Fan Friday Giveaway: Vitamin C Serum!


Do you want this bottle of Vitamin C Serum??
It’s our biggest Fan Friday Giveaway yet!
Just comment on this blog below to enter to win.*
And don’t forget: Mother’s Day is just around the corner.
Check out our Mother’s Day gift-buying guide! —————->>>

serum*Contest is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada and will run from 5/3/13 – 5/5/13. Winner will be announced on our Facebook page Monday
morning and will also be contacted via email. 


Author: Jill

As a long-time writer, editor, and esthetician, I’ve had an ongoing love affair with Mario Badescu Skin Care for years. I can usually be found reading, knitting, painting, trying new beauty and skin care products, and telling everyone to wear more sunscreen. These days, I’m feeling super grateful for the opportunity to share more Mario with the world! I believe that better skin care changes lives. For more about me, visit my Google+ Page.


  1. I would totally LOVE to Win this Serum because they are all the rage and it will help hydrate and color correct my skin PLUS! I bet my Mother Would love it as a Gift!

  2. Would love to win this! for fan Friday! thank you!

  3. I have not tried this MB product but would sure love to!

  4. I would LOVE to try!

  5. It would be so amazing to win this product! 🙂

  6. I love your products, especially this wonderful serum!

  7. I want to try this!

  8. Mario Badescu products are the best!

  9. I am longing to try this!

  10. would love to try

  11. Looks like a great product, would like to try.

  12. would love to try this thank you for a chance

  13. My face is in need for some Vitamin C. It has been so splotchy.

  14. This sounds like something I need. I would love to give it a try – thanks!

  15. Would love to win a product of Mario that I haven’t tried yet. I have soo many of your products that I have incorporated into my facial care. Since starting in November of last year I have had NO breakouts and my skin has never been in better shape. Your customer service is awesome.

  16. I love all the Mario Badescu products I have tried so far… I am sure this Vitamin C Serum is awesome too! Thanks Mario, for the great skincare line! What a great thanks to your customers by having these Giveaways- I really hope to win one 🙂

  17. would love to win…thanks sooo much!! LOVE your products!

  18. I am a new customer to Mario Badescu and boy am I happy 🙂 I have found a new obsession for my skin care. I would love to win the Vitamin C Serum to help with the dark spots on my face. Also, because you are never too young to begin a product with Collagen to start firming.

  19. I have heard that Vitamin C makes the dark spots disappear over time. I would love to win this!

  20. I am interested in trying ALL of your products!

  21. Ooohhh… I would LOVE this! (Actually, I love what your products have done for my skin over the past 15 years.)

    The only thing better than Mario Badescu skincare products is winning FREE Mario Badescu. 😀

  22. Aside from the Drying Lotion, this serum is one of the most outstanding products I use by MB (and I think I use almost all of them). I love love love this product!

  23. Me! Pick Me! Me Me Meeeee!

  24. I would love to add this to my regular routine!

  25. The whitening mask & strawberry mask have really cleared my acne scars, and the other MB products in my cupboard have changed my life in a serious way. I spent 20 years with serious acne that affected my whole life. You changed that. Thank you.

  26. Would love to add this to my loads of Mario products I have- never tried this one BUT would love to win it and give it a whirl ~~

  27. This serum is amazing! I would love to win a free bottle!!

  28. I would love to try this, thank you so much for the giveaway 🙂

  29. I would love to try this brand!!!

  30. I would love to win the serum, my skin needs this!

  31. Trying to fight the signs of aging…soon to celebrate 45 years but I want my skin to celebrate looking younger! 🙂

  32. Yay! I’m your newest biggest fan! Would love to win!

  33. I love Mario Badescu! I hope I win the Vitamin C serum! My skin desperately needs a miracle!

  34. I would love to win this bottle of Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum! I have heard so many great things about it and have yet to try it. I love so many other Mario Badescu products and I think this would be a great addition to my collection. 🙂

  35. I would love to win this! I am always looking for ways to improve my skin! I would add this to my regular skin routine and hope that it would make my age spots disappear over time.

  36. I bought a bottle once. Even though the sales rep told me to be careful and always close it right away to avoid knocking it over….. I didn’t and it was spilled within a week. I would LOVE to get to try it for more thank a week. I hope I win.

