Fan Friday Giveaway: Seaweed Night Cream


Who wouldn’t want to find this box on their doorstep? It’s all packed and ready, and one of you is going to win it! Simply comment below for the chance to score a free Seaweed Night Cream!* We’ll announce the winner on Monday, April 15th!


*Contest is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada.

Author: Jill

As a long-time writer, editor, and esthetician, I’ve had an ongoing love affair with Mario Badescu Skin Care for years. I can usually be found reading, knitting, painting, trying new beauty and skin care products, and telling everyone to wear more sunscreen. These days, I’m feeling super grateful for the opportunity to share more Mario with the world! I believe that better skin care changes lives. For more about me, visit my Google+ Page.


  1. I have heard good things about this night cream and would love to try it out!

  2. I need a new night cream and would love to win this.

  3. I would love to try this night cream!

  4. Nothing like waking up after a night with Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream!

  5. Since using Mario Badescu my skin has changed for the better! I would love to try this night cream!!! 🙂

  6. Seaweed that is better than in sushi! Makes your skin awesome!

  7. I have been using Mario products for about 4 months now and I get NO breakouts ever since I started. I use Botanical Gel face wash in the morning, the Enzyme Gel wash at night, the Seaweed toner only at night and the Moisture Magnet in the morning and Chamomile one at night. I got a sample of the Seaweed night cream, enough for about a weeks worth and I loved it as well. I got your handcream sitting here at my desk at work. Luuuuuurve your products.

  8. would lovee to try this! 🙂

  9. Yumyumyum, I <3 Fan Fridays! Seaweed night cream sounds so delicious for my skin…

  10. I would love to try the night cream! Thanks for the chance!

  11. Awesome contest!

  12. I would love to try this.

  13. that’s what I reallly need a perfect night cream that helps my skin when I really need it

  14. I love seaweed so this would be the perfect cream for me !

  15. I’d love to find this package on MY doorstep!

  16. I LOVE Seaweed Night Cream! Miracle cream!

  17. I was just introduce to your line of products. I purchased the Vitamin C serum, just received it a few days ago and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It would be wonderful to find the Seaweed Night Cream on my doorstep.

  18. I am looking for a new night product. I’ve heard great things about this one and would absolutely love to try it before i spend the money to make a purchase

  19. I already use the Seaweed Cleanser, and it has been a great change from the Acne Cleanser which became too drying after I was put on prescription topical treatments. I would love to see what the night cream can do for me!

  20. I have purchased the drying lotion and other products and used them on myself and my kids (teens). We love Mario Badescu products and i would love a chance to try the Seaweed night cream,I heard seaweed is amazing for your skin and your products are amazing.

  21. I love every Mario Badescu product I’ve tried and wouldn’t mind adding this Seaweed Night Cream to my list! 🙂

  22. Amazing……..

  23. I’d love to try this!

  24. Oh, awesome!

  25. Love Mario Badescu! 🙂

  26. I would love to try this! I have heard wonderful things about your line!

  27. I have been wanting to try this cream out but it is always sold out at my ULTA, I love the Caviar night cream that I am currently using and would love to try this one out.

  28. This night cream changed my life!

  29. I would love to try a non-greasy night cream. Most of them are too greasy and make me break out.

  30. this night cream sounds amazing! sign me up! 😀

  31. I have heard such amazing things about Mario Badescu products!! I have struggled with acne for a while now and I would love to try ANY product from Mario Badescu!!

  32. I love all things Badescu. And with 4 children…mama’s face sure could use some lovin!

  33. i love MB products they are so gentle on my very sensitive skin and would love to try this too.

  34. This was one of the skincare items that was recommended in my skincare evaluation!!

  35. Im the winner !!! jajajaja i hope i can win since is the first time I’m trying the products and i just ordered an eye cream and the buffering lotion for acne. i need a night cream and kiwi will be excellent . so far I’m loving the products .
    Thank you mario badescu !!!!!
    Joyce V

  36. I would love to try this…i heard nothing but good thing about your products…thank you

  37. I was experiencing horrible stress breakouts before my wedding and thanks to this mask and the cucumber cleansing lotion I was able to walk down the aisle as a beautiful clear skinned bride!! I tell all my friends about your products.

  38. I would love to try this!

  39. I LOVE Mario Badescu! My skin has never been clearer since using it! 🙂 I’d love to win this product!

  40. Sounds great, I’ve been looking for a night cream that’s not greasy so it won’t clog my pores. It sounds really refreshing, I would love to try!

