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It’s Friday! And if that’s not good enough news, we really want one of you to win the Drying Cream!

Here’s how this works: Answer any of the questions hidden within this week’s blog posts. Put your answer right in the comments section (below) and you’re entered to win!

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5 Facts About Facial Cleansing
Let’s talk: Crow’s Feet
A beauty quote worth remembering
An ode to the iconic Drying Lotion

Find the hidden questions and answer them below!

beauty giveaway This contest runs from Friday, January 17, 2014 through Sunday, January 19th. The winner will be announced Monday morning (January 20, 2014) on our Facebook page and will also be contacted privately. Contest is open to residents of the US and Canada. 



Author: Jill

As a long-time writer, editor, and esthetician, I’ve had an ongoing love affair with Mario Badescu Skin Care for years. I can usually be found reading, knitting, painting, trying new beauty and skin care products, and telling everyone to wear more sunscreen. These days, I’m feeling super grateful for the opportunity to share more Mario with the world! I believe that better skin care changes lives. For more about me, visit my Google+ Page.


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  2. What does beauty mean to me? Feeling “pretty”, which can be done with or without makeup. Ultimately, we need clean skin.

  3. I have tried the drying cream! and love it

  4. I have been using drying lotion for over 10 years. It is the best product for quickly getting rid of pimples

  5. Beauty is loving yourself for who you are in looks and personality. When you are happy with yourself it shows in the way you hold yourself. It isn’t just about how you look on the outside, it is also how you feel and how you take care of your self; Eat healthy, exercise, and use the proper products for your skin. Beauty is understanding where you come from and why that makes you the unique person you are. We are all made different for a reason. We are all beautiful in our own unique way. Non of us are perfect in our looks. We all need a little help every now and then by using product like the drying cream! 🙂

  6. I am currently using a creamy ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, instead of soap. It works very nice.

  7. Beauty is confidence! Beauty is health! Beauty is being comfortable and happy in your own skin despite imperfections. I love Mario Badescu products!

  8. Beauty is peace. I feel most beautiful when I’m content and at peace with the world and myself. Great skin doesn’t hurt, either 🙂

  9. I am using the Dermonectin Eye Cream and I LOVE it, it makes a difference I can see as soon as it soaks in!

  10. I have not tried the Drying Lotion YET but it sounds interesting.

  11. Beauty to me means having clear and youthful looking skin, it also means taking care of myself and making sure I always look put together!

  12. I have dry skin and was using the Orange Cleansing Soap but I started breaking out a lot so I switched to the Enzyme Cleansing Gel. But now my skin is very dry but I’m unsure if it’s from the cleaner because I changed a few other things as well. I’ll probably go back to the Orange Cleansing Soap to help hydrate my skin more.

  13. What eye cream are you using? I am using Eye & Lip SPF 15 everyday to protect from harmful UV rays and I am using Glycolic eye cream every night to keep the crows feet at bay and help moisturizer his sensitive area.

  14. I’m currently using Mario Badescu’s Enzyme Cleansing Gel. My skin is too sensitive and oily that it needs something to calm all of those problems down. I feel so fresh after cleansing my face and I’m happy because it’s working good on my skin. And I can’t wait till morning/or getting home to get to cleanse my face again, using the Cleansing gel of M.B that i have just discovered these days ! (lol)

    I’m not using any Eye-cream at the moment and i’m on my way to find out a good product to protect my eyes. Though I’m still too young for wrinkles but Prevention is always better than cure, I have always told my mom so in order to get some recommendation on which product i should buy because eye-creams are usually very expensive for me to afford. I love my eyes the most on my face and i want to protect it as soon as possible.

    I haven’t tried the Drying Lotion but I’ve read so many good reviews of it on the internet and I think I should get M.B’s combo for acne skin. You’ve got my trust and loyalty thanks to the awesome cleansing gel, M.B.