  37. I love this serum& I ran out! Would be an awesome Mother’s Day gift to myself 😉

  38. I hear that Vit C is amasing for your skin. I would definately love to try it.

    Thanks MB

  39. i would love to win mario badescu products….simply the best products:)

  40. I would love to win this! Great products!

  41. I would LOVE to win this! I’ve been wanting to try it! Thanks for the opportunity.

  42. Have heard so much about this product and would love to try it, can’t find a store that sells it.

  43. Love your products!

  44. Would love to win this for my mother!!:) Good luck everyone!!

  45. I would LOVE to win this! I adore Mario Badescu and have been using the Cellufirm Drops, but I’d love to have a chance to try the Vitamin C Serum!

  46. #1 MARIO BADESCU FAN!!! I would love to put this new Vitamin C Serum on my counter next to my other beloved Mario Badescu skincare miracles!! Thank you to the entire Badescu family for the excellent customer service and very reliable products:)

  47. Ive been using mario products for awhile nw and i have turned so many of my clients on to them. With having a new baby and being a new mom i could sooo use this c serum to help my skin stay looking ahhhhmazing!

  48. My bff swears by this stuff! I would love to try it!

  49. I would love to win ! keeping my fingers crossed

  50. i would love to try this!

  51. I love your products!

  52. Would love to try this.

  53. Ooh pretty please!! I would absolutely LOVE and appreciate this SO much! I am a girl on a budget and I am about to graduate my masters in social work! I have so much school debt, so it would be so nice to be able to treat myself to something nice to help me feel good and look good! I already love your glycolic acid face wash!

  54. I would love to try this! My facce needs a little brightening/dark spot correcting 🙂

  55. Yes, please! My skin is looking old and sad. I have used your serum in the past and it really works. I need to get back into the habit of using it again, and maybe my skin will perk up again!

  56. Love Mario Badescu skin regime samples that I received. Would love to try this to even my skin tone.

  57. I could so use this. My skin looks awful after being at the beach

  58. Using Vitamin C serum improved my skin’s overall texture and reduced the age spots and redness. It was a game changer for my complexion. Thank you for providing a source for a high quality serum…which is not easy to find. There are many serums claiming to be a Vit C serum, but they are low quality and ineffective. Thanks MB for your care in producing excellent products.

  59. I need to win this!

  60. I would love to win this!!!!!! <3

  61. Yes, I want this! Love MB products!! 🙂

  62. I would love to win a bottle, I don’t have money due to the fact i was hurt on the job and wait for disablity or my law suite to be over i have been fighting bought for 3 years now

  63. I have heard so many great things about this serum on the blogosphere! I neeeeeed to try it. 🙂

  64. I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to win because I got a face peel that didn’t go so well and actually left MORE brown hyperpigmentation on my skin than I had before the peel (which was what I was hoping the peel would correct… : / ) I’ve read up on Vitamin C serums and how some people’s results are so great that their entire face is actually a smidgen lighter than their neck. I don’t wish to change colors ( I like the permatan I was born with), but I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to lighten up my post-acne hyperpigmentation. Make me beautiful, MB!

  65. Would love to win this! Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion has been a saviour for my breakout prone skin!!

  66. I would love to try this product! I love all your things, especially the drying lotion! Thank you!

  67. Would love to win this! Thanks!

  68. I haven’t tried the serum and have been wanting to! I love using MB products…kera lotion is the best!!!

  69. Would be really excited to win this product.

  70. Just love mb products, but have not try this one yet and really want to!

  71. I would LOVE to win this!

  72. Who knew my face needed Vitamin C!

  73. Great product

  74. Hope to be a winner. 🙂

  75. I would love to try it. My skin has been amazing since I started using Mario badescu 🙂

  76. This serum is my absolute favorite serum. Using it every other day makes an amazing difference in my complexion. It locks in moisture to your face without feeling overpowering, yet the moisture lasts all night and through the morning. I’m almost out of my current serum, so I’d love to win this or other Mario Badescu products. I even have my boyfriend using this line and he is hooked as well! I work in Hollywood, CA and can spread the word easily, people are missing out on the Mario Basescu genius line!

  77. i ADORE this product!!!

  78. I have been raving about this product for the past few months! Absolutely in LOVE with this. I go through bottles after bottles because I use it without rationing since I know my skin needs it. I would love to win a bottle of this!

  79. I would love to try Vitamin C serum. My Mario Badescu samples have now run out, and my skin is looking great, but could use a boost before order new products. My aging skin would thank you…lol.