  41. I love all the products I have tried so far. I would love to try the seaweed night cream as well.

  42. On the hunt for change-your-life-good night cream! I’m a big believer in MB products now… Fan Fridays make me happy!

  43. This night cream is amazing! I have somewhat acne prone combination skin, and this leaves my skin moisturized and soft without clogging pores! Love it!!

  44. I would love to try your product!

  45. I LOVE MB products and have been using them for over ten years now. I can’t wait for my next trip to NYC so that I can get into MB for a facial!

  46. Something new I would love to try!

  47. I was thinking about starting to use products from this line…winning this would be a good way to start!

  48. Love your product and would love to try this!

  49. I have recently changed all my products to Mario Bedescu except my night cream!! My fab consultant Lauren gave me samples of all to try and the seaweed one is the one I chose !! Wow please can I win this..your products have done wonders for my dull post pregnancy 40 year old skin 🙂 🙂 from Jen your fan

  50. LOVE your products! Haven’t tried this one but would love to!

  51. Ohhh would love to try this also!

  52. would love to try this night cream

  53. Mario Badescu products have dramatically improved my skin in such a short time as no other product line has. Having oily skin and living in a humid climate makes it very difficult to control breakouts, but ever since I started my new routine using your products I’ve been able to have clear and refreshing skin all day! I still need a richer moisturizer at night, and this Seaweed Night Cream sounds wonderful.

  54. i´ve been fan of Mario badescu for a years and still loving their products. i never try sewed night cream but i heard that this product is amazing to relax skin at night.

  55. I love Mario Badescu products! I would love to try this night cream!!

  56. This sweaweed cream is so fantastic! I tried a sample and woke up the next day with a very refreshed and so soft. I can’t even imagine how beautiful my skin would be if I had the full-sized product to use every night.


  58. Will love to get this free sample.

  59. Hi! I recently got to try out a few of your samples, and I have to say I am more than impressed with the quality of your products. I have tried MANY natural skincare lines, but I think I have finally found the one that works best for me! I will be ordering the kiwi scrub and definitely the toner, and would be so excited if I won a seaweed night cream. I would share it with my mom so she can experience your product too! Thanks!

  60. While I’m currently loving the Bee Pollen Night Cream, I’ve never tried the Seaweed one. I’d be very happy to give it a try though.

  61. Please………..the older I get the more help I need. Would love to give it a try.

  62. I need a new night cream

  63. I am a Romanian, who lives in USA now, and I have always trusted Dr. Mario Badescu’s products. He was a brilliant guy and his products speak for himself. I have tried a few products, and I can tell they are such an amazing skin care products. I have never tried though seaweed night cream, but I am sure it is a good one. Thank you for amazing products!

  64. I am looking for a new night cream! I would love to try the seaweed night cream. I currently use the bee pollen night cream and it is just too heavy for me at this time of the season.

  65. love love love your products!

  66. I would love to try this cream!!

  67. I haven’t tried this night cream yet but would love to see what it can do for my red cheeks!

  68. Best Best Best facial that I have ever had. I will be a fan Mario Badescu for life

  69. Have heard amazing reviews about this cream and would love the opportunity to try it out!

  70. I’ve been a Lancôme user for a long time, tried some of the skin care products Mario Badescu and it has made me want to switch over completely. Would love to have a night cream to start my collection.

  71. ME ME ME!! I’ve been using this night cream for a few months and I’m almost out! My face is amazingly smooth and I’m a walking advertisement for Mario Badescu. Often I’m asked what I use for skin and I’m always excited to explain my MB routine. I could use a free restock! 😀

  72. Best skin care company ever!

  73. I need a new night cream! This sounds awesome!

  74. I love all MB products!! It would be great to try a night cream. I am a loyal supporter of the daytime oil control moisturizer. LOVE IT!