    Beauty is the feeling of confidence and satisfaction in yourself..We – girls usually feel insecure and often compare ourselves with some flawless pretty strangers on the internet without acknowledging and sometimes completely forget that we’re all pretty in our way too. Hidden beauty is of course important but i won’t deny the fact that appearance is a part of us too, so remember to take care of ourselves well, be confident, be happy, be beautiful. There will be people out there who feel thankful for our appearance and existence, I believe so and you should too.

  15. What cleanser am I using? Why Mario Badescu Emzyme Cleansing Gel of course! This cleanser is very gentle with my skin! After I use the gel, I follow with Mario toner and collegian moisturizer!!

  16. Keratosis pilaris is also known as Lichen Pilaris or Follicular Keratosis, I struggle with this specifically Keratosis Pilaris Rubra …exfoliating is the only thing that makes them less noticeable 🙁

  17. I have not tried the drying lotion yet, but was just thinking this morning that all I need for my beauty regime is something to get rid of a couple spots! This looks perfect…

  18. Beauty is not an outward appearance, it starts with in the heart. A negative heart has the potential to produce a negative or “harsh” image, but a happy heart can be shown with a smile or acknowledged through a simple hello. Outward looks fade but a happy heart produces lasting beauty!

  19. What cleanser am I currently using?
    Sin sits winter my skin tends to be on the dryer side, so in the morning I used the seaweed cleansing soap and at night I like something a little bit more dense so I use the enzyme cleansing gel! Absolutely love both products!

  20. I have not tried the drying cream yet but I would love too! For a facial cleanser right now I’m using simple skincare foaming face wash, and for eye creams I’m using one by yves rocher for sensitive skin and depuffing.

  21. My current eye cream is Youth Code by L’Oreal

  22. I love using the Enzyme Cleansing Gel as an every day face wash!! Its so smooth on my skin. I like to switch it up sometimes with the Glycolic Foaming Wash. Its a deeper clean do break down makeup and really get into those pores. I feel so refreshed after using either one.

    Enzyme Cleansing Gel and Glycolic Foaming Wash are a must have for everyone!

  23. Beauty if something that comes from within. Its loving yourself and having no judgement on others, kindness

  24. the cleanser i’m currently using is the glycol face wash by derma e, but the enzyme cleansing gel is also equal in comparison 🙂

  25. Beauty is not only what is outside but what is on the inside. It’s about how you hold yourself and love yourself. What makes a beautiful person is the ability to see others’ beauty as well.

  26. Now that it’s winter and SO dry out I’ve been using cetaphil cleanser on my face and Mario Badescu’s ceramide eye cream. Really helps my face after a long day

  27. Q: Which eye cream are you using?
    A: Just bought the Hyaluronic Eye Cream and it’s great!

  28. Have I tried the drying lotion yet? No I haven’t. But have heard nothing but good reviews about it. Now that my son is a teenager I want him to try and think it would work great along w/drying cream. Also would like to try the Enzyme Cleansing Gel. Is this cleansing gel gentle in the eyes? That’s important to me for a cleanser not to irritate your eyes. 🙂

  29. I am currently using the foaming Cera Ve cleanser, works very nicely on my oily acne-prone skin!

  30. I have never tried the drying cream. Thanks for the Friday giveaways

  31. What cleanser am I using?
    I am currently using Cetaphil. It’s such a simple cleanser that gets my face clean effortlessly.

  32. I never use any Mario Badescu products before, I would really use this I have some much need blemishes that need to be gone.

  33. A fact from following your blog about skin, one important fact I learned this week is to wash my face with tepid or lukewarm water. I had been using very warm water, so this was a great recommendation, so thank you Mario Badescu

  34. I am using Vichy’s LiftActiv Retinol Ha Eyes but I would love to try Mario Badescu’s products next!

  35. I haven’t tried the drying lotion yet, but I can’t wait to! I am going through a really rough patch of adult acne, it is really tough on me as I have never experienced acne before in my life. I have made loads of research and heard of the benefits of the Mario Badescu’s skin care line and I really cannot wait to give it a try! It is so important to feel good with ourselves and I hope this product can help me achieve that state!

