something new. I am having so many issues with my face of lately.

  72. Mario Badescu line is a great skincare line and I love that the products are not irritating and I would love to try the honey almond scrub…Uhmm, I’m in the 40’s club now, so i need a extra boost! <3

  73. the combination of almonds and honey sounds so soothing and relaxing

  74. Almond & Honey Non-Abrasive Face Scrub looks like an amazing product that I have not got to try. I would love to win this. Good luck everyone. I love my ceramide eye cream.

  75. I would love to try this.

  76. I would love to try this! Thanks for the chance!


  78. That sound delicious! I love exfoliating.

  79. Mmmmm… this scrub sounds so tasty that I wouldn’t know if I should rub it on my face or eat it up! The winter weather is sometimes harsh on my skin and I think a non-abrasive treatment would be perfect to get rid of dead skin without excessive drying. And almonds and honey, yum.

  80. Hello to the Mario Badescu team! I’d be very happy to win this scrub as I have extremely sensitive skin, acne prone, and red and this sounds like it would be gentle and help with eliminating any mumps I may have due to the honey. Thanks for sharing this giveaway! ^.~

  81. This sounds lovely!

  82. I would absolutely love to win this scrub, as I have suffered (and still continue to suffer) from acne. Whether it’s cystic or just a few breakouts, I have been searching for a great exfoliator that will help me. I have a love/hate relationship with my skin, but recently have developed an appreciation above all else. I also love the concept of “no abrasive” as that is what I tend to look for in just about every relationship I am, including the one I have with my skin.

  83. I would love to try the almond scrub. I have used the strawberry scrub though and it is ausome.

  84. I am addicted to exfoliating but other products i have used are far too harsh.
    Thankfully , your almond honey face scrub is the perfect product-it leaves my skin clear, soft , and radiant. I absolutely love it!

  85. i want it!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. I love using my Clarisonic, but sometimes my skin just needs a break! This looks like a great gentle exfoliator to use on my “days off” from my Clarisonic. I also love using natural ingredients on my skin. Almond and honey just sound amazing!

  87. I’m new to the products but LOVE them so far. would like to try this.

  88. I have always wanted to try this! Mario Badescu has never let me down! Every product I use is amazing!

  89. I would love to try this, it sounds amazing!

  90. This is such a great giveaway! Especially as the seasons change where I live in New England, updating or modifying my skincare is a must. I would love to win this!

  91. MB Strawberry Face Scrub is my go to scrub and I love it. Not sure why I haven’t tried the Almond Honey yet but sure I would love it just as much.

  92. Almond and honey sound so yummy!

  93. I love the smell of Almond and Honey right now, would love to try this!!

  94. This is, by far, my ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE!! I love the way my face feels & have recommended it to all my friends – who love it as well!! Job well done, Mario – thank you!

  95. Just the name of this scrub sounds sooo sweet! I love the smell of almonds and live an area where I need to pay better attention to the new products on the market and treat myself to things like this! Az dry air is a killer on my skin especially feet. Thank you for a chance to try it out!

  96. Would love to try this awesome face scrub!

  97. yummy

  98. sounds like it would make me super hungry just using it!

  99. Oh my! I love this scrub! It’s the only things that really makes me feel clean after a night out or an intense workout. I love how smooth it makes my face and evens out my complexion. A definite fan favourite.

  100. I would love to try this! I’m always looking for a good scrub on my sensitive dry skin.

  101. I have sensitive skin and I love the non abrasive.

  102. Pleaseee… I need this!!

  103. This Honey Almond is a perfect blend of nourishing vitamin E from the almond oils, soothing honey for moisturizer and soft exfoliate of the almonds themselves. With cold weather and dry skin, this scrub is essential during the winter months.

  104. My skin needs this soooo bad. I’m a tired teacher and that scrub would be such a treat!

  105. This looks great!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  106. Haven’t tried an almond scrub before, but honey’s great for my skin!

  107. This sounds like a nice scrub. I would love to try it.

  108. Would love to win.

  109. MB products are good and work!

  110. This sounds like the perfect scrub to use for my sensitive skin.

  111. I love this scrub it makes my face feel so smooth! The smell is amazing I open it to just smell it when I’m not using it!!

  112. I need to use a scrub like this.

  113. I love exfoliating my skin because it needs it. If I go without exfoliating, my skin looks dull and is prone to breakouts. I need something gentle and this scrub does the trick.

