How To Scrub Your Face Without Scrubbing Too Hard

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scrub your faceIt’s super-important to be gentle with your skin. Exfoliation is a tricky thing, then— you need to remove the top layer of dead skin cells without irritating the healthy layers of skin beneath. We’re always advocates for gentle exfoliation, using non-abrasive, natural exfoliants like bits of real seaweed, strawberry seeds, and cornmeal.

scrub your faceThese days, we’re over-the-moon excited about our new Botanical Exfoliating Scrub. Here’s what top beauty blogger Maree Sye (of A Little Bit Etc. fame) had to say on her blog about its texture:

“The texture really surprised me because I thought it was going to be a bit chunkier and grainier (which I am not always a fan of), and it turned out to be the complete opposite. While there are small granular particles, it is so finely ground into a jelly-like base that it feels different than many of my other face scrubs. I only need a pea-sized amount to cover my entire face, and after my skin looks radiant and fresh. After playing around with it for the past few weeks, I enjoy using it in the morning because it gives me the most amazing glow and any makeup I apply after goes on seamlessly.”

Read her full review, here! 

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  1. I have heard that grainy scrubs and scrubs with beads are not very good for your skin. This looks like a nice product. Thanks for sharing!

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