  36. I use the Acne Facial Cleanser with my Clarisonic. I love it! It is perfect for my acne prone skin, and leaves my skin feeling and looking SO CLEAN without overdrying. I first tried the Enzyme Gel Cleanser, which is also great, but I needed something a little extra for acne.

  37. Beauty to me means being confident, happy & kind/compassionate.

  38. Beauty means being myself, self-confident and respect for myself and others.

  39. Beauty is feeling comfortable in your own skin! Love your skin and even your imperfections! My skin can’t live without Mario Badescu products! ❤

  40. My interpretation of beauty is the positive energy we bring to the world and others in it.

  41. beauty means feeling and looking my best – being happy and satisfied with where I am in my life

  42. Beauty is having confidence and being proud of who you are… with or without makeup!

  43. I am using a few eye creams one for depuffing by simple and the other by restorea. Not too thrilled with either so my hunt keeps on

  44. I currently use kiehl’s face cleanser but would love to try some more Mario Badescu products (love the pink drying lotion!)

  45. What eye cream are you using? I use Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist eye cream. It has the thick texture I crave for my dry skin.

  46. What cleanser are you using?

    Enzyme Cleansing Gel….my favorite.

  47. Have been using the HYALURONIC EYE CREAM for the last year and I love it. Softens the under eye lines and moisturizes the eye area perfectly.

  48. I use the Dermonectin Eye Cream. Works great!!

  49. Which eye cream are you using?

    I use the Glycolic eye cream and I love it!

  50. The defenition of beauty to me is feeling confident in your skin. Feeling beautiful starts with your skin. If your not confident in your skin the you don’t feel beautiful.

  51. What facial cleanser are you using? Currently I am mixing up my facial cleanser between the Simple Kind to Skin facial cleanser and a Proactiv exfoliator. I love facial care because it leaves you feeling fresh and clean like you could take on the day!

  52. I use 2 different cleansers. In the morning I use a cram/exfoliant to give me a smooth clean pallette and at night I use a gel.

  53. Beauty to me means feeling clean, confident & happy!

  54. Beauty is being confident and comfortable in your skin and who you are.

  55. Would love to try drying cream.

  56. Looking your best and being a nice, genuine and caring person. The most attractive person can be unattractive if they are ugly on the inside.

  57. I have not yet tried the drying cream, but I would absolutely love to give it a go! Along with many of your products. It’s just so hard to choose.

  58. Which eye cream are you using? Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream.

  59. For me, true beauty means being kind, thoughtful and true to oneself!

  60. I am using Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream.

  61. I am currently using the acne facial cleanser and I absolutely love it! I have only been using it for about 6 months, but I have seen a drastic improvement on my skin in general and a reduction af acne too!

  62. Well, to be honest I am new to mario badescu skin care line, I’ve ordered the ceramide eye gel after reading rave reviews. I can’t wait to try it next week!! I’m currently using another brand (starts with a c ends with an e) and it’s just not doing anything for me! Beauty to me is being healthy, and happy which radiates from the inside out. It’s looking in the mirror make up free and still loving what you see.

  63. What cleanser are you using?

    Right now, I am really into cleansing with oils. I have oily skin, and I find it does such a great job of clearing sebum and makeup without making me breakout. I like to use EVOO or Jojoba oil to get the job done! Bonus: because the oils don’t strip my skin, I don’t produce oil as much during the day and my makeup stays on longer! After I use the oils, I like to follow up with something gentle, like MB’s Enzyme Cleansing Gel!

    I just have to say how much I love the drying cream! So so perfect for those breakouts and great in conjunction with the drying lotion!

  64. What does beauty mean to me? It is a person values, morals and ethics that determine if they are beautiful or not….true beauty is not something you catch a reflection of in a mirror.

