Fan Friday Giveaway: Special Healing Powder


Comment on our blog to enter win the multi-purpose, multi-talented
Special Healing Powder!*

This is a Sulfur-based powder used to absorb excess oil and reduce acne-related redness and irritation. Dust it on your skin to control oil or apply it to areas of acne irritation. The Special Healing Power also helps dry open, infected breakouts. For those with very oily skin, you can even apply it to the skin before using the Drying Mask.

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*This beauty giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada. Entrants must comment on this blog between August 9 and August 11, 2013 to enter. Winner will be selected randomly and announced on our Facebook page on Monday, August 12, 2013. Winner will also be contacted privately via email. 


Author: Jill

As a long-time writer, editor, and esthetician, I’ve had an ongoing love affair with Mario Badescu Skin Care for years. I can usually be found reading, knitting, painting, trying new beauty and skin care products, and telling everyone to wear more sunscreen. These days, I’m feeling super grateful for the opportunity to share more Mario with the world! I believe that better skin care changes lives. For more about me, visit my Google+ Page.


  1. this stuff really works!

  2. I love, love, love this powder! Makes my every day better! 🙂

  3. I would love to try this gem!

  4. Would love to try this. I am 45 and have oily skin and still break out like I was a 14 year old.

  5. Would love to try this out , i go through times when my face gets really itchy and it drives me crazy , have tried many things and nothing works , so willing to try something new , hope i win ! (: …. thanks for the chance to win

  6. I really need this, would love to win it, thanks for the chance!

  7. would be nice to win and try your brand:-)

  8. I would love to try this Mario Badescu product! I think it would be a great addition to my other Mario products that I use on my unpredictable skin!

  9. I want to try this! I love the drying cream!

  10. Great! Love this powder!!

  11. Would love to try!

  12. Love that powder! I’m almost out and could definitely use a new one! 🙂

  13. This looks awesome. I would love to win!


  15. I would absolutely love to try this powder. I have acne, particularly acne on my chin and neck area. I’ve tried just about everything to clear my skin. So far, I’m still searching for that perfect product.

  16. would really love the opportunity to try this 🙂

  17. I am learning that I my skin is getting more sensitive as I get older. I have yet to find one product of the samples that I recently received that my skin does not react badly to. These products are the ONLY ones I have found that do not cause increased redness, inflammation and irritation of my skin. Believe me, I have tried all the others. With great appreciation.

  18. Love this!

  19. I have never used the healing cream but I have used Mario Badescu facial creams and cleansers and I love these products.Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway.

  20. I’ve just switched to Mario Badescu products and so far so good! I have very oily skin and have been using the drying mask and it seems to be helping. The Special Healing Powder may help even more. I”d love to try it.

  21. Love this powder!!

  22. Oh! I so want to try this!

  23. MB is doing wonders for my skin!

  24. I would love to try this. Your products are awesome. I can’t live without the Drying Lotion.

  25. I would LOVE to win the Special Healing Powder! I have super oily skin, so I’m sure this would be very beneficial for me! Also, when I was pregnant, I developed red patches and other patchy colors of skin on my face that are still there 3 years later. I truly believe this product combined with the rest of my Mario Badescu skincare regimen would do wonders for me! Hope I win! XOXO! 🙂

  26. I love the Special Healing Powder! I use it everyday as a primer under my powder.

  27. This sounds like a great product and something I could sure use!

  28. This product is a life saver! I recently switched medications which resulted in my skin becoming quite oily. Dusting the Special Healing Powder in my t-zone area keeps the oil under control and prevents my face from looking shiny!

  29. Your products are amazing!

  30. Would love to try this!! 🙂

  31. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this magical product! It’s just what I need right now though- so many breakouts to heal and redness to tame! Thanks!

  32. I have never of this product before and I do use Mario Badescu products. I would love to try it.

  33. Would love the opportunity to try this product, Ty for the chance

  34. So hope I am chosen for this one; I’m dying to try more MB product, I just wish my wallet would cooperate!

  35. I absolutely love this product! It covers, keeps my face from becoming shiny and I don’t break out!

  36. I have never tried this product but it sounds amazing. I’ve began purchasing one by one products and I’m quickly becoming obsessed! Every MB product does exactly what it’s intended for. Love MB!!