  114. MB is seriously the best line. I’m in love with their products. I was lucky enough to win the seaweed night cream and it’s a god send for dry skin. You cannot go wrong with Mario Badescu!! Good luck everyone, and may the odds be in your favor

  115. Ken MB alleen van facebook en zoals ik begrijp moet het heel goed zijn, dus zou ik het heel graag willen proberen.

  116. I am getting dry flaky patches thanks to the climate. Would love to fix the problem with the scrub!

  117. Would make my day, week , month, year if I won this!

  118. Would love to add this to my collection. I bet it smells wonderful too! Thanks for the chance!

  119. Oh, I would love this!

  120. I love all of your products!

  121. It sounds so decadent!

  122. Almond and Honey sounds so soothing for my face. I can’t wait to try it!

  123. I want one pleazzzz!! πŸ™‚ love the Mario products I’ve had the joy if encountering. Went for a facial in NYC years ago and love. Thank you!! Xo such great products!

  124. Would love to try this scrub!

  125. Oh, I would love to try this. I don’t use scrubs because they can be a little harsh on my skin. This sounds promising!

  126. I’m currently suing the strawberry scrub and would love to try this one, too.

  127. I bet this would feel awesome!

  128. Ooh! I’d love to try this. I’m sure it’s amazing!

  129. I would love to try a new face scrub!

  130. Would love to win this. I’m new to the Mario line. I’m also an Esthetician with horrible skin. Nothing seems to help me. So I have heard amazing things about ur line. Now I’m trying it. Thanx for the chance to win something’s.

  131. I just recently started using Mario Badescu products! I noticed the difference after the first use! Love love love!

  132. Prizes are always exciting especially during the christmas season! Happy holidays Mario Badescu!

  133. yummmm love the smell of honey!

  134. I would love to try the honey almond scrub! I hear honey is really awesome for your skin. According to the quiz, I have a love/hate relationship with my skin. Hopefully, this scrub could help make it purely love! πŸ™‚

  135. I love all the products I have tried. I would love to try the face scrub! I try to get different samples every time I order but there are so many things I want to try it is hard to choose!

  136. I’d like to win!!

  137. would love to win a giveaway. For me its totally a love hate. I think some parts seem really nice & smooth and others are just overshadowed by pink or random acne breakouts from being overly sensitive to what seems like, every product Ive ever tried *sad face*

  138. I would love to try this product!

  139. I would love to win this! One of your facialists recommended this to me many years ago, and I lost touch with it. So it’s time to reconnect!

  140. Hmmm. This looks very interesting. I would love to win it because I love taking care of my skin. (:

  141. I love MB products so far! I would love to try this scrub. Right now I’m using the enzyme gel and the silver powder. I just bought the seaweed cleansing lotion I’m sure I’ll love it!

  142. What perfect timing, I’m almost out! I have been using this scrub for years and it’s as effective as it is yummy smelling. Mild, creamy, and non-abrasive! Gives my skin a clean slate for all my other MB products!

  143. Almond and honey-what a perfect combination

  144. would love to try this

  145. Thank you! Mario Badescu for your skin care samples also your contests, and for all your great quality product lines.

  146. I would love to try this scrub. I wonder if it would rival Laura Mercier’s Face Polish!

  147. Would love to try it!!

  148. I would love to try this! My face scrub really isnt doing my face justice! πŸ™

  149. This is hands-down my favorite face scrub, the scent is great and it is effective.

  150. This stuff is sooo awesome…I use the honey and almond scrub every day and it makes my skin look so lovely. Best part it leaves my face feeling clean and fresh…I would LOVE to win a jar of this!!!! This product is awesome πŸ™‚

  151. I would like to try this face scrub. I have dry skin and exfoliating is important for me. I also I have sensitive skin and so this non-abrasive scrub with honey and almond sounds perfect!


  153. Would love to win this. It sounds great. Exfoliating yet non-abrasive.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  154. Have just discovered Mario Badescu skin are products and live the ones I have tried. Would love to try this also.

  155. Would love to try out this product. Honey is so beneficial to skin care!

  156. This is the perfect face scrub for my dry winter skin! Almonds help get rid of my dead skin, while the honey restores the moisture… Perfect!!

  157. I can just imagine how my skin would feel after using this product along with the MB products I already use! If I don’t win I’m off to Ulta!

  158. I would love to win and try this. I haven’t used any other skincare products on my face since discovering MB almost 2 years ago.

  159. Adding a scrub to my MB routine would definitely help me this winter.

  160. I’ve tried the strawberry scrub and the kiwi scrub, but I really want to try this one! I love how my skin feels so soft after a good scrub πŸ™‚

  161. I’d love to try this scrub, thanks for the opportunity!!

  162. I love the products. The best on the market

  163. Big fan of MB products. If you’re patient (since they lack harsh, stripping chemicals), it is DEFINITELY worth the wait! Lookin forward to trying this scrub!!!

  164. Love this stuff! would love to win!!!!!

  165. I love MB! Almond and honey must smell divine!

  166. Would love to try this!

  167. I’ve been a die-hard MB fan for years, and I always come back for the divine, scrumptious scent of this almond & honey scrub!

