by Kimberly Yang


We all know what shaving creams and gels are; they’re essential to the process for the smoothest shave possible. It’s a given.

But a pre-shave conditioner?

This isn’t just for the gentleman – ladies, listen (or, technically speaking, read) up.

Simplicity is always a beautiful thing, but never underestimate the power of adding that extra step to your regimen for a truly complete pampering of the skin. The results are in the extra effort.

The Pre-Shave Conditioner, packed with Chamomile and Lavender extract to reduce redness, is the key to helping prevent skin irritations and razor burns that come with shaving. Most associate it with men’s skincare – to tackle that beard for an ultra-smooth, morning shave – but it’s perfect for women too. Be it facial hair or the bikini lines, underarms, and legs, this soothing gel softens course hair to allow for a truly close and comfortable shave.

Massage into wet skin prior to your favorite shaving cream, and let it soak into the skin for a few minutes. Then apply your shaving cream and shave as usual.

The difference is in not only the feel, but the touch.

.   .   .

Do you feel the difference?

by Jill

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by Kimberly Yang


Nothing welcomes spring better than a burst of color; add a little bit of zest and voila, an instant boost in mood and an extra spring (no pun intended) in your step.

It’s the littlest things in life that make all the difference.

Take, for example, the Orange Extract in our Orange Cleansing Soap. It’s an AHA that lends for a gentle wash that cleanses and revitalizes your skin instantly. Non-oily and never stripping, yet removes makeup effectively.

Perfect twice daily, followed by an equally invigorating toner. We love the Alpha Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion or Cucumber Cleansing Lotion for that instant refresher. You?

.   .   .

by Kimberly Yang


Or, in this specific case, what’s on your makeup station counter. Or, the PART II of her introductory “Spotted!” post. You know why she loves the Vitamin E Hand CreamDrying LotionCucumber Cleansing Lotion

But did you know that she loves the Olive Eye Cream, Oil-Free Moisturizer, and Vitamin A-D-E Neck Cream (mixed with Cellufirm Drops)? And just how much?

You’re about to.

Olive Eye Cream, a personal favorite of mine for night time moisturizing…. and a beautiful mixing medium with concealer around the eye area on clients and models.”

 “Oil Free Moisturizer, my new favorite men’s grooming moisturizer! Used this on Graham Norton for his new show, Would You Rather, on BBC America. An amazing product to prep and protect the skin, without adding any texture…”

Vitamin A-D-E Neck Cream mixed with the Cellufirm Drops…. new FAVORITE combo to massage gently into everyone’s neck and décolletage area…. before makeup, or just to add moisture to the skin…. especially if a client or model has just rolled out of bed and has that crease on the sternum/decolletage area from sleeping on their side. (Also a now daily excercise for myself!!….. ahhh my thirties are here at last!)”

.   .   .

There’s nothing we love more than picking the brains of our favorite pros.  We can’t thank you enough Katie!

{images courtesy of Katie Pellegrino herself!}

by Kimberly Yang
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WHO: Katie Pellegrino. A makeup artist who loves her cat-eye lenses and red lips and has enough sass to spare for the rest of us. Her voluminous portfolio includes work appearing in Elle, Makeup-Artist Magazine, Time Out New York, and work with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Make Up Forever, Target, and Sephora – but always bookmarked is her first Emmy nomination for makeup for HBO’s recording of the Pee Wee Herman Show on Broadway.

Impressed would be an understatement, here.

WHAT: The Vitamin E Hand Cream, Drying Lotion, Cucumber Cleansing Lotion, …

(There’s more, but the good things in life are worth waiting for, no? Look out for Part II!)

WHERE: The place where the magic happens: the makeup table.

WHY: No one says it better than the lady herself:

“The Vitamin E hand cream I keep the giant tub on my table because EVERYONE on set is constantly asking for gum and handcream…. also great stuff if you get suckered into doing nails and need to liven up those ashy cuticles.”

Drying Lotion, need I even mention why I love this? Even though it IS the model’s job to take care of their skin, I can’t tell you how many times a girl (or guy) sits in the chair with a recently pulverized blemish front and center on their face…. I will put the drying lotion on the affected area while they are in hair, so it might be a little “juicy” by the time their face is in my hands!”

Cucumber Cleansing Lotion, is a new favorite of mine when the photographer or AD are specifically requesting a non made up complexion… the cleansing lotion really preps the skin and leaves it brilliant and prepped for a small amount of product…. and the skin stays like this throughout the day without looking dry or dehydrated even after 8 hours of shooting and minimal touchups/powdering.”

.   .   .

Hooked? We are. Be on the lookout for her other favorites, coming soon.

{images courtesy of Katie Pellegrino herself!}