  37. This is one product I have not yet tried. I know that it would be a great addition to my mb regimen. I would love to try this!

  38. I need this for my daughter ,she is getting acne an I have heard this product is really good!!! I would love to win, she needs some good products to help her ! Thanks

  39. I would love to try this!

  40. I was always one of those people who never struggled with acne is high school, and the all of a sudden in my 20’s… Bam I had an acne problem. Mario Badescu was the only thing that helped improve my skin! I’d love to try this too!!

  41. I need something for my oily areas on my skin, and now since summertime my skin has been extra oily. I am on the hunt for a product that will help control the oil, maybe the next skincare holy grail? I don’t know… maybe =)

  42. Love this skin care line!

  43. IN LOVE with the MB Drying Mask!! I would love to try this with it! All your products are amazing so I don’t doubt this would be any less than outstanding!

  44. Love mb products! I would love to try this!

  45. I love Mario Badescu products. They are effective, affordable, and natural based. You can’t get any better than that. Powder is no exception it works so well and blackheads and congested pores are gone

  46. I would love to add this to my Mario Badescu routine. I love the healing and soothing mask and think this powder would be great to use along with the mask.

  47. OMG! Never knew I can do that!! Can’t wait to try the special healing powder with my drying mask!!!

  48. Would love to try this for my adult acne. I love my other Mario Badescu products.

  49. This time is my time! Love your products! Please come to Canada!

  50. I want to try it.

  51. great product would love to win it thank you for the chance ♥

  52. My Daughter would be very blessed to be able to try this product. Her skin is constantly breaking out. She’s 25 and it gets embarrassing at that age when your acne is very evident. Other than her acne, she’s a very beautiful girl.

  53. I have always wanted to try this.

  54. I had no idea this existed. I was just thinking I need something like this especially w/ the heat in Texas. If I don’t win giveaway going to Ulta to buy anyway.

  55. Just getting acquainted with Mario Badescu, and so far I’m living it! I’d love to try this, too

  56. I love all Mario Badescu products. This looks neat!

  57. I’m new to Mario Badescu skin care products and I would really like to try this product. Thank you

  58. Love this product!

  59. I need this!!My face is showing its age!!

  60. would love to see how good it works on the dry, cracked cuticles this winter!

  61. Would love to try this product! MB products are great!

  62. So far im in love with all your prducts that i tried especially the drying cream! Would be awesome to try this! Thanks

  63. I love your products! I tell all my friends about it!

  64. Love this! Want <3

  65. I love this product!! Hope I win <3


  67. I have skin on the oily side especially in the summer I would love to try this!!!

  68. Reading everyone’s comments, I really would love to try this product! This product seems unique . Thanks for this chance!

  69. I’ve always had oily skin and can’t stand the shine. I am in love with every product I have tried from Mario Badescu and this was next on my list!

  70. I would love to try this!

  71. Love your line

  72. love it!

  73. I already use the Buffering lotion and it is amazing! I would love to try this product as well –

  74. I am a Mario Badescu User and there is nothing better for my skin!!!!!

  75. I would love to try this out ! I am a new fan of mario badescu and just ordered a ton if products but ran out of money so I couldn’t buy this ! I really wanted to try it ! My skin is sometimes very red blotchy and acne prone so this would work perfect for me ! I hope that I can have the chance to win an amazing product from Mario Badescu !!:)

  76. thanks for the chance

  77. would love a try to this product

  78. Omgoodness! I would love to try this, I have been suffering with break outs my whole life, and I’m a grandmother now. Please, choose me to try it. I could be your best customer!

  79. In love with m.b. products! I want to try them all!!! This would be perfect!

  80. Mario Badescu products have changed my life!! The healing powder is my go-to product for my oily skin. It works like magic!