  80. I would LOVE to win this! This is one of the few products I haven’t had the pleasure of trying yet, but everything I use I always rave about! Fingers crossed!

  81. Jaclyn Hill is the reason i love your products so much! she raves about you on her youtube channel. 🙂

  82. Love your products line but haven’t tried this product yet. Winning would be a nice suprise.

  83. I would LOVE to win this product for fan Friday! I have dark spots from acne scarring from when I was younger and this has made me extremely self conscious. I want to feel confident when I leave the house! MB could help me achieve that! Thanks for considering me!

  84. I sure would love to win this!

  85. Would love this for all my dark spots!!!

  86. I’ve tried so many of your products I think I have a addiction to your line. My husband asked me if I needed to go to rehab. Lol I haven’t tried the Vitamin C Serum and would love to win!

  87. I think this is the only MB product I haven’t tried!

  88. I would love to win this product. I am new to your amazing products. So far I am loving the drastic changes in my skin. I am addicted to every product I have used so far and recently I have started getting dark spots on my skin and I have been thinking about trying this to see if it will clear it up plus hydration is an amazing thing for my dry skin.

  89. I am constantly looking for a good brightening serum as my skin can often get a bit dull (and I also have a few dark spots), this seems like a great choice and I would absolutely love to try it!

  90. wow I would be happy to try thank you for the chance

  91. Being a newbie to the Mario Badescu Line, and absolutely loving it! I would welcome one more product to never go back to my old routine again! My skin feels healthy and not weighed down. Thank You Mario Badescu Team!

  92. I would love to try the Vitamin C Serum! My face has never been able to tolerate any Vitamin C products until discovering MB products last year. I just finished the sample of the Hyaluronic Emulsion with Vitamin C and had no issues with my ultra sensitive skin. Made my face glow! I’m thrilled that I’m able to tolerate Vitamin C! And this is MOST definitely on my list to try! Would love to win this MB! You’ve saved my skin!

  93. I have a new found love affair with Mario. Yes, all my friends want to meet him. He sounds so mysterious and lovely. They say I have a glow about me that I didn’t have before. Little do they know that Mario is actually my new line of skincare products! I would love to try out this Vitamin C serum and see my dark spots disappear! If the compliments keep coming, I might just have to introduce Mario to everyone else, too!

  94. I would love to win this! I have been wanting to try it for quite some time.

  95. OMG I LOVE this product so much that I’ve BLOGGED about it MULTIPLE times! PLEASE LET ME WIN THIS ONE !


  97. I love Mario Badescu products and would love to add this serum to my collection! 🙂
    Happy Fan Friday!

  98. I have never used anything that comes close to this vitamin c serum. It is truly awesome.

  99. Oooh I’d love to try this!! Hope I win!

  100. This is the greatest product I’ve ever used. I even gave it to my sister for her birthday!

  101. I would love to win this product! I purchased a bottle a month ago and I use it on my face and my hands. A little goes a long way and it’s wonderful!

  102. I would love to win that!

  103. I have been wanting to try this product for awhile now!!! I love all of my other MB products and I’m sure I would love this too!

  104. I really would LOVE to win this serum! I’ve been eyeing it since it came out. I’ve been happy with all my Mario Badescu products. Especially the Enzyme cleansing gel and the seaweed night cream. I hope I win, so I can add this to my ever growing MB products.

  105. Would love to win Vitamin C Serum – I could use a nice glow to the face.

  106. LOVE the vitamin C serum! MB products have become my go-to gift for all the fabulous ladies in my life!

  107. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! 🙂

  108. Yumyum! Vitamin C serum = happy skin!

  109. I absolutely love all the Mario B. product I’ve tried! I started with a few and now I have a whole bag of them 🙂 I live in CO and my skin stays so dry. I would love to win this serum! I know it would do my face well!! Much love

  110. I’m at the age where my skin is starting to sag and fine lines are coming in. I have used a variety of Mario Badescu products for many years but have never tried this one. I have heard good things about it and would love to give it a try to get a little glow and smoothness back into my skin. Thanks

  111. As a true fan my whole bathroom counter looks like a Mario Badescu store would love to add this to my daily regimen. 😉

  112. I’d love to win this for my mom! I just got the botanical gel and plan on trying more!

  113. Brand new to this line and have tried a couple of fabulous things! Would love to add this!!

  114. I would love a bottle 🙂 Pick me! Pick me!

  115. Would love to try this! I just started using Mario Badescu products and they are all now my HG skin care products!

  116. Sunshine in a bottle

  117. Oh this looks amazing! Mario Badescu is hands down the best skincare ive ever tried so im sure this wonder potion works like a charm! Hope I win! *fingerscrossed*

  118. So excited about this giveaway. MB has done wonders for my skin, and I’d love to try this new product and review it.