  75. I love eating seaweed – will be having Sushi with a friend over the wkend. So having a Seaweed Night Cream to take care of the skin everyday would be wonderful. Need a new night cream.
    Thanks 🙂

  76. Under da seeeaaaa. Please pick me.
    My skin will love you.

  77. I have never tried a night cream but would be willing to try this.

  78. I love night cream and this sounds amazing thank you for the chance

  79. Oh, a night cream? Would LOVE to try this! I have loved the Mario Badescu line since I got free samples last year.

  80. I use all Mario Badescu products and have nearly all the Seaweed products, except the night cream! Hope I win!

  81. I’ve never tried any Mario Badescu products and would love to try this!

  82. would love to try it

  83. I LOVE this Night Cream! I already use it religiously every night before bed, and I find it provides the perfect amount of moisture for my combination skin: it is so nourishing for my dry skin, but doesn’t make oily skin to slick. Would love to win it!

  84. I would definitely love to see this at my door step. Night cream sounds awesome.

  85. I love the MB line – have been hooked on the glyocolic eye cream and toner for 2 years. Have enjoyed trying new products on my trips to the store – orange cleansing cream and vitamin C moisturizer are my new purchases. Would love to try something new

  86. This sounds wonderful!

  87. I soo much would like to try this.
    I did not know about seaweed facial products until a close frnd told me.

  88. MB products help me out a lot!

  89. I use this and it’s wonderful and hydrates your skin very well.

  90. I would really like to try this night cream. It sounds wonderful.

  91. Ive been wanting to try that one, and the celludrops

  92. Sounds like a good deal! =P

  93. Everyone needs a little over-night miracle! 😉

  94. I would love to try this night cream

  95. I’ve been a long time MB fan. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to try this cream!

  96. I would love to win this cream!

  97. I love all Mario Badescu products. It would be amazing to win the night cream! 🙂

  98. I actually got a sample of this a while back when I bought my cleanser! I can defiantly tell a difference when I use it an when I don’t. It makes my face so smooth and hydrated and I’m getting married in May so I will be using this every single night until then.

  99. I do love your facial products, once I started my cleansing routine I noticed that my pores were much smaller, this made me happier than a kid at christmas time. You have made a believer out of me. Thank you so much!

  100. I would love to try the seaweed night cream! My skin needs some serious replenishing after a cold and dry winter!

  101. I love the way Seaweed Night Cream makes my skin feel and smell! It is truly an amazing product. Everone I have shared it with has become a user of not only this product but they all rave how much they love all of the Mario Badescu products.

  102. would love to try this night cream.. Heard seaweed is awsome !! for your skin

  103. I have been using Seaweed Night Cream for 10+ years and it’s wonderful! The best thing about it is you can also use it during the day, which I do, right under my makeup! It is light, non-greasy, and does NOT cause breakouts for sensitive skin. I’d love to win a free one because I go through several of them per year. Love Mario B.!

  104. I just started using Mario Badescu products and I’m in need of a night cream! I’d love to try this out!

  105. I want to try it.

  106. I love all of Mario badescus products, especially the ones wth seaweed in them. every time im in NYC , i have to stop in for their amazing facials!

  107. Would love to try this!

  108. I would really love to try this!

  109. I would LOVE to try this.

  110. This is truly AMAZING and has changed my skin all together!! Totally worth the price!! My husband and mother are hooked on this!! “I have to hide it”:) it does not clog your pores and leaves your skin feeling sliky soft, and not greasy or heavy! I will Never use anything else!!! It brightens my normally dull skin!! Love, LOVE, LOVE!!!♥♥♥♥♥

  111. Can’t wait to try this product!

  112. Everything Mario Badescu does amazing! I can’t imagine the seaweed night cream being any different.

  113. I already love the Seaweed Cleanser, so this would be a natural accompaniment, wouldn’t it? ♥

  114. I would love to find this at my doorstep!

  115. I loooove Mario badescu! Just one week after using the cucumber lotion my skin was glowing! Everyone was commenting on how great my skin looked. My dark spots were practically gone in just one week!! I couldn’t believe it! Ive suffered with redness & dark spots for as long as i can remember & now im not embarrassed to show my face! I would love to see what miracles the seaweed night cream will do!

  116. Yes, please! I would love to try this.

  117. Just discovered mario badescu! Love! Hope I win 🙂

  118. I have never tried night cream before!
    Plz let me try this so that my skin becomes flawless !

  119. I just received my samples yesterday. How wonderful to get a package not only full of samples, but picked out especially for me with a special brochure of how to use everything. Awesome!! I would love to add this to my regimen.

  120. I want this so bad!!!!!!!!!

  121. Would love to try !

  122. I have been wanting to try mario badescu products, but I don’t know what to get and what’s good for my skin…I’ve heard nothing but good things about this brand!