  81. Would love to win this. I’m almost out and can’t live without it!

  82. This stuff is great! I have oily skin and used to have a “shiny” face half-way through the day, but when I put this on before my make-up, it greatly reduces the shine and break-outs!

  83. That looks interesting to try out cause Recently I have been breaking out like crazy..I’m not sure what it Is actually. But I would love to try this out 🙂

  84. I want to win this!

  85. I would like to try this!

  86. I have fallen in love with all the products I have tried with Mario’s Skin Care. What I love the most is the wonderful feeling of my skin after using it just once. I can’t believe the difference it has made. The products smell and feel wonderful and they work amazingly. The kiwi scrub has actual kiwi seeds in it. This is premium quality skin care products. I also love the fact that they do an assessment of the skin care needed so they can suggest the proper products for my type of skin. I would love to try out this sample and see how it works. 🙂

  87. I’d love to try this product (for review) too. 🙂

  88. I love everything Mario Badescu!

  89. Oh wow! I’ve been trying to wear less make-up lately and this product sounds like it would be perfect to help get rid of imperfections and let me go all-natural… thanks Mario 😉

  90. I love the idea of this!

  91. I discovered MB products a couple of months ago and was instantly hooked. My rosacea is practically undetectable and I am a happy girl. I would very much love to try this powder. Thank you so much for giving me a complexion that makes me smile again.

  92. My daughter has acne prone skin. This would really do the trick whenever zits start to sprout. I wish i could win this. She’s a fan of Mario badescu too! She uses the glycolic foaming cleanser and the glycolic acid toner. It made her skin look better and glowing that she need not put on make up 🙂

  93. I would LOVE to try this. I was actually looking at this in the catalogue of products I received from you. I have hard to heal acne and wanted to try this. I’m 40 years old and still having struggles with acne. Ugh.. Thanks Mario Badescu for making products that actually work instead of burning and drying out my skin!

  94. This would be so awesome to try!

  95. I need this!!!!

  96. Mario Badescu has kept my skin looking amazing! This would be an awesome addition to my collection!

  97. I recommend your products to all my friends and family. Would love to try the special healing powder. I like how generous you are with samples and giveaways.

  98. I love this stuff… Its the only thing that cleared up my complexion!

  99. I need to try this!

  100. Need this badly…started breaking out at the ripe age of 35…Help me!!

  101. would love to try this!

  102. I love Mario Badescu products. Would love to try this product!

  103. Received a sample of this when I got a facial. Would love to win the full size

  104. MB has the best products. I would love to win any one of them!

  105. I would love to try this!!! 🙂

  106. Having been blessed with the inevitable 3pm oil slick, I do not leave my house without my ‘special green powder’ also known as Mario Badescu’s Green healing powder. The green hue, and various ingredients, take away the glare and keep my co-workers and friends from having to wear sunglasses while trying to have a conversation with me. My photos at night are only facebook worthy if shot after a special powder bathroom touch-up- give’s ‘going to the powder room’ far more meaning. What I don’t understand… why I am one of the only people to carry this with me everywhere. Come on ladies, even if you aren’t a greasy italian bella like myself, we all suffer from an occasional shiny forehead. (especially in the summer months or after a grimy cheeseburger). So, I vow to say, my special green powder would be the item included if ever cast off to a private island, and will never not be a part of my daily routine. Just don’t forget the travel kabuki- far more effective than the included ‘pad’, and keeps an even application and you from potentially looking like shreks mistress.

  107. This product sounds amazing from all the reviews that I have read. Thank you for the chance.

  108. Oh, I’d love to try this! I don’t know who needs it more right now me or my sister. Thanks so much for the chance!

  109. I love this stuff and I could really use some more. I’m running low 🙂

  110. I love the Drying lotion! It should be a must-have in everyone’s arsenal.

  111. I would love to try this, in the hot florida summers, im always blotting away the oil places on my face all day , and im going thru the “change” so its like summer 24/7 even when im inside in the ac….lol i need help!!!!! 🙂

  112. I love this stuff. It’s the only thing that controls my oil!

  113. This would come in handy for the high heat and humidity we’re having; it’s making my face oilier than ever.

  114. would love to try this!!