  119. I would love to win this for my mother in law! I always rave her about Mario Badescu products and think this would be the perfect starter product for her to try for herself!

  120. I’m new to the world of Mario Badescu and am still trying to find my perfect combination of products, but from what I’ve tried, this stuff is amazing, can’t wait to see how this product works for me.

  121. Mom always said “take your vitamin C” – now this is a way I can really enjoy!

  122. I would love to be able to try this. Love my other MB products and have seen good reviews for this.

  123. I would love to win this….it’s my favorite!!!

  124. Love your products and how great my skin looks because of them!! Kind of cool to get carded to buy a beer when you’re 32! 🙂

  125. I used to use another brand of Vit C serum in the past and had wonderful results – you know something is working when your daughter says “Mom, your skin looks so good!” I would love to add Mario B. Vit C serum with my other Mario products and regain that “good skin” again.

  126. As much as I would love to try this serum, my skin is too sensitive for this one. I would hwoever love to win this for my mom as a late mither’s day present as she LOVES products with vitamin C in them 🙂

  127. i would love to recieve this gift… its sounds really fantastic and i was thinking of giving it to a loved one … my grandma <3

  128. I use this religiously everyday. Best product i have ever out on my skin. If you want to have a radiance to your complexion, this is it!

  129. vitamin c serum? I am intrigued

  130. Need to try out a new serum- looks like this Vitamin C serum could be the perfect start!

  131. I would so love to win the Vitamin C Serum. Everything I have tried so far from Mario Badescu is amazing!

  132. I just recently discovered Mario Badescu but Im already in love!! I would love to try this serum! I’ve heard only amazing things about it!

  133. Would love to try this out! Love Mario Badescu products!!!

  134. I’m in love with the seaweed night cream :). This is the next product on my list of things to try.

  135. I love this Vitamin serum!! I also use all of Mario Badescu products. Great line!

  136. I so need this Vitamin C Serum! I just hit 40 and my past sun damage is coming out…booo! I love everything MB (favorite is the Strawberry Facial Scrub!!!) and have had this on my wish list of stuff to try.

  137. Love Mario Badescu! Pick me!!

  138. Would love love to win this! Love your products!

  139. I am probably one of Mario Badescu’s biggest fans! I have been using their products for the past 9 years (woah!) and my skin has never looked better. When I moved to NYC a few years ago I was so happy that I could frequent their business in person and treat myself to facials. Their products are efficient and make my skin look healthy and youthful! I have super sensitive skin and using their products never makes it irritated. Their staff is friendly and their product is something I will continue to use for years to come. I would love to try their Vitamin C Serum as I hear it works like a dream! Thanks to Mario Badescu’s products, everyday I feel confident presenting my best face forward!

  140. I’ve been using this SERUM and, so far, I LOVE IT!! I would really love to have another bottle just in case I run out.. ;0)

  141. I would like to win this serum!! I have a lot of dark spots thanks to Mr. Acne 🙁 thank god its almost gone but I still need

  142. I just love this miracle in a bottle! Amazing doesn’t come close to describing how great this product is. Evens out my skin tone and gives a luxurious glow to the skin. Simply divine 🙂

  143. not to go off topic here but i love her nail polish

  144. I have been looking for a serum that delivers as promised! Maybe this is the one!

  145. I would love to try this!

  146. Im in highschool and my biggest insecurity is my skin and the discoloration that i have! I neeeed to try thisss it would help so much this summer when i really want to feel confident in my own skin! Thanks for such wonderful product creations

  147. The Vitamin C Serum works miracles! It works its magic on dark spots left by blemishes & on melasma. It gives me a glow! I am crazy about this serum.

  148. I would love to try this! Read so many good stuff on this wonder!

  149. I am a huge fan of Mario Badescu’s products. Hope I win this… I habe a bottle half way gone!!! Yay it would be my mothers day gift 🙂

  150. I would like to try all ur products

  151. I would love to try this!!

  152. Please……?

  153. I’ve heard that vitamin C applied topically can transform your skin—I would love to try the Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! 😀

  154. Love this serum! Makes my skin so radiant and me happy!

  155. I first of all want to say I love your face mask! I use it every couple of days. Then I want to thank you for the opportunity to win this product! Happy Friday an good luck every kne

  156. Noticeably lighter spots on my face in 2 weeks thanks to this serum. I’d love a bottle to share with a friend!

  157. I just got a compliment on how great my skin looked (without makeup) and it is all thanks to your products! I would love to try this one out!