    Someone can be a beautiful “model type” but have no respect for themselves or others making them one of the most unattractive people in the world. Likewise, someone can be scared with pimples and larger than the average person but have a beautiful soul, filled with love for the world and people around them and thereby making them one of the most beautiful people!!

  65. To say I have acne prone skin is an understatement but I have found a MB combination that has given me clear skin for the first time in my life! I am cleansing with Seaweed Cleansing Soap and Acne Facial Cleanser. Absolute perfection!

  66. I am currently using Mario Badescu’s Orange Cleansing Soap with my Clarisonic Mia 2…it’s pure magic.

  67. Beauty to me is having clear, healthy looking skin. It’s not until i started having acne that I realized that.

  68. My best friend’s skin has always looked radiant and I recently asked her to tell me exactly what she does- she says it’s all about the badescu :). My samples arrived this past week and I have been feeling so clean and fresh-faced! Just placed my first order 🙂

  69. Beauty means friendship, family and love-it is both internal and external. The most beautiful people in the world, are those who help others everyday.

  70. Very nice product.

  71. Love Control Cream in the winter for red, dry skin!

  72. I am using the Mario Badescu Herbal Ceramide Eye Cream. It is gentle enough for my sensitive eyes yet effective enough for me to see beautiful results!

  73. Have I tried the drying lotion?! That’s a silly question; that’s how I discovered this wonderful brand! I have always had it on hand for the past 6 years. My skin care routine was instantly changed the day my friend introduced me to it. From there I have discovered many, many more wonderful MB products I can’t live without!

  74. i have a small sample of the drying cream its the best
    to spot conceal and heal a pimple esp under my makeup!

  75. Love the drying cream!!!! This makes such a difference over night and it keeps my face clear from small bumps. Thank you, Mario Badescu for this life-changing product!!

  76. LOVE Mario Badescu! Never tried the drying cream but I am a huge fan of the orange cream cleanser and aloe lotion!

  77. Beauty is being both comfortable and confident in who you are. It is something that comes from the inside out.

  78. Beauty is being at peace with yourself as a person.

  79. I have tried a sample of this and absolutely LOVED it!!! Nothing else works as great as MB does! I don’t know how you do it, but MB never ceases to amaze me!! You never fail me!

  80. Enzyme cleansing gel!

  81. This would be perfect for my Tween daughter who is getting some breakouts. I just started introducing her to Mario, and this would be a great addition.

  82. You create your own beauty with your own voice, actions and words.

  83. In order to feel beautiful you must first love yourself.

  84. What is beauty? Beauty is confidence. Being confident in the body and skin you have.

  85. In order to feel beautiful you must first have to love yourself.

  86. I own the drying cream, it’s a good little bottle to keep handy.

  87. I have tried Mario Badescu products and love them.I would love to try the drying cream.

  88. Beauty is relative, and can be found in any object, animal, human or phenomena. Beauty is a word; however, it comes down to how each individual defines it and to me beauty is life, death, and all states of matter. Both the known and unknown that we can see, hear, touch, calculate or imagine.

  89. Entering contest

  90. I love mario badescu my moms used it for years and whenever I’m home from college I use hers its amazing!

  91. For me beauty is helping/respecting others and loving yourself. Everybody has a different standard when it comes to beauty on the outside but nobody can deny someone who is beautiful within.

  92. The dying cream and vit c serum are all thats missing from my routine,,,

  93. I use the Enzyme Cleansing Gel with the Special cucumber Lotion toner and the AHA & Cermaide Moisturizer. Haven’t used the Drying Lotion yet though, My retailer here in Nova Scotia doesn’t sell it.

  94. Beauty comes from within! But I must say using my Mario Badescu Orange Cleansing Soap helps me feel beautiful inside AND out 🙂

  95. Beauty to me is about having confidence. For me, if I look good I feel good and have more confidence…which is why taking care of my skin with quality products is so important!

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