  115. I would love to try this!

  116. This Healing Powder looks like the answer to my skin issues.

  117. Hoping to add this to my collection. The summer is playing havoc on my skin and I could sure use a new healing product!

  118. I’ve never tried this. I just got my packet of samples from the consultation but everyone that commented seems to be raving about it!

  119. Wow this sounds amazing, I have deep cyst like acne so redness and a little swelling is all too common and such a confidence destroyer. I can only imagine what this product could do for my skin! Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to find out!

  120. Would like to try it.

  121. what a fantastic product!

  122. I have been very curious about this product for awhile now and I would love to try it!

  123. I am a Mario Badescu User and I love everything I try!

  124. This product sounds amazing would love to try…love all my Mario products so far and am always telling people about the products who ask me about skin care what I recommended.

  125. Can you throw this on underneath makeup?

    • yes! I use it under my Mineral Makeup…it’s fab and makes it last longer

  126. I would really really love to win this! I have horrible acne (I’m almost thirty so I shouldn’t) that is hormonal/cystic. I have lots of red blemishes and would love a product to help me with it. I think without the acne I would be more confident. Thank you so much for your consideration 🙂

  127. I would really, really, really love to try this product.

  128. I need this stuff! Love Mario Badescu products!

  129. I thought only angels,fairies and wizards had magical healing powers…..if you have trapped it in a jar/package then I really need to try it.everyone deserves a little magic.

  130. I could think of lots of ways to use this Healing Powder for different problems.

  131. I’m a 38 year old teenager! My skin is doing something terrible, and only your products are calming the acne down. The powder would be a welcome addition to save my skin!

  132. I would love to try this for my oily skin! Thanks for the chance!

  133. I’d love to win this!!!

  134. I would absolutely love to try this healing powder! I moved down south to Georgia about 6 months ago and ive always had oily skin but being in the south the humidity makes it worse and I have adult acne so thus product would be a blessing for me! I recently starter using mario badescu after hearing so many rave reviews from youtube and I purchased the enyme cleansing gel and I tjink iys working great for me!

  135. I’ve heard great things about this powder. That it really helps acne and body acne as well if you’re flexible :] I’d love to try this one out as I’m suffering from hormonal mayhem right now. I currently use the majority of your products but haven’t tried this one, and would love to win a chance to!

  136. Love Mario Badescu! Would love to give this a try!

  137. ! Would love to win this and give it a try.

  138. I of a kind product..cant wait to try

  139. I just received samples in the mail. Super excited. I read about the healing powder and I really want it.

  140. I’ve been wanting to try this powder, recently bought MB Silver Powder and am amazed at how my pores look after 2uses! 🙂

  141. My #1 Go-To beauty item, It’s more important to me than mascara!! I use it at night with or without the drying mask/buffering lotion for a super night-time acne soothing treatment! Every morning I apply it right before leaving the house and even keep some in my desk for touch up’s during the day. The sulfur & slight yellow tint help to even out my complexion while calming irritation & drying up those pesky breakouts. I recommend it to everyone & don’t go anywhere without this multi-tasking miracle powder!

  142. My face gets so oily that it could be spotted from outer space. I need this Special Healing Powder to tone it down before the aliens come and get me. LOL

  143. I would LOVE to try this!

    Beauty | This Is Yna

  144. I would love to try this product as my son is getting married in September and I always seem to “shine”. It would be wonderful not to have to worry about such an important thing, especially for pictures. Love to try this product.

  145. I would like to try this product. 🙂

  146. I would love to try this special healing powder! I had loved all your acne products and this would be an amazing addition to my anti acne regimen. Thanks mario for saving me skin.

  147. I’d love to win this! I love MB products

  148. Can’t wait to try this awesome product!

  149. Could there be a more perfect product?

  150. I would love to try this!

  151. May I win this, please?

  152. This sounds like a really neat product!

  153. I hope to win this product, since I have super oily, sensitive skin, and since using Mario Badescu’s products they actually helped with my redness, and I just want something that can help even more with my Rosacea.