  123. I love using this line of products! I have a couple of masks and moisturizers! Also products for acne work really well! I can’t wait to add this product to my routine!

  124. I love this night cream!

  125. sounds lovely! Would be great to win it!

  126. Recently a Mario Badescu addict! would love love love to try a night cream. dont have one yet

  127. I tried this sample last night for the first time and I absolutely love it! It made my skin feel so soft.

  128. I just received my product recommendations and the seaweed night cream fits perfectly into my routine! I was just about to pick some up this weekend!

  129. I would love to try a new product. My skin has aged a lot in the last year due from a lot of stress. I would love to feel young again. Thank you for giving me a chance to win a new look. Judi

  130. just started using the seaweed night cream and i love it!

  131. I’d love to have this one. I have a flower mask and AHA moisturizer which I love!

  132. I need a good oil free moisturizer!

  133. Been using mario badescu products for years…the seaweed night cream is amazing!

  134. Omg! I love this! I use it every night. It’s the best night cream I’ve ever used!!! Thanks, Mario!

  135. I love Mario!!!

  136. I just started using the MB products and am in love with what I purchased and will be a forever faithful Mario Badescu consumer! !!

  137. Omg, I love this stuff! Smells so good! Leaves my face feeling natural and fresh!

  138. Mario Badescu is amazing, I would love to try that night cream.

  139. I have this in the sample size and love it! Would be nice to win one before I order it.

  140. I’m looking for a new night cream…I would love to try this product!

  141. I would lOVE to try this cream!!!

  142. This is the night cream I use and it is WONDERFUL! I use it on my face, but I also put some on my (very dry) hands and they are still soft in the morning!

  143. I have never tried it…would love to!

  144. Would love to try this!

  145. would love to try this out ^-^

  146. I’m a male and I love Mario Badescu. Thanks

  147. I would LOVE to try this night cream! I love Mario Badescu!

  148. I love all of my Mario Badescu products and think this would make the perfect addition to my ever-growing list of MB products I can’t live without!

  149. I have heard wonderful reviews on the Seaweed Night Cream and would love to try it! 🙂

  150. Seaweed night cream sounds interesting, I would love to try it!!

  151. Would really love to try this! Love MB!

  152. My favorite product is the Seaweed Cleansing Lotion because it gently cleans my pores and reduces the redness that comes with having dry, sensitive skin.

  153. I would love to try this night cream! So far I have enjoyed using the free samples 🙂

  154. Been dying to try it! 😉

  155. Hi I would love to try this!

  156. Everything I need for my own spa day!!!

  157. I have been wanting the seaweed night cream!!! Crossing my fingers!


  158. Would love to try this night cream.

  159. I love this night cream. It has done wonders for my combination skin. I use it every night and it balances my skin while improving texture and color. Can’t leave home without it; it traveled to Hong Kong with me!

  160. I believe Night Cream is the best remedy for dry, dull skin. Skin rejuvenates during sleep and an application of quality Night Cream is the best thing you can do for beautiful skin. Also, a thin layer can be used during the day for extra care.

  161. I reaallllly want to try this!! I’ve been debating whether or not to buy it for weeks!!

  162. I tried a sample of this and loved it! Hope I win!

  163. This night cream looks like it would help my skin be beautiful for spring!

  164. I’ve been coveting this for a while now, I’d love to try this out!

  165. I’d love to win this!!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE Mario Badescu! It literally transformed my skin within 4 days!!

  166. I can’t believe your giving away seaweed night cream, I would love to win it. I have become a great fan of Mario Badescu products!!

  167. My partner has tried a bunch of items and loves it! This will be the next stuff we try!

  168. I’d love to try this!!!!!!

  169. Id love to win.

  170. I have been using this night cream for almost a month and I love it. Would love to win some more.

  171. I love the Mario Badescu products. I really want to try this!

  172. I use this anyway so it’ll great to ‘win’ one rather than purchase it like always…LOL!

  173. Best night cream ever!

  174. LOVE LOVE LOVE your products!!!!!! Hope I win!

  175. Seaaaweeeeeeed! Oh girl, it’s your birthday, open wide, i know you’re thirsty *dances around*. To be very honest, i’ve never tried your products before..still fishing around the internet for reviews :p wouldn’t mind starting on some seaweed tho 😀