  158. I would love this!! Scarring and bad skin from post partial molar pregnancy! I would appreciate the opportunity to see what they can do!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

  159. My pregnant skin needs this so bad, love your products!!!

  160. would love to try this

  161. tried other brand C serum, not impressed. would love to try MB 🙂

  162. Yes, please!!

  163. My skin is dying for this serum! After over-treating for months with harsh and drying acne products, my face is craving some serious vitamins and nourishment!

  164. I heard so much about the power of C and would love love, love, love to try MB’s Vitamin C Serum!

  165. I would love to try!

  166. would love to win!

  167. I love Mario products and have purchased several. My “mature” skin could use a collegen boost!

  168. Make me pretty please!

  169. I love MB, but have not tried this. Maybe I’ll win, who knows.

  170. I would love to win the Vitamin C serum. MB makes the best products. My skin needs the serum after the harsh winter we had here in Kansas.

  171. I love vitamin C serums because they make my skin look so much brighter! And this one is one of my faves!

  172. My skin could definitely benefit from Vitamin C. I would love to try this!

  173. OF COURSE!!!!!!!

  174. I love what Vitamin C and lavender does for my skin and would be so excited to try them together! Mario Badescu is awesome for clearing up my existing acne and this serum would be great for fading spots!

  175. I would love to try this. I have some acne scars that I would love to see them lightened up.

  176. want 1!!

  177. I want to win!! This serum is a must have. It made my skin so soft and smooth and evened out my skin color. The dark spots on my face faded and my skin looks and feels amazing. I will never be without this serum.

  178. I’m almost done with my first bottle of this and am loving the results. Would be thrilled to win this in time for a restock. 🙂

  179. My skin absolutely loves Mario Badescu products. Would love to win the serum !

  180. LOVE this serum!

  181. I understand vit C is great for aging skin, I am at the age that this is a concern for me. I have a couple of wrinkles around my smile and would like to find something to keep anymore away. Would love to add this to my routine.

  182. So many benefits of Vitamin C! Would love to try this product!

  183. Love to win this!

  184. I have tried a Vitamin C product before, but this one is probably much better!

  185. Oh my! I have been wanting to try this serum since it was introduced. As a woman with combo/oily skin and hyperpigmentation, this would be a welcomed addition to my ever growing Mario Badescu collection. I heard this serum works wonder for your skin, and I would LOVE to be lucky enough to use it!

  186. I would love to try this!

  187. I love the Vitamin C Serum. It brightens my skin and also protects it. I used to only use it at night, but now I use it in the morning as well! Love it!

  188. Please add my name to the list of customers who want to try this product. I’d love to try this on my mid-60’s skin

  189. This Vitamin serum is the best serum I have ever used! It has made my skin tone so even and the hydration it gives is so soothing!

  190. This serum is the one I have been really wanting to try. I think it would complete my daily face regimen.

    Love MB!

  191. Pick me, love your products!!

  192. Would love to try this serum!

  193. I really want this! Haven’t tried it but I have been wanting to!

  194. Loooove Vitamin C

  195. Vitamin C…good on the inside; good on the outside.

  196. Who wouldn’t love a little vitamin C in serum format

  197. I love this serum…makes my skin so smooth. I was introduced to it a couple years ago by your Mario rep in south Florida…amazing!

  198. My face is already showing signs of drying with the hot weather. I love all the MB products I have and would like to add this one to my list!

  199. Vitamin C is my skin saviour.

  200. down to a few drops of this gold in a bottle! thanks for the generous giveaway!

  201. I’ve been wanting to try this for so long! I’ve heard it does amazing things for your skin, please! 🙂

  202. I would loveto try this!

  203. I have been making my own Vitamin C serum/moisturizer and would LOVE to try your Vitamin C Serum… sure would make things alot easier. I hear it is the best!

  204. This is just what I need to add to my MB arsenal for keeping my skin youthful and healthy!

  205. Since mother’s day is coming up I would LOVE to give this to her for her to try because she just keeps badgering me about how my skin is so clear. Well, I guess it’s time to give her some of the magic stuff.