  154. I never tried this product, wondering if it is as good as said

  155. Sulfur is my acne-fighting ingredient of choice! It works wonders even on sensitive skin and a powder-based product would be amazing. Thanks for the chance to try it!

    Karielle @ Books à la Mode

  156. I’ve been a fan of Mario Badescu products for awhile now. It has helped my acne-prone skin and has been such a blessing. I would love to be able to try this next!

  157. Just ran out of this wonderful product yesterday. Have been using it everyday and absolutely love it. Keeps down any oiliness on my face and well as keeps it clean and clear. So need to win. Thank you for all the great products that you offer!

  158. After reading all about this powder I definitely need to try it!

  159. I’m a new fan and would love to try this stuff!

  160. I would love to try this out

  161. i would love to win this product

  162. never heard of this powder but would love to try! thanks

  163. Yes, pls. I need all the help I can get.

  164. Tried this once and loved it…need to try again.

  165. Long time MB fan, but surprisingly still haven’t gotten around to trying this! Would love to take it for a spin.

  166. I think my oily skin could use this!

  167. I have oily skin, so I’d love to try this!!

  168. I could benefit from the Special Healing Powder to help eliminate oily skin!

  169. This sounds great!

  170. I would love to try this stuff. I have dishydrotic eczema on my hands and I would love to try this product to see if it would help to heal my hands.

  171. I just ordered several different products today. I cant wait to try it all. I have had acne problems my entire adult life. I have tried so many different products and nothing has worked. I really hope this is going to the thing that finally takes care of my acne. I did not order this product, I would love to try it!! Maybe I will be the lucky winner!!! Fingers crossed!!!

  172. This would be amazing to try, especially if it can help with the redness I get from small breakouts.

  173. Would so love to try this! Sounds great!

  174. I would love to try this..Your produces are amazing! Thank you

  175. LOVE ,LOVE,LOVE Mario cleasers n products 🙂 I want some

  176. This is fantastic! I´m in 🙂

  177. I haven’t tried this product, but would like to! I wonder if it affects rosacia?

  178. Would this work for acne scars?

  179. When you have to go out and your skin is erupted, it used to be so hard to find something healing and that helps with coverage. This comes to the rescue!

  180. i want to try this so bad!

  181. Hey, MB!

    I just received a bunch of your products the other day as part of my new skin care regimen. I love them! I think my favorite so far has to be the Seaweed Night Cream…so luxurious feeling and smelling! Would love to try the Healing Powder on my existing blemishes, though. Excited about this brand…thank you thank you thank you!

  182. I would love to try Mario Badescu Skin Care Special Healing Powers! It looks AMAZING! I hope I win! 😉

  183. Loving these products and I’d love to try the Special Healing Powder! 🙂

  184. Awesome, would love to try this! love your products thanks!

  185. This sounds amazing!

  186. Love your products so much that a Mario Badescu facial was at the top of my “things to do in NYC” I was not disappointed. I had the best facial of my life and when I returned home friends commented on how awesome my skin looked. Can’t wait for Nordstrom to open in Canada so I can purchase your products locally!!

  187. My skin is so oily and is normally completely shiny by noon (no chance of any make-up lasting past then, even longwear products!). However, since sampling MB products, falling in love with them, and purchasing full size products to continue my routine, my skin has been just lovely! I think that this healing powder would be so beneficial to my skin as, not only would it absorb oil, but it would also deal with the redness and irritation caused by the acne I can get around my t-zone. This is not any regular powder, that’s for sure!

  188. I love this stuff!

  189. I would LOVE to win this!! I’ve been especially oily this summer. I love Mario Badescu products, and know this would work wonders!!

  190. I suffer from CSP and it leaves me with embarrassing marks on my face. I am working hard to overcome this life obstacle – MB has worked wonders to clear up my skin and prevent breakouts giving me less to be tempted by, however I am searching for a MB product to heal the broken areas as I work to create less and less! I think this might just be that product!