  176. I need to start using a night cream and what better way to start than by winning this!

  177. I would absolutely love this. Just purchased a cleanser hoping to get everything I need soon.

  178. AHHH ive always wanted to try a mario badescu moisturizer! i love your toners and drying lotion!

  179. Would looove to try this!

  180. I would definitely can use this to help my skin 🙂

  181. i need cream in general, my skin is super dry and aggravated right now T_T

  182. Despite loving Mario Badescu tremendously I have never tried the seaweed night cream, and I sure would love to!

  183. I would love to love to try this product, with this weather my skin is in need of help.

  184. Seaweed sounds so therapetic

  185. Love MB products!!!!!!!

  186. I absolutely love your products… I wish I had discovered them a LONG time ago! I have been using the Drying Lotion & Buffering Lotion… I have had cystic acne in my teens, & unfortunately, never had the money to go see a dermatologist; therefore I have many “crater” scars from it. I still had a few bumps when I bought the Buffering Lotion, and I was sincerely amazed at the quick and fast results!! The completely disappeared! To think, if I had only tried this in my teens, I may not have had all the scarring! But I’m glad I know now! And this seaweed night cream looks amazing!

  187. I would love to try this product – I have been using several other products from the Mario Badescu line and love them.

  188. I can’t wait to add this night cream to my MB routine!

  189. I just tried this for the firlst time from a sample and loved it!! Need to have it all the time!!

  190. Love this product!!!

  191. I have heard wonderful things about this product! I am a newbie to Mario Badescu, I just bought the Kera Moisturizer last month and feel in love. It is the best!

  192. I absolutely love Seaweed Night Cream. When you wake up in the morning my face feels so soft and refreshed. You really can’t describe it unless you try it.

  193. Ohh I got this as a sample on my last order and quickly went thru it. My Aunt turned me on to it. Would love to win this! Thanks!

  194. Closest I’ll get to the sea this year!

  195. would love to try it

  196. Love, love, love Mario Badescu!!

  197. Since finding your products my skin has never been so clear! Would love to try this night cream!

  198. known this brand for a while but never get chance to try it out for once so,this could be a good time.

  199. I wish to win this line of prpduct. Because every month i got pimple.i cannot wait to try this one please i have to win. So my face will clear up. Thank you

  200. Just started to use the MB oil free moisturizer and it is so lightweight, yet hydrates my oily skin without being shiny by midday. It is the first product that has ever done this. The seaweed night cream would be a great addition.

  201. I would love to try this product!

  202. I want to try this!!!

  203. Dying to try some MB products!! Really trying to work on my skin care routine!

  204. I love seaweed in my belly and on my skin. Hope to win this!

  205. I’ve been dying to try this face cream! Only heard wonderful things about it!!!

  206. This product sounds amazing . I would live to try it out!

  207. I have become utterly OBSESSED with Mario Badescu products!! Best on the market! The only thing missing from my regimen is a night cream. I have the Seaweed Cream Soap, so I was thinking that the Seaweed night cream would be my best bet! Yay for Fan Friday Giveaways!!!

  208. Mario Badescu products are amazing! So glad I started using them

  209. love your products

  210. Yes, please! Anything marine based is the greatest treat for my skin!

  211. I’m graduating college in a few weeks and trying to focus on finding new products to help my skin as I get a little older! Would love to try this

  212. Love MB seaweed cream! Super moisturizing but never too heavy for my oily skin. Pick me please!

  213. Love your almond scrub and strawberry mask! I will love to try this one!

  214. I’m only 21 & my skin is starting to age! AHHHH

  215. I am new to your products and have so many great things! I would love to try this night cream!!

  216. Mario badescu has come to my skin care rescue! Thank you!!!!

  217. This is one product I can’t live without! Thank you Mario for making such great products!

  218. I have a sample size of this and it’s amazing! I feel like I wake up with a new face every morning! It has really been helping me keep my stress acne under control for this tax season (I work at a tax office and it has been ca-razy!!).

  219. i would be one lucky girl to recieve this box of goods.I am a big fan and i buy products of mario badescu all the time.You guys rock

  220. I have heard great things about your products and would love to try them myself!

  221. I’ve been dealing with acne for a few years; nothing helps. From all the feedback I’ve read, Mario Badescu seems to be a saviour. I’m hesitant buying skin care online, and being from Canada, there’s no retail locations near by. I would love to try this product so I can see what all the rage is about!