  206. I’ve been using Your products for 2 weeks now and I can see such an improvement already! Never been able to say that before. Would love to try this serum!

  207. I’ve tried two products thus far on a whim, and it has changed everything! Absolutely thankful to have discovered it!

  208. I use and love many of your products. Would like to try this one,too!

  209. I am 36 years old and just beginning to see small lines forming. I would love to try this product to curb the aging process and give my skin a boost! I have recently discovered Mario Badescu products and I am thrilled with the results I’ve seen so far!

  210. i would love to win the vitamin c serum, i have always wanted to try it but moneys been tight.

  211. I will to win that serum, make sue of is benefice on me

  212. I’ve been getting the best compliments on my skin since I started using Mario Badescu only 4 months ago! I have been wanting to try this serum since it came out! I’ve heard amazing things about vitamin C!

  213. I would love to try this serum. I don’t take care of my skin as well as I should. I spend so much time raising my 17 month old daughter and taking care of my mother that I forget to take care of me too. I’m 29 and should take the steps to keep my skin youthful. I do wear my sunscreen though!!

  214. this would be a great mothers day gift!

  215. I’d love to try this!

  216. I would love to try out this product. I’ve never used a serum before.

  217. I would absolutely love to win this!

  218. with mothers day around the corner this would be a great gift! especially if you have a mom who complains about not having enough serum! yikes! she would love to win this mario badescu is the best recommend it to my friends and family.

  219. I love Mario Badescu products and would love to try this serum!

  220. I have been picking one MB product at a time to try. I have been wanting to try this serum – I need an antiaging product to add to my routine and this would be perfect

  221. I have been using the Vitamin C Serum for about 3 months. It has helped with the overall texture of my skin…plus the acne scars on my forehead are smoothing out! Love this product! I would love to win another bottle for when my current one runs out! Thanks Mario Badescu for making such great products!

  222. One of the best serum!!!

  223. My tired face needs a pick meeee uppp!! would looove to try this!! thanks a bunch! good luck ALLLLL

  224. I love this product, the vitamin c serum!! It has done wonders for my skin….I am 42 and I have noticed the changes as I get older. Some uneveness in skin tone and my skin being darker along my jaw line. This amazing stuff has corrected it all 🙂 I love your skin care line and would love to win this serum!! Thank you for making such fabulous products!!

  225. I heart anything with Mario Badescu on the label!!!

  226. pls choose me!! i want to try!!

  227. I recently bought Mario Badescu skin care products for the first time and I’m loving all of them. The Vitamin C Serum is on my wish list so winning a bottle of it would be perfect!

  228. I’ve been looking for a vitamin C serum for the longest time, so I would love to try this out! I love all the other Mario Badescu products that I’ve tried so I’m sure this one won’t disappoint either!

  229. I just recently using Mario Badescu products for the first time. All I can say it really makes my skin feel soft and glowing,AMAZING!. I’ve been trying to find a product that I can use for a long time and without harmful chemicals on it. I hurriedly shared it to my sisters and family what I found out.My friends noticed how glowing my face was and asked me what I’ve been using and I says , I’ve been using Mario Badescu, you should try it too. If i will win, I’ll give it to my mum for mother’s day so she’ll have glowing and beautiful skin like mine. Thank you Mario Badescu!

  230. I would love to try the vitamin c serum!!!

  231. I just recently discovered the perfection that is Mario Badescu – would love to try this product out and see if it’s as great as the rest!

  232. Love the Vit. C serum. I use it every other night. In the morning when I wake up I don’t just feel young, I also look young…like 10 years younger!! This product is absolutely amazing!!! If it worked for me, it will definitely work for you!! It’s like “Magic in a bottle”. Try it and see what I mean 🙂

  233. I would be beyond happy to win this product because ive been wanting to try it for a while and i think itll be great for me because MB products are the best thing that ever happend to me 🙂

  234. Have used many of your products and I cannot tell enough people how impressed I am with everything I have purchased, would love to win the Vitamin C Serum because I am your biggest fan!!

  235. I would love to try this serum- I first heard about it from Jen from Frmheadtotoe!

  236. Vitamin C is the only product that makes a difference for my skin!

  237. Would love it thanks….the wrinkles are coming and my birthday is this month..this would rock!!

  238. Love MB!

  239. Hello,

    I’ve heard excellent things about this serum and would love to give it a try.

