Fan Friday Giveaway: Vitamin E Body Lotion


It’s awfully cold here in New York City. We don’t know where we’d be without our favorite hand creams and body lotions!

In honor of this ongoing cold snap, we thought we’d treat one of you to the Vitamin E Body Lotion!*

Simply leave us a comment on this blog post (below) to enter to win! Tell us how your skin is reacting to your local weather- whether it’s super-cold or lovely and warm where you are! Have you recently made changes to your regimen to accommodate the cold? OR do you live in a climate so stable that you use the same products all year long? We want to know!
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*One winner will receive the Vitamin E Body Lotion. Winner must be a resident of the United States or Canada; this beauty giveaway will run from January 24-26; the winner will be announced Monday morning, January 27th, 2014.

beauty giveawayWe couldn’t resist seeing a few of our cold-weather favorites in the snow!

 Diane T. is our winner! Thanks to everyone for participating!

Author: Jill

As a long-time writer, editor, and esthetician, I’ve had an ongoing love affair with Mario Badescu Skin Care for years. I can usually be found reading, knitting, painting, trying new beauty and skin care products, and telling everyone to wear more sunscreen. These days, I’m feeling super grateful for the opportunity to share more Mario with the world! I believe that better skin care changes lives. For more about me, visit my Google+ Page.


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  2. I am addicted to the way my skin feels when I use the vitamin E body lotion! It’s my go to for dry winter skin. I would love to add some more to my stock of MB products!!

  3. Pick me!

  4. I live in the South, so my skin is constantly dealing with drastic weather changes! Today I have dry skin, so this would be great to win! 🙂

  5. I skin reacts by getting extremely dry especially on my right hand. The skin on my knuckles crack and bleed. I have to continuously put hand cream/lotion.

  6. Living in southern CA, I dont get my dry skin from the weather but more from having to shower all the time. Between surfing, yoga and my 10k training my skin is sometimes like “give me a break! Stop sweating so much!”

  7. It has been mild here but cold at night. Because it’s been so dry with no rain, my skin splits on my fingers which is very painful.
    Again, because of the dry weather, my whole body is very dry.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Virginia weather is bi polar; 60 degrees one day, 8 inches of snow the next! My skin takes a beating from all the changes. I have never tried the Vitamin “E” body lotion but would love to give it a try!

  9. I live in Florida and the cold from the north is playing havit on my skin. I use lotions all year round because of our summers but, definitely use more lotion during the winter my skin gets very dry ,scaling and peeling. I have use your products as a matter of fact I have some sample from Mario Badescu and love them but I have never tried MB skin lotion with vitamin E and antioxdant , wheat germ oil, honey extract sounds just what my skin so thirsty for. My skin and I Thank You very much for this opportunity to use the best lotion in the world.How do I know this since I have not try MB body lotion, because I know that every product the Mario Badescu is the best in the world.

  10. Mario Badescu saved my skin!! Each and every product is simply perfection– the only brand I’ve found that has helped my problem skin. Here in Jersey, we were just hit with a snow storm, and boy, has it taken a toll on my skin! It’s definitely necessary for me to use a more moisturizing product for my scaly skin now that it’s winter.

  11. My skin could do with some Vitamin E, the houston weather is killing my skin.

  12. I live in Canada and it’s absolutely freezing. I have eczema so I’ve have to take a lot of preventative steps to keep my skin from breaking out. I’ve been doing almost daily milk baths, applying oils before and after. I’ve also been using the AHA moisturiser on my face, with the seaberry oil at night and the little scales have been disappearing. Sadly, every season is a different nightmare. but you figure things out eventually.

  13. Oh how this would be a skin saver for me. It’s -3 degrees here with windchills of -25 . Seriously nasty and my current drugstore brand lotion isn’t cutting it! lol. It’s crazy to look out my window and see little “snow-nados” swirling around , being formed from the wind whipping all the snow off the rooftops and spinning it down to the ground 🙂

  14. My skin is a little drier than normal as it is drier out here in AZ. However, we’re lucky to not experience any harsh weather conditions so my skin is doing pretty great with daily moisturizing.

  15. Mario Badescu lotions have always been my savior when it comes to this dry and cold weather! This lotion has never let me down!