  168. Yay!

  169. Yeay! LOVE MB!! I use MB everyday and the Almond and Honey Scrub is fabulous!

  170. I would love to win this!!! πŸ™‚

  171. I got this as a sample and need a big jar for my bathroom cabinet!

  172. Have loved everything from Mario that I’ve tried. Would love to try this too! If I don’t win, I’ll have to break down and buy it. πŸ™‚

  173. Thanks for the giveaway, I would love to win (p.s. I love the drying cream)

  174. This will definitely help my winter dry skin since it’s a gentle scrub.

  175. Wow, this looks so awesome! I’d love to win this, Mario Badescu has such great products πŸ™‚

  176. Would love to try this, MB products are wonderful!!

  177. Moisturizing your face without using an exfoliator first is a waste of good moisturizer. I love all the Mario Badescu products I’ve tried so far. I’m sure this would be no different.

  178. I would love to try this scrub – it sounds like it would be a delicious treat for my skin!

  179. I would love to win the almond and honey face scrub! Love all the Mario Badescu products:)

  180. oooh this so sounds nice to smell first thing in the morning

  181. Wow! I’d love to win this! πŸ™‚

  182. Thid smells so good!!!

  183. i’m a scrubaholic and I need this in my life.

  184. I currently use this product, and it literally makes my face feel squeaky clean! Love it!

  185. My face really needs this Almond & Honey Scrub so that my skin will look radiant rather than dull

  186. Obsessed with MB products! Would love to get this one to add to the collection!

  187. i would love to try this!!!

  188. Love MB! It would be great to try this!

  189. Sounds very gentle. That is important to me.

  190. I’ve tired so many different brands of face scrubs, hoping to see which one works best for me, and I would love to try this one out!

  191. I use MB products, but have never tired this one. I would LOVE to try this one. I have to say MB skin care is #1 in my life and wouldn’t think of using other skin care lines. Thank you MB for the great giveaways!! #awesome #numberone, #MBloveofmyskincare

  192. MB products are dependable

  193. I took a little time off from work and had a “me” day, shopped and stopped into Freunds Beauty in Noho. I was given some free samples for my skin type. Liked them so much I started researching the product line and I found the Badescu DIY Facial on the site. A few days before returning to work I tried it, following up with the samples for a week. I have NEVER received compliments on my skin but when I went back to work after that week off FOUR people have said “you look great!” “well, that week off did you some good, you are glowing!!” “you look different..I mean you look pretty! And from a coworker who never give compliments, “Your skin looks great, what did you do? Did you get something done on your stay-cation?”…Mario, where have you been all my life?!

  194. I’d love to try this scrub! I love Mario Badescu products and this would definitely help me get rid of some dead skin cells πŸ˜€

  195. I am looking for a new face scrub, since the one I am currently using is a little harsh on my skin for the winter time. I would love to try this one out, due to it being non-abrasive.

  196. I have tested and tried so many skin care products but Mario Badescu is the only brand that not only nourishes the skin but leaves it feeling soft and supple! I can’t wait to try this face scrub!

  197. I got a sample of this and I’m finding it really good actually!

  198. Mario Badescu’s scrubs are the best, like dessert for your face πŸ™‚

  199. Love all of your products!! Hooked and would love to try this xoxo

  200. I have suffered with acne and sensitive skin for years, but after using Mario Badescu’s products my 17 year old daughter said ” mom, you look like someone who used to be a model!” Ok “thanks!” I think! I tell everyone about your terrific products, the best value in skin care!!

  201. Addicted to exfoliaters this one is gentle enough for acne prone skin… Can’t wait to try it!!

  202. I’ve never tried Mario Badescu products, but so many people that I’ve talked to rant and rave about them! I’d LOVE to try!

  203. I love this scrub!! I was able to try it when I received my free MB samples. I love how gentle it was to my skin and the smell of it. I am now a faithful MB customer but I cannot afford to purchase all the products I will love to use because I am a mother of 3 and a college student, but I will love to add this scrub to my MB regime

  204. I love almond. Would love to win this!!

  205. Almond is my favorite smell in beauty products! I would love love loooove to try this out!

  206. This product smells great and works well on my skin. I use the honey moisturizer after.

  207. My face is really hoping to win!

  208. Love this scrub!

  209. Pick me!Pick me !

  210. Love these products! Haven’t tried this one yet.

  211. Have always wanted to try this, would love to win this! Love MB products!

  212. Love exfoliants and this one sounds perfect…not too harsh.

  213. Love the MB products I use! I do not have the Almond and Honey face scrub! I would love to win it!

  214. Love the smell of honey in beauty products! Would love to try this!

  215. I am fairly new to Mario Badescu products! I still have so many to try. The products I have purchased are excellent! I look forward to exploring many more!!! Thank you!

  216. I have used a leading apricot scrub on my fave and find it too harsh. Would love to give this a try because it says non abrasive!

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