    Thanks and Have a blessed day,

  240. Have many products from you guys that I love , but I haven’t gotten this one yet! I could of saved my skin years ago , only if I had of know that they are the best on the market! Never will buy any other Makers Product!!!

  241. I would love to try this! It would be a great birthday treat if I was picked on Monday!

  242. I started using MB products about a year ago and my skin completely transformed. I would love to see how the Vitamin C Serum would work with my current regimen!

  243. Would love to try this!

  244. I have a rare autoimmune disease called Dermatomyositis that is a skin and muscle inflammation disease. I have to avoid all direct and indirect UV/UVB sunlight rays. Currently I apply sunscreen up to 5 times a day, however I still have blotchiness and Hyperpigmentation from the sun and would love to try this product. I just starting using your products about a week ago and loving it!!

  245. I’d loove to try this!

  246. VITAMIN C SERUM!!! I MUST TRY THIS! I love Mario Badescu products so much and this is one gem that I can’t wait to try. Love you, Mario!!!! Thank you for helping my skin be more beautiful!

  247. Good Luck! To all the entrants!

  248. Found this contest on Twitter, thanks!

  249. I LOVE Serums!! I would love to try this one!

  250. I recently switched to Mario Badescu and am now obsessed. I definitely need this product to add to my collection!

  251. thanks for the chance

  252. I want to win this serum because I just got my first facial at Mario Badescu and they gave me the Vitamin C serum and I never wanted it to leave my face! It smelled so great and it was so soothing — very different than any other treatment!

  253. I would absolutely love to give this MB product a try! Thank you!!

  254. I have sneakily used my sister’s bottle of MB Vitamin c serum before haha. It’d be great to be able to proudly apply my own!

    PS– this serum smells like summer, so citrusy~

  255. I love mb

  256. I would be so excited to win this serum! I am a new single mom trying to to raise 2 daughters! My kids aren’t old enough to work and this would be a great gift to give them to give to me!!

  257. Adore this product! Got two women at work also hooked and wanted to buy a bottle for my aunt for Mother’s Day, but if I win I can buy her a facial at the salon instead! 🙂

  258. Mario has changed my life! I can’t believe it took me so long to try it! Every product I own has changed my face and confidence forever! Would love to try this Vitamin C Serum to have another product to brag about 🙂

  259. I would love to try the Vitamin C serum. All Mario Badescu products are fantastic!

  260. I’d like this Serum to use under my moisturizer and to make my Skin Glow

  261. Hey i would love to win

  262. my mom would love this!

  263. Searching online for something to even out my acne scars and came across this giveaway, and from mario badescu to boot? It must be a sign!!

  264. Ooo I want this!! 🙂

  265. Ooh this looks fab! would love to try it!

  266. i want to try this

  267. I just recently have discoverd this company and I am obsessed! Finally products that work with my skin and don’t dry me out! I can’t wait to explore more products! Very soon

  268. I want to try this MB product!!! I am new to this skincare line!

  269. I am new to MB and am liking it so far. I have uneven skin tone and it is blotchy sometimes. I requested a sample of the C serum, but I guess they don’t have one. I would love to try it and see what amazing things it does for my skin.

  270. I would be very grateful for this little extra gift to add to my Mother’s Mothers Day Gift Bag.
    Vitamin C Serum
    Vitamin C apparently isn’t just for your insides anymore, how great is that!

  271. Unfortunately, I need!

  272. I just recently began using your products and LOVE them. I would really love to win the vitamin C serum as it is next on my list.

  273. I was a Mario virgin up until a few days ago. My friend got me started and now i am hooked. My face has never looked better. I would love to win

  274. Would love to try this! All the other products I have tried has been awesome.

  275. So far, my skin is in love with the MB products! My skin is honestly way more refreshed. I would love to try the vitamin C serum .

  276. Want thisSO bad!

  277. Please hope to win, brown spots need to fade!

  278. would totally be thrilled to win this product ,its quality stuff the best regimine!

  279. I am marching into the nearest retail store this weekend to try this product have heard so many good things about it. Have to have it for myself.

  280. I love, love, love MB products! The Buffering lotion gets rid of cystic acne better than anything I’ve ever tried. The whitening mask has practically gotten rid of my acne scars. I have lovely hyperpigmentation, and some dullness(sarcasm) , and I know that the Vitamin C serum would be a great addition to my face!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  281. I would love to win this, Vitamin C is the hot item right now.

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