  222. I really wanna try this ! i loved the flower tonic mask but i would to try this one 🙂

  223. I’ve read very good things about the benefit of seaweed, thanks for the chance to win! I can imagine that it is refreshing.

  224. Yes PU-lease!!!!! lol LOVE to win this!

  225. I’d love to give this a try. Thank you for the opportunity!

  226. Would love to try this night cream! I have tried other products and I love them!

  227. Love this stuff!

  228. Sounds fabulous!would love to try it have only heard good things about MB products

  229. I’d love to win this! It’s super hydrating and goes on so smooth. Great giveaway!

  230. would love to try need help with my wrinkles lol

  231. I would love to win this! Had the sample and loved it but never have the time to go out and get it! A busy stay at mom deserves a treat! Thanks and please!

  232. I would love to try this seaweed night cream, it sounds like the perfect thing for my skin, which has been pretty dry lately. I love Mario Badescu products for their unique and all natural formulations 🙂

  233. I have been using Mario products for years and me and my skin just loves it!!!!

  234. I can’t live without this stuff!

  235. I LOVE Mario Badescu products and I use at least two everyday. I have not tried the Seaweed cream before, but I would love to add it to my daily routine!

  236. I have been using Mario Bodescu products for about six months now and could never go back to not using them. Such relief for your skin! I have combination to oily skin and have suffered with severe acne since a teenager. Ive been to countless dermatologist used an endless amount of products and nothing has helped me
    Long term like the Bodescu products do. I now have a ritual of usinf the acne cleanser followed by the aloe toner and then drying lotion. Im dying to try some more products, but definately stand behind the ones Ive already tried. Beinnga makeup artist the most important thing is starting with a clean and healthy canvas and this definitely is my way to achieve that!

  237. I would love to try this! always in need of a good moisturizer!

  238. I would love to try this! if it is like all the other MB products I’m devoted to, it will soon become my HG night cream! I’m very curious to see how the seaweed betters my skin…

  239. I need this cream!!! Please!!!!! I really wanna try this!!!

  240. You have the most amazin products would LOVE LOVE to try this one too…. Keep up the awesome work!!!!!

  241. The best night cream for my skin.Love MB….

  242. i love your products! I would like to try this cream 🙂

  243. I have never used a night cream before but absolutely love your products and would LOVE to try this out!!!

  244. I would love to have this! I used to live by the beach now I’m in Las Vegas- I miss seaweed! 😉

  245. I would love to win!!!

  246. OMG I NEED IT ! MB makes the best products, and i have heard soooo many good things about this cream, want to try it so badly!

    I love MB

  247. Never tried this one before. Love to win it!

  248. I love all of these products!!! This would just add to my collection 🙂

  249. I just started using your products and absolutely love them. Can’t wait to try this one.

  250. I’ve been wanting to try this! It sounds so refreshing!

  251. I have found these products to be reasonable priced and effective.

  252. I would love to try this product…I am looking for a good night cream.

  253. I have eaten a lot of seaweed and that keeps your skin nice…..I have never put it on my skin but would like to try it


  255. I have unfortunately not used any of your products before, but would LOVE the opportunity to begin to fall in love with them by first winning a free sample. I’ve only heard great things about Mario Badescu Skin Care and would be honored to be able to spread the word after using products.

  256. This cream sounds so good,

  257. I’d love to try your wonderful product!

  258. I need to start using night cream and Mario Bedescu has excellent products! I want to try this one!

  259. I would love to try the night cream! Thanks for the chance!

  260. I’ve heard a lot about this, would love to give it a try!

  261. Would love to try this!

  262. Recently discovered your products and would love to try this out.

  263. Looks awesome

  264. I have tried the seaweed face wash and would love to try the night cream!

  265. This was one of my samples that came with my last order. I love this stuff and would LOVE to win!! Pick me! Pretty Please!

  266. I love everything Mario!

  267. I love ypur products… love to try this .

  268. I would love to win this!

  269. Seaweed is awesome. So many things could be made of seaweek. The night cream sounds fabulous

  270. I would love to try this cream, I have a toner and the green enzyme gel, this would complete my routine!

  271. I would love this, I need a new night cream!

  272. Love it!…wonderfully hydrating!

  273. I want to try this… Pick me lol 🙂

  274. If the Seaweed mask is as wonderful as the rest of your products this would be a great win!

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