  16. It’s been a mild winter but I still wear more lotion during the colder months. My skin gets so dry.

  17. This winter my skin is FREAKING OUT. My legs have gotten “ashy” and my elbows hurt from the dryness of them. Even my hands are crazy dry and I have to moisturize them about every five seconds.

  18. My skin has been pretty dry in the really cold weather we’ve been having! I’ve been using more lotion and making sure to reapply lip balm constantly.

  19. my skin gets dry and red in the cold weather

  20. It has been colder than normal here. I have started carrying a small bottle of hand lotion in my purse so I can use it more often.

  21. I hear such good things about you products and can way to try them! Specifically in this Canadian deep freeze that we are in. -50c …not cute for the skin.

  22. “I so need some of this lotion for my dry hands this winter especially in ND !! Luv luv your products

  23. I try to moisturize frequently because my hands especially get so dry they crack! (ouch!)

  24. I want to try this lotion because I live in the northeast and I’ve been shoveling snow and my skin gets so dry in below zero temps. Every time I shovel though, I put on your lip wax and eye and lip sunblock cream as well as the oil free SPF 15 so I don’t get chapped, weathered skin. It’s so dewy on my face. And pleeeeease tell me your Healing Cream is coming back. I scraped the last little bit out of the crevice in the jar and now I’m all out! Help! Lol thank you!

  25. It’s been really cold here. I use moisturizer on my face and body to keep my skin from feeling dry and chapped.

  26. It’s freezing here and it’s miserable! Supposed to get 1-3 more inches this weekend!

  27. Right now where I live is cold and my skin tends to get dry. To help with the dryness I like to use a great moisturizer. I love they way Mario Badescu skin care products work on my skin…it has never looked better!

  28. I live in north Texas and the weather can vary by 50 degrees from day to day, literally. Yesterday it was in the twenties so I moisturized like a champ but before that it had been in the seventies (still moisturized, just not every few hours…).

  29. I’m a new user and I would love to try this lotion! It is cold here and I’m in the process of changing over to all MB products. So far my skin is loving it!

  30. Love Mario Badescu Skin Care…. Hope to win this fantastic product! ♥

  31. I love Mario Badescu products! I’ve been wanting to try this.

  32. With the electric heater on almost every day in the winter, the dryness of the air is causing my skin havoc. I’ve been applying olive oil on my skin before bed every night. Instead of smelling like a salad dressing, may be I should try Mario Badescu Vitamin E Body Lotion.

  33. This is the first year I’ve suffered so much due to the cold weather. I’m sure age is a factor, but I’m grateful now for the many years of not being affected by the temperature.

  34. Could really use this with baby on the way and needing to normalize my skin again.

  35. I live in Wisconsin and we’ve been having a brutally cold winter! This weather sucks the moisture right out of my skin, so moiturizing is so important right now. Free lotion definitely wouldn’t hurt 🙂

  36. My poor skin has become dry and somewhat flaky. I moisturize but my legs feels like a drought has come and dried the surface. The cold weather has affected me this much.

  37. I work once a week on a local Austin, TX farm, and on a day like today, working outside in the snow did a number to my poor knuckles! I’m thinking this lotion would go lengths to heal my chapped areas and envelop my senses with that famous badescu rejuvenating aroma!

  38. My combination skin is dry but I can’t complain too much because I live in California and winter hasn’t really shown up yet.

  39. Here in Baltimore, it’s been a frigid -9 degrees Fahrenheit for the last few weeks!! My skin has reacted by going into callus, crack & complain mode! My dry, wind and cold-whipped skin is ashy, irritated and in desperate need of some Mario Badescu-rescue! My face stays soft and supple year round with my MB moisturizer, shouldn’t my body get the same treatment? Until I can retire in 40 years on the balmy beaches of some tropical island, I leave my skin’s health in your capable hands, MB! I love everything I’ve tried from your company thus far!!

  40. I am in Long Island too on this blustery cold day so I try to balance moisturizer with acne medications since I have combination skin too much of one thing can be a nightmare.

  41. I have to adjust my routine, since it is cold now I need to moisturize daily or else my skin gets so dry! In the summer time, it is so humid that all my makeup melts off! :O Wish I still lived somewhere where the weather doesn’t shift on a monthly basis.

