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Part One: Getting Rid of Acne for Good

Are you suffering with acne?  We know from experience that many people with acne despair of ever finding a lasting, once-and-for-all solution.

We’d like to help. From the occasional breakout to chronic, persistent acne, there are effective treatments and—seriously—there is hope.

In this light, we’ll be starting a weekly series on Acne for those of you battling the condition. Together, we can work together to understand, treat, and get rid of acne. We know that our customers are smart; we want you to understand your skin concerns thoroughly and know which products to use and why.

Here at Mario Badescu Skin Care, we also understand the emotional ramifications of acne—we promise never to steer you toward any acne treatment product that we don’t think will really work for you.

This series will explore a number of topics, including:

  • What causes acne?
  • Best face wash for acne—Picking out your products.
  • How to get immediate results after acne outbreaks.

Be sure to check back with us EVERY MONDAY for this weekly series!

by Jill


Need to update your skin care regimen? Now’s the time to win an entire system of skin care products—up to six full-sized products—specifically selected for your skin type and needs.

Here’s what you need to do:

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Five lucky winners will receive a total regimen of full-size products— all of which will be selected depending on your personal skin type needs. And yes, you can pin more than one product!

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As Julie Andrews would so beautifully sing, “These are a few of [our] favorite things…” come spring: all things pretty, sweet and oh-so-delightful.

  • Strawberry Tonic Mask: Pink may be pretty, and strawberries so very sweet, but this Alpha Hydroxy rich clay mask means business when it comes to keeping skin clear and healthy.
  • Papaya Body Lotion: Fruity, fresh, and simply divine. A lightly fragranced blend that softens while improving dull, dry skin for a truly radiant glow all over.

.   .   .

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by Kimberly Yang


We all know what shaving creams and gels are; they’re essential to the process for the smoothest shave possible. It’s a given.

But a pre-shave conditioner?

This isn’t just for the gentleman – ladies, listen (or, technically speaking, read) up.

Simplicity is always a beautiful thing, but never underestimate the power of adding that extra step to your regimen for a truly complete pampering of the skin. The results are in the extra effort.

The Pre-Shave Conditioner, packed with Chamomile and Lavender extract to reduce redness, is the key to helping prevent skin irritations and razor burns that come with shaving. Most associate it with men’s skincare – to tackle that beard for an ultra-smooth, morning shave – but it’s perfect for women too. Be it facial hair or the bikini lines, underarms, and legs, this soothing gel softens course hair to allow for a truly close and comfortable shave.

Massage into wet skin prior to your favorite shaving cream, and let it soak into the skin for a few minutes. Then apply your shaving cream and shave as usual.

The difference is in not only the feel, but the touch.

.   .   .

Do you feel the difference?

by Jill

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