  191. I really need this. My face has been breaking out pretty bad.

  192. I’ve used this before & love it – although I wish it came with a small applicator, it seems to stick in the brushes I have.

    autumn398 @

  193. Would love to try this powder. I’ve tried almost everything and have never used the powder. Also have a Tween daughter and assume it would be good for her skin, which is starting to get breakouts. Thanks!!

  194. My sore joints are begging for this-thank you for the chance

  195. I have 2 girls who would love me to win this.

  196. This powder sounds amazing, I have the worst acne and redness from stress!

  197. i’d loooove to try this, all of your products are great!

  198. I’ve been using this product ever since May and I’d love to get another one again! I use this one as a special matt powder after putting my make up on, and it lasts up to 5 hours to control shine on my forehead. I have a very oily skin and I’m super prone to cystic acne, but ever since using this product, I haven’t had major breakouts in months!! This one won’t clog pores like other types of anti-shine powder you’ll see on Sephora. Thanks so much for making this miraculous product!

  199. Would love to try this on my T-zone!

  200. So excited!! 🙂 I can wait to try this product out

  201. I love anything from Mario Bedescu! Thanks for the chance!

  202. I really need to win!!! I have a rare skin disease caused by a virus and causes loss of elastin!!! I need my skin back!!!! Nothing I’ve tried works:(

  203. I love your products and the minimalist packaging. Have never been disappointed, and love to give the hand cream as a gift to introduce you to my friends. Anxious to try the healing powder!

  204. I’m in love with your products,give me a chance to heal with your healing powder:)I need it!

  205. Would love to try this product on my red cheeks and forehead.

  206. I love the acne repair kit and really want to try the special healing powder. The acne repair kit has worked wonders for both my surface acne and ones that are deep in the skin. Being in my 20s, this product has helped my “adult acne” that has just recently appeared 🙁 I just started using Mario products and can’t say enough about the line…it’s worth every penny.

  207. I have tried all your products and loved them……..this is one item I have never t..ried and would love to……thank you for the great products

  208. a chance to win any thing from Mario Badescu would be wonderful! But from what I have read this :special healing power” is something else…….

    would love love to win

  209. I would love to try this. I think it would really help my skin!

  210. Mario Badescu is the best! Great giveaway!

  211. been using MB products for a week now and has done amazing job to my skin! 🙂 thank you!!

  212. Love Mario Badescu products!! It has really improved the appearance of my skin. Would love to try this

  213. I have oily skin year-round and am currently eating a few brownie bites….not the best for my face but I’m sure it’s nothing this Special Healing can’t help! I’d love to try it! I have yet to find a solution for my oily face.

  214. When stress gets the best of you & you get breakouts, Mario to the rescue for all your skin care needs!

  215. Mario Badescu works so well, that I would love to try this product too!

  216. Thank you for the giveaway!

  217. I would love to try this. I love your other products. Thank you!!!

  218. I have been wanting to try this product ever since trying the buffering lotion and drying and healing/soothing masks. Love what the sulfur has done for my troubled skin and unfortunately I can’t find this locally! Would love to give it a try and add it to my Mario skin regime!

  219. Mario Badescu products for acne help me feel good about myself. I have not tried the healing powder yet and would love to add it to my daily routine.

  220. After trying to eliminate ingredients in my diet and coming up with no answer as to why my face was breaking out, I’ve been going to sets with a significant collection of bumps that the photographers have to work around. Yesterday a makeup artist recommended the healing powder to me. It’s great timing you’re holding a contest right now.

  221. would love to give this product a try 🙂

  222. Would love to try this on my breakouts!

  223. I love the Drying Mask, I hope to try this product soon!

  224. It is magical! I uses it whenever my face experiences redness.
    Whenever I have a burst-pimple, the healing powder always help to dry the pimple and almost heals it overnight! Always amazed by the usefulness of the powder.
    I would love to win it!

  225. so neat!!!