  42. My skin has gotten very dry during the cold winter.

  43. It is SO cold where I am! My skin is not reacting well to it. It is very itchy, dry, and flaky. I’ve been trying to give it some moisture, but apparently the lotion I am using is just not moisturizing enough. I would love to try this MB lotion!

  44. Love Mario Badescu products! I have really dry skin that has only been helped by MB!

  45. I would absolutely loobe to try this lotion for the harsh winter month <33

  46. I’ve been using Mario since I was in sixth grade and with the ridiculous weather changes we’ve had recently here on Hilton Head Island, SC I’m more thankful than ever that I use these products!

  47. Would love this

  48. my skin get extremely dry especially my feet.

  49. Our weather in S. FL is unseasonably cold and I’m been cleaning our garage for the last week! My hands are so beat up its not even funny!

  50. No snow here. No humidity either. I would love some Vitamin E lotion for my very dry skin.

  51. It’s been extremely cold in PA! My skin gets dry every winter, especially my hands. I’ve been using more lotion these past few weeks to keep my skin from becoming flakey.

  52. Freezing cold and skin is starting to show the effects of the cold winds. I have amped up the moisturizer, but my skin is dry. 🙁

  53. This weather is leaving my skin dry, red cheeks and feels like it burns after washing and possibly chapped cheeks.

  54. This would be great for the winter

  55. I live in South Georgia so it doesn’t get too cold compared to other parts of the country but it has been much colder this year than past years! I already have naturally dry skin and when the tempatures made a serious decrease my skin became chronically dry! I could put on moisturizer and 30 mins later I’d feel as dry as a desert. I got a richer moisturizer and also a serum and my skin is finally starting to retain some hydration. I’d love to see how much this lotion helps my skin to maintain moisture so hopefully I won’t have to apply lotion as often!

  56. it is super cold and my skin is dry and needs extra moisturizing

  57. The weather here is warmer than most and also very dry and hard on my skin and it would soak up that aloe for sure. Ty.

  58. My skin is very dry and flaky from the polar vortex. I definitely need good lotion.

  59. In NY, as you know, it’s been like 10 degrees – and that’s been warm. My combo skin usually reacts by getting tight and dry. So I slather it with MB Oil Free during the day and Seaweed Night Cream at night…

  60. I love your products. With this weather: freezing cold outside, heat inside, a Vitamin E regimen is a must and it would be great to win this lotion.

  61. I`m 59 years old, and my skin is SO fragile and dry that I usually just stay inside in winter! Would LOVE to have something to protect AND be good for my old skin!!I have never used this, but a friend gave me two samples of the Bee Pollen night cream and the Dermonectin eye cream, and I am in love!!

  62. My skin is dry an scaley from my feet to my elbows…help

  63. I live in Southern California so it’s been relatively warm, but the air has been dry from the wind. Lately our seasons have been kind of weird so I have to adjust my skincare routine to the weather rather than the seasons. Overall I’ve been incorporating heavier moisturizers and less drying products.

  64. One too many polar vortexes have left my skin dry and itchy! I alternate between Virginia and Illinois and it’s only made the problem worse! My regular body lotion just can’t keep up, but I bet this can!

  65. Were we live it has been about 7 degrees with a windchill sometimes down to -17. They have cancelled school for cold weather! Craziest winter ever. And my skin feels it plus my son has ecema and nothing is helping! I would love to see if this would help him!!

  66. My skin especially my hands looked terribly dry due to this very cold weather in NY frequent applications lotion is a must, I bet this can!

  67. It’s wicked cold here in NYC- but thanks to my very new mario skin are products my usual dry spots aren’t so dry and I have been getting soo mNy complements on my skin. Haven’t tried the vitamin e cream but I would loove to!! 🙂

  68. I’d love to nourish my dry winter skin with the Vitamin E lotion! No other skin care products come close to the quality of MB.

  69. Hi, I want to be entered to win. I haven’t ordered MB products yet but I’ve heard great things and would really like to give this a try. The weather is in the 60s and can be an icy cold. I do moisturizer daily.

