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One of our little stars made it into the slew of bloggers’ and vloggers’ roundup of February favorites…

WHO: Jen, of Frm Head to Toe. A Youtube beauty guru, designer, and freelance makeup artist all rolled into one; and given her enormously bubbly personality, it’s no wonder her fans question how it all fits into one petite frame.

WHAT: Our Vitamin C Serum (it’s an easy one to love).

WHERE: This little MB star made yet another cameo in the beauty world, this time, in Jen’s February roundup of beauty favorites.

WHY: A bad cystic breakout a few months, though completely cleared up eventually, left quite a lot of hyperpigmentation and scarring behind. Jen started using this nightly to help lighten up those areas to find that, drum roll please, she loves it,

“I think a lot of brightening products they say they’re supposed to help lighten scars… but mostly I don’t see a big difference. But this I feel like this does brighten my overall complexion and helps the scar to fade just a little faster.”

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Do you love the Vitamin C Serum too?

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by Kimberly Yang


Apparently Project X, one of the latest releases out now in movie theaters, has been stealing the limelight as of late; we felt it only fair to give our own little star a toot.

So here we are, presenting Mario Badescu’s very own Cream X. It’s perhaps just as good as Project X. Maybe even better.

(There’s one catch – you can’t watch it. You could, but it’d be no fun. Why stare when you could use it?)

It’s our richest and thickest cream for the most dehydrated of dry skin. A cocktail of exfoliants, vitamin oils, antioxidants (ncluding Vitamins A and E), the ever-moisture-retaining Hyaluronic Acid, and soothing Keratoplast, it’s no wonder that sensitive skin will just drink it up.

But go easy – a little goes a long way.

Wake up with a beautiful complexion. Plump, radiant, and youthful.

We didn’t think Project X could do that.

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by Kimberly Yang


We live in a society that values instant gratification, where faster and stronger is supposedly better. It’s a (quick!) means to an end, you say – why not?

Don’t. Before you reach for the strongest treatment or product highest in alcohol or salicylic acid content for that – gasp! – pimple on your forehead, retrace your footsteps, and start at the beginning.

Let this be your mantra: Easy does it.

Slow and steady wins the race – and good skin doesn’t always come with an instant fix (though, in some cases, we do love those). It comes with investment. Your skin is worth your time and the extra care – beautiful skin starts with good skincare.

We’re a firm believer in keeping a bottle of Drying Lotion in your arsenal at all times. Maybe a little jar of Silver Powder too. But before you ritualistically reach for either, or try to get your hands on Special Cleansing Lotion “C,” talk to one of our skincare specialists first. Maybe you’re being a little harsh on your skin: let it breathe, let it re-balance itself, take it easy. Be gentle.

It’s the our philosophy: simple, gentle and effective.

Love your skin and it will love you right back.

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Have more questions? You can always reach one of our skin specialist by emailing [email protected] or calling 800-BADESCU.

by Kimberly Yang


Because there’s nothing more heartwarming than sharing the Twitter love that made us smile…

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@MicahJesse (Micah Jesse: TV Host, Celebrity Blogger): I’m addicted to @MarioBadescu Lip Wax! #cosmeticconfessions

@ MALelizabeth: In love with my new @MarioBadescu skincare products. My skin is looking amaaazing! Definitely need to buy more from his line.

@danistahl (Dani Stahl: Style Editor-At-Large at Nylon)@MarioBadescu – oxygen facial no. 3of 6! Permaglo. Even-tone. These are things you want seeing in your skin! Smiley face ☺

@MayaFlock: Thank you Lucy and the entire staff at @MarioBadescu for my kick ass facial!!! You make me feel like a million bucks! 😉

@nycpretty (Christine Bibbo Herr: fashion director, stylist, blogger): One more spritz of the @MarioBadescu Rose-Water facial spray before bed!! LOVE it! Good Night! xoxo nycpretty!

@SwtCarolineNCty: I can see a huge difference after two weeks of @MarioBadescu products.

@BrennaMiller1: I think I’m in love with@MarioBadescu #skincare products 🙂 #omg

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We’re blushing, to say the last.

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by Kimberly Yang


Nourishing, rich and smooth. It sounds absolutely lush, no? For the record, a certain MB staffer has said our beloved Ginseng Moist Cream has one of the “best consistencies” of protective creams out there.

Bias or no bias, it’s undoubtedly ideal for combination/dry skin types especially during the colder winter months. Highly absorbent and incredibly hydrating, it’s packed with vitamins to help smooth out find lines and wrinkles. Milk exfoliates just enough for that perfectly even complexion, and Rice Bran Oil makes for that covetable finish: beautifully dewy without the shine or grease.

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