  226. Really works

  227. I would LOVE to try this out! I’ve heard great things about your products and I’d love to be able to try it out on my skin and review it on my youtube beauty channel!(: I have semi oily skin with redness and dark spots!(:

  228. Unique name. Would love to test this out. 😉

  229. Your products are the one special item that I give to myself…and sometimes other people as well. I would love to try this healing powder as I have tried many other things which fell short. I guess you get what you pay for.

  230. I used to use this everyday over my foundation to keep my face shine free. It was great on no-makeup days too. I would love a refill!

  231. All products from Mario Badescu are the best! So I really ant to try this powder. My skin is so bad, but thanks to mario badescu I feel again like a woman! Thank you!

  232. This sounds like a great product. I have not tried it yet but a friend just turned me on to your silver powder. I have both eczema and acne and I hope it can heal without making the other worse… Maybe this will be a good fit for me 🙂

  233. would love to add this to my arsenal of Mario products!!

  234. Would love to try this product. I’ve heard such amazing reviews. Pick me!

  235. I just love this healing powder, it’s fantastic!!! I’d really want to win it 🙂

  236. I’ve been using Mario for a few years now. I’ve always had troublesome skin, cystic acne, large pores, enough oil on my T-zone to fry an egg, whiteheads, blackheads… any kind of imperfection you could think of… my face was like a museum for them! I was always so embarrassed of my face. I tried out Mario when I was younger but it didn’t work because I didn’t stick to the routine so I gave up.
    A little less than two years ago, I started using his products again because my cousin and friend rave about it. This time I gave it an honest shot because I was serious to clear my skin up. The first problem I had was to get the big cystic guys and the pimple breakouts under control. I bought most of the products geared towards acne and breakouts disappeared! And if by chance one shows up around my time of month, I zap it away with the Drying lotion.
    After I was happy with my pimples being gone, I had something else to obsess about, my gigantic pores and just overall clearing my pores out so I could have that smooth clear face. I wanted to be that girl who’s skin I only dreamed of having. You know the one with no pores on her face… ugh! WELL!!! I decided to get the botanical facial gel, special glycolic cleaning lotion, hydrating moisturizer with biocare and hyaluronic acid, special healing powder, silver powder and the glycolic foaming cleanser (whew!). Before you think I’m crazy, it was only a little over 100 bucks, meanwhile their stuff lasts FOREVER. My last order was FIVE MONTHS AGO and this time I bought the larger bottles! I’ll probably be set till the end of the year! People that don’t do the math don’t realize that this stuff gives you more for your money than most facial care products! Anyways, the botanical gel, is awesome! I FEEL the clean. The special glycolic cleaning lotion… it is really special!!! Every time I use it I literally feel like I’m wiping away my old acne scars… it’s INSANE! The moisturizer, one world, PERFECT. The special healing powder, I put some on my makeup powder before I put it on and I do my t-zone first with it, DUDE! My pores disappear even when I’m an inch away from the mirror starring at my face because I am so amazed. The glycolic foaming cleanser, I bought to use once a week as an exfoliator, I used it this morning so I can’t tell you if it works or not… but how could I? My face looks killer already! However, everyone says it’s important to exfoliate so I’m going to stick with it. The silver powder I still haven’t gotten around to using, but I could bet that it will do EXACTLY what the description says. Every Mario product does exactly what the description says. That’s how I was able to be the master behind my own skincare routine and tackle every one of my problems. I came to work today, signed into gchat and told my friend “brb I need to write a love letter to my facial care company”. Any girl who has experienced my skin would understand why I am writing a book right now. I have dreamed of skin looking this good for the last 13 years. OMG… here we go, now I’m going to get all emotional. You guys don’t understand, I sent a pic of myself to my friend yesterday to show her I was getting teary eyed (clearly I’m getting my period, more proof! cause my face is the clearest it’s ever been!) over something she was saying. She ignored what we were talking about to tell me “wow mel, your face looks so clear!”. I’m THAT girl now. Thank you Mario. <33333333333

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