  70. I have been using vitamin E on my skin and notice a considerable difference. I have to have it!

  71. I have not tried MB body products yet–just face, so far. I live in the Northeast where we have a foot of snow on the ground right now and icy streets. My skin is dry all year round but especially uncomfortable and not at all glow-y this January day!

  72. I live in Florida, so I am lucky to not have to deal with the cold weather. I do have very dry skin and would love to try this lotion!

  73. New England winters are brutal on my hands and I would love a product that could eliminate the pain of my fingers cracking. Being allergic to fragrances makes it even more difficult trying to find products that will work.


  74. I have dry skin and I live in southeastern PA. It’s very cold and dry here especially at night. The only answer to the cold weather dilemma is moisturize, moisturize and moisturize. I have been using your eye cream with hyaluronic acid with great results. I would love to be picked for your giveaway.


  75. Our temps have been up and down all winter, but regardless, my skin is always drier in the winter and requires more moisturizing.

  76. My hands especially get really dry in the winter and with the up and down temperatures doesn’t help.

  77. As a Canadian, my skin is exposed to harsh winter conditions. As I have oily skin, I like to layer light moisturizing products, while adding thick creams for my hands, body, and lips.

  78. I would love to win! Its freezing and blizzardy in Ontario and many of the roads in my area are closed. My skin is getting dry and peely from this gross weather.I need to find a good product that will help asap. I am in love with your products but have yet to try the lotion! 🙂

  79. Philadelphia has been hit pretty hard with bone chilling weather and don’t get me started on the crispy cold wind chills! I’ve been using hydrating masks to combat the dry skin.

  80. I am hoping to win one :)) Im a new immigrant in Canada and I learned that I need to take good care of my skin. The weather here is different from where I came from.

  81. New york weather..! ‘Nuf said 🙂 My skin type that is usually normal but always ends up getting a little during the winter! So always a little extra TLC is welcome 🙂

  82. I would love to try this! This especially cold winter has done a number on my normally non-dry skin.

  83. It’s been negative temps for what seems like months here. My skin is terribly dry and in need of hydration so I’m going through lotion like mad!

  84. I just started using Mario badescu acne treatment products. I really like the products, especially drying cream which treats my acne quickly and effortlessly. Id love to try this lotion, because it is below 10 degrees freezing cold in western part of New York! P

  85. My skin has been super dry as I’m in chilly Virginia but thank goodness I have Seaweed Night Cream for my face and Olive body lotion for my body.

  86. After having two babies in the past few years my skin has become super dry from hormonal changes. I live in Ontario Canada and the weather is always changing. I try to keep my skin hydrated and use lotions and oils.

  87. My skin is so dry with the Santa Winds and crazy warm weather – love the super rich lotion that doesn’t leave any residue!

  88. My skin is so dry and scaly with this weather! Nothing works to hydrate it!

  89. My skin is super dry after these several months of cold, icy weather. I could not only use this, but I really love this brand’s other products I have tried.

  90. I’ve been religiously using Mario products since 2000 and have been hard pressed to find anything as good and at the same value. I love all Mario products. Wish I lived in NY to get those wonderful facials at such a great price too.

  91. Its winter where I am so my skin is getting dry, but also oily because the deeper layers aren’t moisturized enough. To counter this I’m using a treatment cream underneath my moisturizer for extra hydration

  92. I love Mario Badescu products! I find that they are the best for my sensitive skin. I would live to try out the vitamin E body lotion!! 🙂

  93. Loving the acne kit so far! Already recommending it to friends/family. 🙂

  94. I need this! I get so dry in the winter!

  95. I live in Louisiana, so generally the weather is warm and moist, pretty good for the skin – However, we are being hit with an arctic blow here , with blows of crazy cold freezing winds and snow/sleet flurries – my skin is receiving burns on my face/cheeks area, leaving dry patchy marks..uhhhhhh… help!!!! – a little natural moisture for a gal that loves her skin at 46 (looking after it for over 2o years) and looking for further assistance, I signed up for your anti-age products – (on their way), but didn’t prepare for the weather change so dramatically…The moisture cream would be a tremendous help through this weird crazy time… I will sit and look out the window for your gift Pleeeeeeeaaaaseeeee….

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